5 Unique Wedding Dresses with Color Ideas

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When you picture your dream wedding dress, the classic white or ivory wedding dress may come to mind. Yet there are so many different shades of white — from powder to champagne. Besides the traditional off-white wedding dress, have you considered a red or black wedding dress? Get inspired to try different wedding dress colors that will sparkle and turn heads just as much as your engagement ring.

A Guide to Wedding Dress Colors Things You Need to Know
A Guide to Wedding Dress Colors Things You Need to Know

Unique Wedding Dresses with Color Ideas

1. Classic White

A pure white wedding dress is the whitest white hue you can get. Because organic fabrics won’t come out that shiny white, even when bleached, this kind of wedding dress will most likely be made from synthetic fabrics. The crisp and bright white wedding dress may have a blue or violet shimmer in photos with flash.

2. Winter White

The winter white shade is also known as snow white, off-white or even diamond white. It’s a shade just below the classic, pure white shade. Imagine how well diamond rings for women pair with a diamond white wedding dress. The winter white dress is usually made from organic fabrics like silk and cotton.

3. Champagne

Break out the bubbly with a champagne wedding dress. This bridal dresses with color is also called light gold or rum pink. Some dresses are champagne-colored all throughout. Others have a champagne lace lining or a champagne tulle gown for depth and texture. The champagne dress hues can appear lilac, pink or an earthy sand color. Get your photo op ready with your pretty champagne wedding dress, your partner and your wedding ring sets floating in a champagne glass.

4. Ivory

Ivory Unique Wedding Dresses with Color
Ivory Unique Wedding Dresses with Color

Ivory is one of the most popular choices for brides. You may have also seen an ivory wedding dress referred to as creamy white, eggshell or bone. The ivory wedding dress has a sunny or golden appearance to it. There are even variations of different ivory hues, like almond-white ivory and candlelight ivory.

5. Powder

You have a beautiful powder compact. In Adorn Nashville, You can have a gorgeous powder wedding dress, too. A powder white wedding dress has a light, slightly nude color. It’s a combination of blush with soft pink, subtle hues of gray and nude, known for its mid-tone beige hue. If you want the best of both worlds, go for a powder wedding dress.

Non White wedding dresses

Colored Wedding Dresses That Aren’t White! Wedding dress colors other than white If you’re the kind of bride who wants a standout wedding dress that’s just as special as unique engagement rings, you don’t have to go for the traditional white wedding dress. According to Britannica, the reason the white wedding dress became so popular in the first place was that Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress in 1840 with her marriage to Prince Albert to show off the fine detailed Honiton lace. Want to rock that pretty pink dress or dark navy blue gown? It’s your day!

It’s All in the Details

Besides thinking about your bridal dress color, you’ll also want to consider other details like necklines and embroidery. If you want a bohemian vibe, try A-line cuts and floral embroidery. If you want a fairytale wedding dress, make a statement in a ball gown. Feel confident with a plunging neckline and glittery bandeau detail.

Unique Wedding Dresses with Color Matters
Unique Wedding Dresses with Color Matters!

Does a Wedding Dress with Color Really Matter?

The fabric color of a dress should match your complexion and the overall look you’re going for with your wedding. Consider the fit and color to help your skin glow on your special day. Your dress’s color shouldn’t make you look dull or washed out. Subtle changes in your dress color can help improve your overall wedding day look.

Warm vs. Cool Skin Undertones

When it comes to picking out your wedding dress color, it’s less about your skin shade (i.e., dark or fair skin) and more about your skin undertone (i.e., warm or cool). Just because you have fair skin doesn’t mean that you have a cool undertone. Likewise, just because you have brown skin doesn’t mean you have a warm undertone.

To find out your skin’s undertone, take a look at the veins in the middle of your arm, not your wrist. Your wrist’s veins will be blue or purple by default regardless of your actual undertone. If the veins in the middle of your arm appear green or yellowish, you have a warm undertone. If your veins have a blue or purple color, you have a cool undertone. Cool undertones work well with pure white, pink, and bluish hues. Warm undertones work well with off-white, mauve, and gray.

What Wedding Dress Works Best for My Skin?

What about those with both warm and cool skin undertones? If you weren’t able to tell if you had green, blue or purple veins, you probably have a balanced undertone. Neutral colors work well for those with balanced undertones. Think natural white, champagne, and blush. Warm fabrics work best for cool skin undertones, while cool fabrics work best for warm undertones. Opposites not only attract — they compliment!

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