Bernat Blanket Yarn: Complement Your Decor with Easy-Wash

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To discover Bernat Blanket Yarn, its beautiful pattern, and shades for home décor, one must understand its coziness and bulky weight that never gets dull.

What is a Bernat Blanket Yarn?

Bernat Blanket Yarn refers to the chenille-style yarn that features soft, cozy as well as luxurious. It is an ideal range of home décor projects with enough bulky weight to be stitched up in a quick response.

Bernat Blanket Yarn
Figure: Bernat Blanket Yarn

While making Afghans, blankets, and crochet baskets, this yarn offers solid and a variegate shaded intending to compliment your choice. Besides, the easy-to-wash and dry method turns them into a big MUST-HAVE item in your closet. This yarn is super bulky following category six. Also, it denotes the thickness and applications to be useful for making rugs or other accessories. Around 900 yards with 5 balls are enough to create a proper blanket with this yarn.

What is Bernat Blanket Yarn Made of?

Bernat Blanket Yarn is a 100% Polyester yarn with ball sizes ranging from 150 gm to 300 gm, 98 meters to 201 meters, or 108 yards to 220 yards. It has no specific ball size, rather the yarn comes up with different ranges based on the manufacturer’s available raw materials. To work on your upcoming project, you can likely choose this Bernat Yarn as it keeps coming with extensive ranges. From gorgeous garments to homeware projects, to making snug blankets, this Bernat yarn is a great inspiration for would-be home décor enthusiasts!

Key Different Bernat Blanket Yarn Patterns

With its wide-ranging patterns, colors, as well as weights, Bernat Yarn takes place as the most popular one for your expected crafting needs. The exciting feature of this yarn is the use of harmful components, and it is safe for sensitive baby skin. The distinct patterns are as follows:

Bernat Blanket Yarn and Its Diversified PatternsDescriptions
Bernat Blanket for Baby, 300G, 100GIt is a perfect deal to crack for any nursery, with the features of solid shade and a modern hook.With the 100G, you are likely to use them in making rainbow pillows and crocheting.
Baby Blanket StripesIt comes gigantic where the gorgeous color intertwin with a self-striping effect.
Baby Bernat Blanket DappledIt comes up with a soft striped gradient where the color effect is eye-catching.

Bernat Blanket Yarn comes up with a different range of Color-Patterns. Mostly they are solid in color. For instance,

  • Amped-up Bright Shades like Pink.
  • A Sea-Worthy Shade.
  • Color-Changing Twisted Bernat Yarn.
  • Ombre Gradient Shades.
  • Summer Style Breezy color
  • Thick version.

Benefits of Bernat Blanket Yarn

Crafting becomes exciting when you get your desired color choice with new shades and patterns. It same applies to Bernat yarns as well.

Bernat Blanket Yarn

The entire industry of this Bernat Blanket yarn is rapidly growing. The advantages of using Bernat yarn for blanket-making are:

1. Incredibly soft texture.

2. Color variations

3. Medium price affordability.

4. Durability.


Is there any substitute for Bernat Blanket Yarn?

The question is valid in terms of Bernat Yarn. You are able to substitute this yarn with a similar texture and weight yarn. If you want to keep the effect of your yarn with another type, make sure you use our recommended 8 mm size knitting needle and crochet hook. A few substitutes for Bernat Yarn are Big Twist cuddle yarn, Chenille home slim from Loops and Threads brand, and the Lion Brand’s blankie yarn.

What is Bernat Blanket Yarn Used for?

Mostly, you can use this yarn to stitch any kind of décor project, starting from Afghans to poufs. The main 3 areas of its application are the making of Afghans and Blankets, Pillow covers, and baskets. Other than that, you can use baskets, hoodies, slippers, toys for children, and beds for pets.

How to Care for Bernat Blanket Yarn?

Thank you for showing interest in yarn’s caring details. Here are some instructions given below:
1. Machine wash with a delicate style
2. Avoid using bleach and Dry Cleaning.
3. Do not iron, rather apply tumble dry, gently.

Where to find Bernat Blanket?

Apart from the physical stores, Bernat Blankets are available in online stores. Find out retailers in the USA as well as Canada as there are plenty of colors to choose from.

The Bottom Line

To take care of your décor project, it is also important to care for your Bernat Blanket Yarn. Caring for them with machine washing and an easy dryable process is what keeps the yarn alive even in harsh use. Besides, an 8 mm needle size will be enough to carry around with a specific range of crochet hooks. We believe you would love the exciting options available behind this Bernat yarn to make you an expected snuggly project. Keep sharing your experience!

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