How to Start a Clothing Business with Buying Wholesale Online

Md Mahedi Hasan

Starting a business can be challenging if you are new to the field and need someone to guide you with the basic knowledge. Moreover, the clothing business can take a lot of time to bloom because there are many clothing stores, making it hard for new businesses to stand out.

But there are many ways than one to make your business blow up. It will take time as it will take work to find customers willing to purchase clothes from a new store.

This article will elaborate on how to start a clothing business by buying clothes wholesale online.

 First Step: Handling Legal Issues

No matter the type of business, you must address various legal issues before launching the business. It is more complicated to start a business by setting up a shop and selling products while making profits. You must ensure the business you are starting is legal and that you are not about to sell or get into any illegal activity.

Then it would be best if you also ensured that the area you plan to set up your business permits you to do so. Even in some areas, due to the zoning laws, starting up an online business from your home is illegal. You have to ensure that your area allows you to set up an online business, or else you might have to receive serious consequences.

You must have all the proper permits and licenses from the higher authorities. If you plan to open a physical store or do more remodeling, you must get a building permit. City and state business licenses are also necessary in most cases. Once you have registered your business, you will receive a tax ID number, ensuring that you possess the amount needed to pay taxes.

Finding a Niche

In any business, the competition is extreme nowadays. You will have to face massive competition if you start your own business, so you must find a niche for your business. This will help you to set your business apart from other competitors. Even in terms of clothing, you have to find stuff unique from other sellers so that people feel the interest to acknowledge your products rather than go for the sellers who already have an established one.

Think about the people you want to target and the types of clothing items you are planning to sell. You can cater clothes for men, women, kids, teenagers, or even for all, which would be challenging initially. You can also cater clothes for senior citizens as these stores differ from what is expected. Once your niche is unique, you will have greater chances of having a successful business.

Now, if you are planning to open up a store in an area, pay attention to the kind of products that are missing in that area. As for selling online, you will be able to find many under-served markets which should be targeted.


The Search for Wholesalers

It would help if you had a clear idea of your target market by this time. This will help you to find products from wholesalers who would be suitable for your business. Looking for wholesalers is a tough job because not everyone can bring you products that are up to your liking.

Moreover, dealing with wholesale suppliers can be an intimidating task at first. That is because first-time business owners need to learn more about the business world. You might feel out of place when you see several other buyers with more experience than you. There is also a lot of information to gather in a short time, which can get overwhelming.

You can find good wholesalers that bring products of your choice at a wholesale price if you search for them hard enough. You can easily find wholesale suppliers to purchase clothing items on Facebook or other social media platforms. Building a good relationship with your wholesale suppliers is the key to getting preferable and quality products. Your wholesalers will give you more priority even if you are not their largest buyer if you can only be kind and pay your bills on time.

Contacting the Wholesale Suppliers

Finding a suitable wholesale supplier is more accessible than contacting them. in most cases, the supplier might not be reached directly. Suppose your chosen wholesale supplier does not have special requirements for their buyers. In that case, you have to open a separate account to place your order.

Before contacting your wholesale supplier, go through their website to learn more about their business. This will ensure that your conversation with the supplier goes smoothly and everything is clear. You will also be able to evaluate for yourself if they are the right people to get your products from. Once you are confirmed that this is the supplier you will be getting most of your products from, you can start the ordering process.

In a lot of wholesale businesses, they will allow you to create a wholesale account for yourself directly from their website. This makes the order process much easier as you do not have to wait for your supplier to get back to you. Most suppliers will ask for proof that you have a real business and it is a legitimate one. They will ask for copies of your resale permit and business license. Your tax ID number and copies of invoices are essential, so keep them in your hands.

Maintaining a Relationship with the Wholesale Suppliers

You should not stop working as soon as you have found ways to contact your preferred wholesale supplier. You must build a positive relationship with your suppliers and maintain it so that they can understand your choices and bring things up accordingly. Not only that, but by building a solid relationship with the representative, you will get unique merchandise, better pricing on clothes, and favorable payment systems.

Respecting the supplier’s time is one of the crucial tasks when you are mailing, calling, or reaching out to them when needed. Treating the wholesale suppliers with dignity will help you in many ways than one. You should maintain your professionalism while being friendly. This makes the suppliers respect you back, and they will be able to solve any problem you might have with the shipment.

It is best not to hide any minor issues you might have regarding the clothes or the management. Before the issue becomes big, address the problem and solve it. Remember that the suppliers are also humans and are most likely to make minor mistakes sometimes. They do not like to be screamed at or to be disrespected, so you must maintain your anger even if they have made a blunder.

Pricing the Product

Right as you are done arranging your merchandise, it is time to settle on a price that is suitable for you. Many people need help to establish a suitable price for their business. Charging high will only attract customers as they would instead buy from a well-known and established a store at a high price than from someone who has just started the business. On the other hand, charging too little will not give you enough profit to get you all the things you want.

When you select the product price, keep the overhead costs in mind. The target audience is another factor that would help you determine the price range. Consider checking your competitors’ prices so that you can establish a price the market can support and you can make enough profit out of it. Include the shipping cost from the suppliers to your doorstep as well. Keep the price at a moderate level to attract more customers instead of turning them down.

Final Words:

Starting a new clothing business can be tricky for most people, especially those who need more ideas about these. Finding a wholesale supplier who will provide you with your preferred items is another tough job, so your business can bloom. The pricing level should be kept at a moderate level, and your employees should behave nicely with the customers and wholesale suppliers. Building a good relationship with suppliers and customers will let your business bloom in just less time.


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