12 T-Shirt Color Combinations that Always Work

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If you are having trouble deciding which t-shirt color combination and ink to utilize for your next design, there is no need to worry since we are here to provide us assistance in making that decision.

We understand that, at first, selecting a color combination that you like might seem challenging when using our design tool since there are so many alternatives from which to choose. If you heed our design team’s advice and make use of a little of their knowledge, you will not have any problem finding the perfect color scheme.

12 T-Shirt Color Combinations
T-Shirt Color Combinations

Explore 12 of our top color combinations for Jesus t shirts and ink that we have found successful repeatedly in getting ideas for your t-shirt design.

1. Red & White

Consider using this eye-catching color scheme if you want your design to stand out. Intricate linework is best visible when there is a noticeable contrast between the color of the ink and the color of the t-shirt material.

T-Shirt Red & White Color Combinations design
T-Shirt Red & White Color Combinations design

Therefore, any dark ink printed on white clothing or any bright color ink printed on white clothing will always seem crisp. The same is true for white ink printed on dark shirt colors. Create a shirt with a red and white pattern.

2. Green & Grey

There is something about green ink on grey clothes that looks very cool. It does not matter whether the green you choose is closer to an olive tone or leans more toward a Kelly Green or teal hue; it will look great on any of our grey clothing selections.

T-Shirt Green & Grey Color Combinations design
T-Shirt Green & Grey Color Combinations design

Kelly Green on one of our light or dark grey crewneck sweatshirts is one of our favorite color combinations, including the color green. Create a design with a green and grey color scheme.

3. Blue & White

Christian t-shirts in blue are among our most popular offerings, and there is a good reason. The color blue has a soothing effect on people.

T-Shirt Blue & White Color Combinations design
T-Shirt Blue and White Color Combinations design

Whether trying to create a shirt with a water theme or just searching for a relaxing color palette, combining blue and white is a good way to achieve either goal. Create a shirt with blue and white stripes.

4. Blue & Yellow

The combination of blue and yellow is one of the most aesthetically attractive color combinations.

T-Shirt Blue & Yellow Color Combinations design
T-Shirt Blue and Yellow Color Combinations design

The exquisite harmony that results when the warmth of yellow tones and the chilliness of blue tones come together might be described as follows: Create a faith-based t-shirt with blue and yellow stripes.

5. Maroon & White

Because of the strong contrast between the maroon and the white, these colors work well together. The use of maroon shirts makes white designs stand out more, which is particularly beneficial when the design has lines quite fine.

T-Shirt Maroon and White Color Combinations design
T-Shirt Maroon and White Color Combinations design

The Maroon Crewneck Sweatshirt offered by Bonfire is an excellent piece of clothing to print to get the desired appearance. Create a tee with maroon and white stripes.

6. Blue & Grey

Create a blouse that has a tone of coolness to it by combining shades of blue and grey. Because there are so many colors that fall into the domain of blues and greys, and because we have a wide variety of blue and grey shirt colors to pick from, your choices for using this color combination are almost limitless. Create a religious tee shirt with blue and grey stripes.

7. Red, White & Blue

This color combination works out surprisingly well for a wide variety of designs. However, on paper, it seems like it could only be used for designs related to flags and patriotic themes.

Red, White and Blue T-Shirt Color Combination
Red, White and Blue T-Shirt Color Combination

White’s impartiality provides a nice counterpoint to the boldness of red and blue, which are the fundamental colors. Create awesome Christian t-shirts using the colors red, white, and blue.

8. Dark Blue & Light Blue

It never fails to create a stunning visual effect when blue ink is applied to blue clothing. Make sure the different shades of blue and white utilized have enough contrast for the whole shirt’s pattern to be seen. Experiment with applying a light blue ink stain to a midnight navy t-shirt or a royal blue stain to an ice blue t-shirt. Create a shirt with a dark blue one and a light one.

9. Red, Orange & Yellow

When combined, these warm tones produce stunning patterns that have a joyful and exuberant air about them. You may get a better sense of harmony between the shirt and the design by printing it on an article of Christian clothing with a color scheme analogous to the desert or a t-shirt with neutral tones. You are looking for greater contrast, are not you? Select a deep shade of blue or purple to contrast with the bright reds and yellows in your design. Create a shirt using the colors red, orange, and yellow.

10. Rainbow

Color is enjoyable, so if you do not want to restrict yourself and want to take advantage of our eight-color restriction, go for it! Keep in mind, however, that the cost of screen printing is determined on a per-color basis, so this is something to keep in mind. If you want to optimize the revenues of your campaign, we recommend limiting the number of colors you utilize. If you sell shirts to generate money for an organization, keep this in mind. But even if you limit yourself to four or five colors, you may still have fun experimenting with color combinations. Create a shirt with the colors of the rainbow.

11. Neutral Colors

The earthy neutral tones derived from the land, water, and sand hues work so well together. Using a palette of earth tones helps carry on the message and vibe of the shirt, which is especially important if your design contains pictures of the natural world. Our Light Olive and Stone Grey might act as wonderful backgrounds for the neutral design you have in mind. Create a design for a shirt using just basic colors.

12. Bright Colors

Going for a bright look is a terrific approach to producing a shirt with energy and good sentiments. Still, neon inks and vivid color combinations for shirts may not be appropriate for all campaigns and causes. Tahiti Blue and Neon Green hues stand out the most on our unisex Christian t-shirts, but the True Royal & Red Triblend Slouchy Tanks are also quite eye-catching. Create a shirt with a variety of vivid colors.

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