8 Amazing Wedding Guest Dresses To Be Wedding Season Ready


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As much as we see a huge surge in weddings around the summer months, weddings can be at the most unpredictable times. Being ready to be the most supportive and ready-to-rock guest is essential if you want to avoid the last-minute scramble of finding an outfit. With the millions of wedding guest dress choices to choose from, with so many different textiles and designs, it might feel overwhelming. Finding that one dress that fits the occasion no matter the dress code or season can be a lifesaver.

Wedding Guest Dresses To Be Wedding Season Ready
Wedding Guest Dresses To Be Wedding Season Ready

If you are looking for some style-inspo or you are simply looking for the ‘one’ of all dresses, check out our wedding guest staple dress ideas:

1. Patterned Dress

Patterns and prints perhaps have not agreed with you in the past, but when it comes to weddings if you wish to stand out from the crowd, you need to put all your pride aside. Your crazy great aunty was onto something wearing leopard print to every occasion. It is because you could spot her from a mile away!

Wedding Guest on Patterned Dress
Wedding Guest on Patterned Dress

Whilst you should avoid upstaging the bride at all costs, creating some contrast and experimenting with colors is a must for wedding guest dresses. Keep the colors neutral with browns, pastel shades, and burnt oranges, and look for exotic textures and patterns.

2. Statement Pants & Top

If you would prefer to mix and match your wedding guest outfits, perhaps consider a two-piece ensemble. This might include some statement trousers and a stunning blouse. Causal can look cool, just as long as you wear good quality pieces and attend the appropriate wedding occasion.

Wedding Guest on Statement Pants & Top
Wedding Guest on Statement Pants & Top

Trousers would especially be a good option if you’re hoping to elongate your shape and achieve a more sophisticated appearance. Pair with an elegant clutch and some sultry stilettos, and you will still be catching some looks from the groomsmen!

3. Satin Slip Dresses

Nothing screams wedding guest dress better than a satin slip dress. Slip dresses are the most universal dress that can be worn to many weddings but still be seen as a highly valued outfit. The satin texture despite looking so expensive can be very inexpensive to buy if you are shopping on a budget.

Wedding Guest on Satin Slip Dresses
Wedding Guest on Satin Slip Dress

Also, the slip dress style aims to shape any body type in the best way possible. Satin dresses look like a dream so if you are looking for the handiest dress for the upcoming wedding season this dress will be the one. 

4. Embellished Dresses

If you are attending a luxury wedding in which every guest will be competing for the best dressed, an embellished dress would be a stunning choice. Embellished dresses are often appreciated most for their intricate detailing that you simply can not find within other dresses.

Wedding Guest dress on Embellished Dresses
Wedding Guest dress on Embellished Dresses

Not to mention the glisten they provide on the dance floor all night long! Embellished dresses look best in block colors, so stick to your greys and blacks, and of course, avoid white at all costs!

5. Bardot Jumpsuit 

Off-the-shoulder is done best with jumpsuits or longline dresses. If you have a great neckline you want to accentuate, look out for a jumpsuit in the Bardot suit style.

Wedding Guests on Bardot Jumpsuit 
Wedding Guests on Bardot Jumpsuit

As a wedding guest, you should never show too much skin as it is seen as not satire, but Bardot styles are a sophisticated way to show the perfect amount. Elongate your frame even more with flared-style pants.

6. Bohemian Dress

If weddings are not your thing but you still want to be a supportive friend, you can still take a laid-back approach while looking fantastic.

Wedding Guest on Bohemian Dress
Wedding Guest on Bohemian Dress

Practical dresses are chic, so if you want to feel comfortable and confident perhaps go for a midi-length dress, with a linen material for durability and breathability. Do not feel obligated to wear heels, as stunning sandals and kitten heels will look just as great.

7. Mini Floral 

If you have legs for days, why not show them off? Mini dresses can be the cutest of options for wedding guest dresses. Mini dresses are best worn at weddings with a floral pattern, as they will make anyone look fresh and vibrant.

Wedding Guest on Mini Floral
Wedding Guest on Mini Floral

Mini dresses despite the name should also not exceed the limits, so ensure that you can sit down without anything being on the show! Pair with some wedge heels and a mini clutch.

8. Cocktail Dresses 

If you are looking for a dress that can be used to dress to impress at fun dates as well as weddings, a cocktail dress is a wardrobe essential. Cocktail dresses are often the most common type of dress you will see guest wear, simply because they are so reliable and complimentary!

Wedding Guest on Black Cocktail Dresses
Wedding Guest on Black Cocktail Dresses

They are great if you are looking for a sleek style that comes in a multitude of colors. Dress it up with a statement purse and shawl, or keep it stripped down with the dress and some neutral heels.

Final Things To Consider

You should pretty much wear what makes you feel best, but you should also adhere to the spoken and unspoken rules of the wedding. This includes the following topics:

a. Season

Before you jump into any last-minute dress choices you should think about the season of the wedding. If you are attending amid summer and the ceremony is in the scorching heat, make sure you wear something breathable. Material is something to keep in mind, so wrap up or down to save yourself from shaking from the cold, or panting from the heat.

b. Venue 

Where the wedding venue is important if you don’t wish to stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps the wedding has a rustic theme in a barn, so you should ensure you do not over-dress. Follow the bohemian dress style in this scenario. 

c. Dress Code

Dress codes can be a godsend if you have no clue what to wear. Often they would be specified on the wedding invite, therefore make sure you have read the invite a few times to check if you have missed any requests. 

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