7 Things You Should Avoid to Make Your Clothes Last for Decades


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Being a fashion freak, the clothes you wear can make or break your personality. So, it is obvious that you would spend a big chunk on buying new clothes. But when you spend so much money on expensive clothes, it is heartbreaking to see them getting rough after you wear them 2-3 times. 

It is crucial for any eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts trying to make their wardrobe more ethical and sustainable because it will not only save you money and keep your favorite pieces looking like the day they were initially purchased. Moreover, as an adult, you won’t witness much change in your weight and height. Therefore, it becomes essential to take care of what you have.

Slide down to gather informational tips about what you should not do to avoid to make your clothes last for years.

1. Washing Regularly

It sounds a bit adverse but yes!

You are not supposed to wash your clothes often because doing so will make them lose their shine. No matter how good the quality is. Using detergents on the clothes weakens the fabric overall, and going in the washing machine will make your outfits dull and old very soon. 

Stop Washing Clothes Regularly
Stop Washing Clothes Regularly

If you find dirt on your clothes, go for dry cleaning instead of washing. Choosing sustainable fabrics and applying proper washing techniques can be beneficial to save them for longer durations. 

2. Washing With Other Clothes

It can be one tricky thing. Washing clothes in a washing machine is a hassle-free task, and frequently you would put all your garments together and try to get it done in one go. 

Stop Washing With Other Clothes
Stop Washing With Other Clothes

But doing it might give more harm than benefit. For instance, there might be a T-shirt of yours that losses color when you wash it. So, washing it in the same pool with your luxury items will ruin them. As the color of your t-shirt will get on other clothes. 

3. Exposure To Sun Light

When you decide to wash your exclusive outfits, let them dry under a covered area. It might take a bit longer for them to dry, but don’t expose them to direct sunlight. 

Stop Dry cloth on Sun Light
Stop Dry cloth on Sun Light

Usually, dark-shaded clothes get affected more as sunlight contains UV rays, and dark colors absorb them more. Not taking care of such things, you might see color infringements that surely won’t let you wear them again.

4. Not Storing Properly

Knowing the sensitivity of the fabric of your garments is one of the most neglected aspects when you are going to store them in the off-season.

Store cloth Properly
Store cloth Properly

For example, when summer starts undoubtedly, you will store winter clothes like long coats, jumpers, etc. but not storing them properly in a dry place will make them uneven. So, you should use the lint remover before packing them and even when you will use them again. After you finish lint removal, don’t fold them to put in a basket. Instead, hang them right.

Such small but convenient gadgets can come in very handy and keep your clothes as you bought them just now.

5. Taking Damages Casually

Always think of quality over quantity. Once you buy better-quality clothes, there are fewer chances that they will face any damage.

Always take damage seriously
Always take damage seriously

 But, if there comes a time that you observe such a thing on your apparel, ensure to fix it instantly. Surely, it will increase its life span and prevent it from worsening. 

You should make sure to keep looking at the maintenance check. 

Such efficient steps can make your favorite leather jacket, a trendy sweater, or your cool sweatshirt last for a few more seasons.  

6. Ignoring The Fabric Care Labels

One of the easiest ways to avoid clothing mishaps is to read and follow the care labels attached to the inside of your outfit. Whatever you are supposed to do as you try to preserve it is written on it.

Take care of cloth according to care labels
Take care of cloth according to care labels

How often should you wash, At what water temperature should you wash, Steps to avoid shrinkingWhether it can handle dry cleaning, etc.

If you are not an expert in making your clothes last for longer. Such tags are a blessing in disguise.

7. Not Getting Them To Dye

You will choose dark colors frequently when you don’t shy about looking fashionable and trendy. But such clothes require extra attention and care so that they do not look old.

Dry Cloth Properly
Dry Cloth Properly

For example, you have black jeans that you often wear, as this is a go-to thing in your wardrobe. Therefore, you must ensure to rejuvenate its color. 

Dyeing it yourself is not difficult, but it will surely give you a refreshing feel while you wear it. 

End Note

Repeating the same clothes is not a bad thing. In fact, utilizing your things to their proper value gives you a satisfying feeling. However, even you can make such things work out in many different ways. Hence you should make sure to take care of your belongings and recycle them after you realize that it not useable anymore. 

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