Guide to Great Links Building for Fashion Clients

Fashion and beauty niches have gained tremendous popularity over the last decade and continue to keep the bar high. So outranking your competitors in this marketing environment is really challenging. Luckily, there is a vast array of efficient practices to boost the company and raise its online presence. One of the most high-performing ways poses SEO.

With reasonable off-site SEO for fashion blogs, you can considerably advance your brand and profit. And link-building process is the best method to implement this. Those who neglect such an online marketing strategy will likely skip out on the significant business opportunities to scale their fashion site. 

This article will provide you with all the vital info on how to build a fashion brand via link-building. So let’s start overviewing these the best SEO for fashion e-commerce guidelines.

The way customers purchase and consume fashion has recently dramatically changed. Therefore, we meet a fresh trend – ‘fashion as a sport.’ It implies searching for perfect products for optimal prices.

That’s why a site should get sufficient traffic to inform users of the provided services/products. For example, you run a men’s fashion site and yearn to capture immense conversions. Suppose backlinks are doors letting users into your site, so you have to create as many doors (backlinks) as possible to extend the audience visiting the site. Seeking a list of men’s fashion blogs for publishing and publishing your related articles there can help you earn valuable traffic. 

As soon as you do that, Google will detect that your content attracts users and rank your site high at SERPs. Still, there are many other valuable link-building tactics that might leverage to increase the backlink number.

Great Links Building for Fashion Clients

1. Explore Your Client Persona in Detail

Since the fashion niche is highly competitive across the online market, you must make your client stand out from the crowd. Simply put, they must offer their audience top-quality, one-of-a-kind content and a distinct approach to the products/services.

Thus, to get the best out of their SEO for fashion sites through building links, the following research is a must:

  • Profound Content Audit – Carefully explore a customer’s present-day content and define what needs improvements, expands, updates, or promotes. Plus, identify which posts are better to remove altogether.
  • Client’s Goals Understanding – Discuss your client’s short-term and long-term goals to choose the most suitable keyword usage strategy across link-building processes. For more in-depth insight, ask them to finalize a list of rivals with good online visibility and who they treat as role models.
  • Figuring out Client Investment Opportunities – Setting SEO techniques they are ready to finance is essential. That way, you may elaborate on the effective link-building tactic to the specific customer’s needs and budget.
  • Learning Extra Assets – Find out what assets besides site and content can potentially add value to their fashion blog. To be more precise, credible partners or valuable on-industry relations whose audiences you might engage.

2. Perform a Competitor Analysis

Digging into competitors’ resources may give you a clear understanding of what to incorporate or eliminate within building links for your customer. It will aid you in framing the correct off-site strategy. But which particular aspects are worth checking?

  • Backlinks – Make a table filling one column with sites that link to your client’s rivals. Then devise ways to reach them and type this into the second column. If you manage to fashion guest posts on such sites, this may generate potent traffic to your sources.
  • Key Phrases & Anchors – Note the leading links pop up as anchors but also consider less successful ones. Thus, you will attain a complete picture on which to rely for building linking. Plus, be sure to investigate key phrases you wish to rank for and those that might benefit a client in the future.
  • Content – It is the same critical point to analyze as your client’s content quality. Pay attention to competitors’ blog posts showcasing immense engagement, such as organic traffic and backlinks, likes, comments, shares, and on-page average time. Think properly about what turns this content so appealing. For example, the promotional clothing campaign could be highly encouraging with a relevant tone of voice.

3. Determine Target Audience

Without knowing the target audience, you can’t build a fashion brand for your clients at the highest level. On the contrary, if you go the extra mile to define their audience persona, taking advantage of that data will definitely enhance the link-building workflow. 

The things that will help clarify it:

  • Type of content users enjoy consuming at most
  • The preferable tone of voice
  • Social media, where readers tend to spend a considerable time
  • Users’ search intents and how they perform fashion-topics queries
  • Influencers users incredibly trust and reasons for this
Great Links Building for Fashion Clients

Guest Post

As with other niche sites, guest posting offers excellent possibilities to boost Google ranking of fashion blogs. Subject to the corresponding PR links for SEO strategy, your client will attain impressive outcomes.

So the first step to do is to craft a high-quality, informative blog post on the red-hot topics. Then search for blogs that are probable to publish your client pieces. Rest assured, if the content is worthy, pertinent, and suits their style, your customers will meet numerous bloggers willing to pitch referred posts with a link to their resources. 

After making eye-catching articles and capturing reputable sites, contact them to present unique fashion blog post concepts. When they see your client’s ideas add value to their site, they will definitely agree to the offer. And this is the point where everything depends on the content produced. So the client must do their best while making the posts for pitching. 

Every industry contains spammy and poor-quality links; the fashion niche is no exception. Due to the broken link-building tactic, you will find all the damaged links across the customer’s blog and assist them in generating helpful and relevant ones instead. That way, the traffic to the site might rise incredibly, promoting SEO for fashion e-commerce.

Another priceless technique is creating links by putting broken hyperlinks within publications that redirect to competitive sites. It means search engines will rank the client’s site higher for related key phrases queries. Such a method will work out for both internal and external linking.

If you think black PR is efficient PR, this is not the case. Though people like debating controversial issues, they commonly bypass sites with taboo topics. So if you choose to earn links from the blogger who publishes posts on casino gaming, prescription drugs, or some erotic/porn-related content, you not only fail with expanding the client’s fashion-aimed audiences but risk losing the existing one. 


Generating links for fashion site owners can frequently be daunting. But don’t worry ahead of time. Armed with the info above, you will polish your client’s blog to perfection. You must explore the client persona and needs, conduct a competitor analysis, and define the target audience. 

Based on the particular investigation, you will develop the most appropriate link-building techniques to employ. Still, be sure to use the potential of fashion guest posts, fix broken links, and avoid taboo-topic sites to earn links. Then, no doubt, your clients will advance their fashion brands exceedingly.

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