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Medical textile is a kind of technical textile. Medical textiles are textiles that can be used for medical, surgical, or first aid purposes. Knitted products are more prevalent in medical textiles than other types of textiles due to their advantages over other methods of fabric production. All types of knitting machines are capable of producing medical textiles.

However, the latest range of flatbed computerized knitting machines is perfect for medical textile applications. The machinery can be used in small or large batches. Many types of equipment are made of textiles, and this equipment and materials are used to prevent COVID 19. In this article, we’ll discuss how medical textile helps in Covid-19 situation Influentially.

Positive Impact of Covid-19 on Textile Industry

Textiles are used for a variety of medical purposes, including healthcare and cleanliness. The combination of healthcare and hygiene items available is extensive; however, they are often utilized in operating rooms or hospital wards for sanitary care and the safety of workers and patients. A variety of medical products that can reduce the chances of contracting Covid are made of this textile.

These are mainly Protective equipment that protects you from Covid-19. It includes a surgical mask, Surgical cap, Surgical Gown, or PPE. All of this unique and smart textile material is very helpful to keep you safe from the coronavirus. These applications will also help you to prevent diseases by protecting you from various viruses and bacteria.

Medical textile Applications

How Medical Textile Helps in Covid-19 Situations Assuredly
How Medical Textile Helps in Covid-19 Situations Assuredly

Medical textiles have become more significant in the health industry as a form of protection for patients. Various protective applications like Surgical gowns, Surgical masks; Surgical is made of this textile. Below are key product discussions of Medtech applications that are made of medical textiles and help in Covid situations.

a. Surgical Mask

A surgical mask is made of medical textile or Medtech fabric. Nonwoven meltblown surgical masks are the most common, but they can also include cotton knitted fabrics. It has been widely used to treat patients with COVID 19. Non-oven surgical masks have a better filtering capability, more air permeability, are lighter, and are non-allergic.

Medical Grade Meltblown Fabric
Medical Grade Meltblown Fabric

In crowded areas where distances of 6 feet are difficult to maintain, surgical masks are required. This will prevent the spread of the virus to people without symptoms and people who are not aware they have been infected. While physical removal of the virus is being done, cloth masks should be worn.

Here are instructions for making masks at home. Healthcare professionals should have N95 surgical masks and respirators. Healthcare professionals should wear surgical masks when treating COVID-19 patients. It prevents the spread of bacteria from the nose and mouth to aerosols and droplets. The general public should wear cotton masks to prevent infection by the Covid-19 virus.

b. Surgical Cap

Also, the surgical cap is made of textile materials. It is used to treat patients with COVID 19. The majority of surgical caps are made from cotton, polyester, and polypropylene fibers. Also, surgical caps can be made with knitted cotton fabrics. The surgical cap, which is worn with the surgical gown, covers the surgeon’s head and sometimes the hair at the ends.

This is done to prevent infection of the wound. The surgical caps prevent doctors or nurses from spraying any harmful substances on the scalp. It prevents hair from affecting doctors’ eyesight. Patients can also be exposed to hair and other contaminants like hair products or dandruff.

c. Surgical Gown

Surgical gowns operate as barriers, preventing polluting particles from being released into the air. Surgical gowns are made of woven cotton garments that not only allow surgeons to expel particulates but also act as a source of infection, resulting in high amounts of dust. To avoid these sources of infection, surgical gowns can be used.

To prevent contamination of vulnerable patients such as those with weak immune systems, a surgical gown is worn. A part of infection control strategies is clothing. Nonwoven surgical gowns have been certified for use in preventing contaminating substances from entering the environment. It will protect you and your body from contact with Covid-19.

Final Thought

Due to the severe shortage of supplies for nurses and doctors fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, more attention has been paid to the need for reusable protective medical clothing. Isolation Barrier Gowns or PPEs are a part of the range of Personal Protective Equipment that supports frontline healthcare providers. These include surgical masks, surgical gowns, surgical caps, etc. All of these applications are very effective in protecting you from covid-19 contact. So, it can be said that the medical textile industry helps us to prevent Covid-19 situations.

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