3 Christmas Lights Ideas for the Holidays


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For most people, Christmas decorations rely heavily on Christmas lighting. The more attention you put to your lights, the more you realize that nearly everything else becomes less important. We are not advocating for a holiday decoration that rely entirely on the lights, far from it.  Instead, through this guide you will learn how to make your Christmas lighting go well with the rest of your holiday décor. 

1. Tips to Picking the Right Christmas Lights

Don’t fall for the trap of just having your lights in place, instead, try spreading them around the rooms, and outside the house. Focusing on the Christmas tree alone will create shadows around your house, and this might not go down well with everyone. Therefore, you should first divide your lights into two, large ones and smaller ones. The larger ones can go around the walls and outside the house, whereas the smaller ones can be place on the trees. 

Pick the Right Christmas Lights
Pick the Right Christmas Lights

Try starting the light arrangement on your trees from the top to the bottom. This allows you to make adjustments and doesn’t weigh down on the leaves and branches. If you have a small Christmas tree, you can consider putting one larger bulb at the bottom to illuminate more of the tree. For taller trees, use more smaller lights neatly spaced to give it a more asymmetrical look. Place lights on the inside to give further illumination on the tree trunk.

2. How to Mix Ribbons with Your Décor

Ribbons are making a major return to Christmas décor. Ribbons can be styled anyway you want and with carefully placed knots and bows, you can add more character to your trees and walls. Mixing your ribbons with your overall décor is a great idea if you have fewer lights as the ribbons will draw attention to central places in your house and especially around the Christmas gifts.

3. Getting the Perfect Arrangement for Your Decorations

Arranging your Christmas decorations could mean the difference between a shabby decoration and a perfect one. Perfection doesn’t have to mean balance, but rather retaining a neat and usable environment whilst still enjoying the Christmas spirit. First, figure out the heavy items such as the Christmas trees and lighting. Once you have figured out where the tree goes, you can then decide between centering all the gifts at the root of the tree or spreading them around. 

Arrangement for Your Decorations
Arrangement for Your Decorations

Some areas of your house may be idea for placing the trees and decorations and therefore shouldn’t be ignored. If your house has a fireplace, consider it a central place to put the gifts and then another corner with great lighting to put more decorations and a Christmas tree.

In essence, getting the holiday mood is all about what you and your family prefer. You don’t need to consult a professional or copy your neighbors’ arrangement. Instead, focus on the design of your house and exactly where you would want the decorations to serve as central pieces, where everyone can meet and have a great time.  

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