5 Best Air Jordan For Women

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While there is a wide range of Jordan sneakers for women on the market, choosing the one that’s right for you can sometimes be tricky, especially when you have so many options to choose from. What’s more important to you: style or comfort? Is budget a concern, or is it a low priority? 

Choosing the right and best air Jordan sneakers can sometimes be tricky, especially when you have so many options to choose from. Read on to find the best one.

In order to simplify your search, we have narrowed down some of the best Air Jordan for women to help you. 

1. Air Jordan 4 Retro x Olivia Kim ‘No Cover’

A collaboration between Olivia Kim and Nike was launched in 2019 in celebration of New York’s 90s style. This sneaker is inspired by one of the first Black Cat 4 models, but takes it to a new level. In this case, the upper consists of darkened bovine fur paired with shiny hardware. 

Women's Air Jordan 4 Retro x Olivia Kim ‘No Cover’
Women’s Air Jordan 4 Retro x Olivia Kim ‘No Cover’

The midsole is cushioned with air, which provides comfort. Nike says this technology incorporates pressurized air into a flexible bag, allowing it to be both flexible and springy while maintaining its structural integrity. Cushions absorb energy and provide durability and lightweight support as well as absorb energy.

2. The ‘Pink Snakeskin’ Air Jordan 11

The sneakers are similar to Air Jordan 11 Low’s original colorway, except that the sneakers are designed for women. There is something about its colorways that immediately catches your attention. This Nike shoe is white except for the mudguard in pink snakeskin running down its side and around its ankles and toes. There is a glossy finish on the mudguard for aesthetic purposes. As well as keeping your sneakers in good condition, the mudguard prevents water and mud from entering.

Women's The ‘Pink Snakeskin’ Air Jordan 11
Women’s The ‘Pink Snakeskin’ Air Jordan 11

Besides the mudguard, pink colors are also used for the interior of the shoe. Aside from adding some flair to the sneakers, the textiles also provide a more comfortable wearing experience. Last but not least, sneakers are made from thick rubber that provides cushioning. In other words, the material allows them to absorb shocks during walking, jumping, and running to reduce injuries and fatigue.

3. Air Jordan Retro ‘White’ 

The new Air Jordan 1 retro sneakers came out in 2020, but the design dates from 1998. The first female-oriented sneakers were introduced then. There are several similarities between these sneakers and Air Jordan 13s based on their color combinations and technical features. The color scheme consists of a two-tone black and white scheme. 

Women's Air Jordan Retro ‘White’
Women’s Air Jordan Retro ‘White’

At the time this sneaker was first released and was the first pair with Air-Sole instead of Zoom Air. Despite the fact that Zoom Air and Air-Sole perform similar functions, Air-Sole has the advantage of being lighter. Due to their lightweight materials, they enhance athletes’ agility by allowing them to move easily without feeling fatigued.

4. Air Jordan 6 Retro GS ‘UNC Home’

This pair of retro sneakers come in a white and blue two-tone color scheme. There should be something familiar about these colors if you are a Michael Jordan fan. As Luxuo explains, both colorways were inspired by UNC, his alma mater, where he was a basketball player. The sneaker is predominantly white and blue, but there is also a hint of black on the inside as well as on the heel pull tab.

Women's Air Jordan 6 Retro GS ‘UNC Home’
Women’s Air Jordan 6 Retro GS ‘UNC Home’

A clean white leather panel complements its upper. In terms of breathability, leather is the most suitable material. The sneakers also feature perforations to enhance breathability. Having breathable shoes is crucial since they allow for adequate ventilation, eliminating sweat that causes foot odor. 

5. Jordan 14 Retro Low SP x Aleali May Fortune 2021

As part of her collaboration with Aleali May, Nike released a women’s Air Jordan 14 Retro Low in 2021. As Michael Jordan competed in his sixth championship season, he wore a pair of Air Jordan 14 Retro Low sneakers. This women’s sneaker now features gold TPU plating, features a soft suede upper, and features marble green detailing. One of the most important features that set this shoe apart from others is its TPU plate that provides arch support.

Women's Jordan 14 Retro Low SP x Aleali May Fortune 2021
Women’s Jordan 14 Retro Low SP x Aleali May Fortune 2021

Arch support may be needed by women for a number of reasons. For women who work in jobs that require them standing for a long period of time, these sneakers are recommended. Moreover, arch supports are useful for women without an arch or with high arches since normal shoes might not provide adequate support. 

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