9 Benefits of Inflatable Tumble Track

Tumble Tracks are upstanding tools for gymnasts who engage in regular practice to sharpen their tumbling skills. An Inflatable tumble track helps to protect the gymnasts from any injuries. The tumble track comes up with soft landing surfaces, available both indoors and outdoors. A tumble track with a variety of sizes is what you should be looking for and this article will explore all the benefits.

What is Tumble Tracks?

Don’t we have heard about trampolines? Tumble tracks are similar to trampoline platforms, exquisitely designed to help gymnasts to gain skills on flips, round-offs, and somersaults. Tumbling is that kind of discipline related to gymnastics, with cheerleading and gymnastic passes, paired up with a tumble track.

Inflatable Tumble Track
Inflatable Tumble Track

Tumble tracks are also an inevitable component for acrobatic athletes. They have been designed in a way so that the tumble training is essential for floor exercise too. The Tracks are 40’ (forty inches) long. The size is competitive in nature for the gymnastics floor. Because the usual gymnastics floors are 42’ x 42’. Tumble tracks are trampoline technology-based, and the skills learned on the tumble track seem quite different than the usual spring floor.

Is Inflatable Tumble Track good for Gymnasts?

Application of Inflatable Tumble Track
Application of Inflatable Tumble Track

The ‘inflatability’ feature is the wisest option for gymnasts. Be it for training or competitions, the “inflatable” tumble track seems an ideal use for sports fanatics. They are easy to set up and take down. Tumble tracks are lightweight in nature and easy to move anywhere.

Benefits of Inflatable Tumble Track

An inflatable tumble track offers several benefits. Skills seem to be elongated as well as slowed down with the exact timing matched. The benefits of inflatable tumble track are as follows:

Benefits of Inflatable Tumble Track
Benefits of Inflatable Tumble Track

1. Tumble Tracks are easy-to-Raise Up

Tumble tracks get raised up 2’ or higher in order to allow the athlete to bounce the floor without hitting it. The height is great for rebounding. It also serves as a safety hazard in the tumbling crooked off-the-track.

2. Tumble Tracks vary in Length

Tumble Track has a variety of length. It has padding over the steel frame.

3. Beneficial for Anyone with a Similar Skill Set as Gymnasts

Tumble tracks are not limited to gymnasts alone. It gets used by parkour artists, martial artists, acrobatic athletes, and other cheerleaders.

4. Inflatable Tumble Tracks are easy-to-clean

The inflatable tumble tracks are easy of cleaning and storing. The durability makes it sustainable in the long run.

5. The Benefits of Rebounding

The traditional tumble track has the largest benefit of getting the rebound. There is a linear spring loaded with the pieces of equipment. The athlete’s skills get an enormous bounce.

6. Easy-to-Store

When tumble tracks are fully deflated, they get fitted into small spaces, for instance, utility closets, and car trunks.

7. Indoor and Outdoor Use

Tumble tracks can get used both indoors and outdoors. Even, in the grass, the inflatable tumble tracks work as a great choice. There are also the best tumble tracks for home use as they are designed in a way that you can get started by just unrolling the tumble track.

8. Affordable in Price

Tumble tracks are affordable compared to other air tracks.

9. Provides Confidence to Learn New Skills

Last but not the least, tumble tracks are amazing in increasing an athlete’s confidence to learn new skill sets.


We are already aware that tumble boarding is very difficult. It is important to reduce both injury risks while at the same time practicing well with getting proper elasticity and bouncing. Tumble tracks in comparison to the other air mats are inflatable and affordable for regular use. The foam is unharmed. The inflatable tumble tracks are better for home use. It will provide gymnasts or any sports enthusiasts with an adventurous flipping experience with great value for money and the highest priority of care.

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