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You can keep more than simply a book and your morning cup of coffee on a bedside table. You keep the things there that are so important to you that you’d like to keep them nearby even when you’re sleeping. There is something to suit every style in the Homesdirect365 assortment of bedside tables, which ranges from sleek and contemporary to ornate and classic. But what about an alternative?

Alternative For Slim Bedside Cabinet

The majority of Homesdirect365 bedside tables and cupboards have drawers or shelves, so you can store anything from medications to reading materials easily accessible. However, you can put a piece of alternative furniture instead of the slim bedside cabinet. Maybe it’s time to step outside the typical, boxy side tables in your room. 

Innovative nightstands are the ideal way to showcase your ingenuity, even if you’re trying to just save space in a small bedroom or employ a priceless item. Seven of Homesdirect365’s best alternatives to the conventional bedside table have been compiled here.

There are bedside tables to suit every style of bedroom décor, including boudoir, bohemian, and bold. Many of them are also a part of larger collections of bedroom furniture. Look to check the slim bedside cabinets that you may like or not.

1. The Bar Cart Instead of the Boring Bedside Cabinet

The Bar Carts are available in various styles. There are many different kinds, ranging from more aggressive ones made of industrial metal or damaged wood to more feminine ones with mirrored oval shapes. Have you ever considered using a bar cart as a nightstand? Or do you have any intriguing nightstand substitutes for compact areas? You can choose a type of bar cart that goes well with your personality or the room’s theme.

We recommend you choose a color that fits well with the room illumination too.

2. A Hard-Working, Dedicated, Classic, and Rusty-Looking Elite Work Desk

Placing a seat or workstation at the side of the bed is truly the best design choice if you want to add more seating or office space to your bedroom. It is fashionable and offers an additional area to experiment with. Designer Frances Herrera asserts that it’s imperative to utilize every square inch of a compact space. “We adore employing multipurpose furniture to give a room a large and opulent atmosphere. For instance, a lovely desk can be transformed into a comfy work space, a stylish nightstand, and storage.”

3. Garden Stool As a Great Alternative for the Bedside Nightstand

The garden stool seems to be a great alternative for the bedside nightstand. As a nightstand in a tiny bedroom (or if you don’t need or wish to store many things by your bed), a garden stool makes an excellent nightstand alternative. 

Instead of placing a table lamp on the garden stool as a bedside table, think about employing wall sconces as bedside lighting. There are various types of bedside nightstand looks, styles, and materials. Garden stools don’t need to be in the spotlight due to their small size. They can be stored until you require them by being tucked into a nook or hidden beneath a console.

Or, you can also play with their color to increase the aesthetic of the bedside cabinet. Want to experiment with patterns or incorporate color into a place that is otherwise neutral? Get a garden stool to begin. Furthermore, their small size makes sure that a stool, even with the most striking color or audacious patterns, won’t overpower a space.

4. Place the Dresser As the Nightstand Instead of the Bedside Cabinet

It’s really rather typical to position a dresser close to the bed, however usually more out of need than design. If you do not have sufficient space to put your dresser somewhere else, by all means bring it next to the bed. To ensure that it works, choose a dresser that matches the bed’s color, structure, and design. 

Consider placing a dresser close to the bed even when you have the space to do so in order to make the remainder of the space extra open. Then you will be able to fill your room with other kinds of furniture such as poufs, accent chairs, and more.

5. Placement of the Chest Near the Bed. Good Idea?

Consider replacing the nightstand entirely with a real chest of drawers if you enjoy the notion of a classic nightstand but wish they came larger for some more storage capacity than they currently do. The basic nightstand necessities as well as many larger objects can be kept organized with the aid of a tiny accent cabinet such as the one shown below.

One of the more clever ways to use a chest next to a bed is to keep extra comforters, sweatshirts, and socks there so that you can just roll over again and access a drawer if you start to feel cold during the night.

6. Drum Desk Instead of the Boring Bedside Cabinet

A round drum table may be popular in the living area, yet that doesn’t imply a bedroom can’t use one as well. Try putting one, particularly at the headboards or side of a bed! Drum tables are indeed the ideal spot to display accessories because they have a flat surface and a simple, round form.

7. Nothing

With just a bed and plenty of room along both sides, you can anticipate bedroom merriment at its greatest. More room gives you more space to maneuver, more oxygen for the bright sun to fill, and more opportunities to unwind and feel prepared to take on the beginning of a new day. If you don’t need the storage, don’t buy a nightstand at all and spend the money on fashionable wall decor in its place.


These are some of the top ideas that could be used when you do not want to use the traditional slim bedside cabinet. Assess the space around your bed, and understand what it would take to increase the overall pleasantness and beauty of your room. You would then be good to go.

We wish you good luck with the new room decor now!

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