7 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Textile Business

Md Mahedi Hasan

Billions of people are using smartphones in their day-to-day life and this number will increase in the future. Textile businesses have started jumping on the bandwagon of bulk SMS marketing services and this has given the results.

With bulk SMS marketing you can schedule personalized messages and send them to groups or individual recipients. It’s a great way to grab your target audience’s attention and encourage an instant response. Bulk SMS for Textile Industry is an outstanding service that will make your approach easy.

7 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Textile Business
Bulk SMS Marketing for Textile Business

The technology has made us all be engaged with mobiles, we may not be able to see our mails all the time but we can see SMS indeed. So why spend time and money on texting? Is it suitable for your fabric marketing? We’ve rounded up the 7 top benefits of bulk SMS for textile businesses to help you make a decision.

7 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

1. Instant Impact

The technology of SMS marketing (Bulk SMS) is fast than you think. When you communicate to the right number/ person your message will deliver as quickly as you delivered.

2. High Open Rate

It has been reported that the percentage of SMS messages opened reaches 99% compared to just 20% of emails. Not everyone will answer you at the same time they read your given text. But it makes sense that someone would be more likely to respond to your textile marketing after seeing your post than if they haven’t. If you compare bulk SMS marketing they are more responsive than email marketing.

3. Customizable Campaigns

Bulk SMS will make you allow to market your textile business through bulk SMS marketing. Whether they are subgroups or even over individuals both will be allowed. Personalizing your marketing campaign is the key to success.

You may be looking to send your messages to your existing customers in a better way. With bulk SMS you can customize messages quickly and easily to send your customers. However, the interesting things make them click your sent messages when they are in their interest.

4. Impressive Conversion Rate

The email response rates are significantly low at around 6%. The response rate is partial about 45% or more than that.

People click messages that are engaging enough. Not all those messages that are delivered take more time such as emails. Your all messages for whatever purpose you use them give you better results. Such as campaigns like promotions, surveys, or subscriptions.

5. Few Barriers to Delivery

Sometimes your sent email for the purpose of marketing goes to the spam for filters. Sending Bulk SMS is so simple and easy. You can do multiple things with bulk SMS Services which are more reliable.

6. Minimal Effort Required from Recipients

The services of bulk SMS allow only 160-characters which allows them to send messages comprehensively. Short messages make it easier for recipients to understand the essence of the SMS campaign than reading a large email. Most phone service providers offer a variety of features to help you respond to your bulk SMS marketing toy. You must be running your SMS marketing campaign in an understandable way So that your customers can respond to you better all the time when you send messages.

7. Economically

Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest services among all the mass communication channels. Whether it is TV, radio print media, outdoor advertising, they all are so expensive and you may not afford to advertise your textile business with these channels.

Immediate activation and de-registration Recipients can select or deactivate SMS marketing at the push of a button. When you advertise your services or products through bulk SMS you will see that bulk SMS are more responsive. Your Textile Company can take advantage. It saves you time and money on cold customers, strengthens your reputation as a serious company, and protects people from unwanted marketing.

Due to the large number of Smartphone users worldwide and the attractive opening prices, SMS marketing offers almost limitless possibilities. The advantages of SMS wholesale marketing for small textile businesses are many.

Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits


All textile businesses want to generate more traffic or generate potential customers. Nowadays this has become hard to communicate to a business’s potential customers. However, Textile Companies are using Bulk SMS API to inform customers quickly.

The benefits of bulk SMS Marketing for Textile always deliver the best results to customers. It has provided the best textile business improvement strategies that will beat your competition. Pay attention to SMS, do not negotiate all the time, sign up and give up at the right time, use the action buttons on the request, choose the words carefully. These are the main strategies that you should always use in your fabrics marketing.

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