4 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid for Christian T-Shirt Printing

If you have never created and printed your personalized clothing before, there are a few common blunders you should avoid. Read through each of these important areas of the process of designing and producing customized Christian t-shirts printing to have a better understanding of these common errors and how to avoid them:

4 Mistakes to Avoid for Christian T-Shirt Printing
4 Mistakes to Avoid for Christian T-Shirt Printing
  1. Choosing a t-shirt printing platform
  2. Picking out your custom apparel products
  3. Creating your custom t-shirt designs
  4. Placing your order and offering your shirts

Whether you need your t-shirts for a particular event, to generate cash, or to sell as custom merchandise, getting them correctly the first time is crucial to saving both money and time. This is especially true if you want to sell custom merchandise. Make it a priority right now to educate yourself about the steps involved in designing your bespoke clothing!

1. Choosing a t-shirt printing platform

Once you have an idea for your Christian t-shirts in general and are ready to start the design and manufacturing process, you first need to choose a website that offers custom t-shirts and is suitable for both you and your requirements.

T-Shirt printing platform
T-Shirt printing platform

Using the first t-shirt printing business, you come across is a rookie error.

Research is essential before purchasing any product or service online in this day and age. This applies to both physical goods and services.

However, once you are ready to design and purchase your items, you will find that the main businesses in the custom t-shirt printing industry often tout exceptional bargains to entice new designers. However, their platforms provide very little flexibility.

Even if you already have a clear idea of how you want your custom T-shirts to appear and how many you will need, it is best to work with a printing business that offers a variety of customizable choices so you can get the most out of your partnership.

Our tip: Find a platform for printing t-shirts that gives you real options.

When you are doing your research, there are a few important characteristics that make an excellent platform for creating customized t-shirts:

  • There are no minimum orders for personalized tees.
  • Tools for the intuitive design that help get the perfect fit
  • Various alternatives are available for placing orders and selling your shirts.

No minimum purchase is required when you use a site like Bonfire to place an order for or sell customized t-shirts. The fact that Bonfire’s t-shirt printing services may be tailored to your project’s particular needs makes them excellent partners.

Additionally, if you later decide that you would like to sell your shirts online to more customers, you can use the t-shirt campaign option that Bonfire provides to easily promote and sell your shirt to your audiences. This option is available if you decide that you would like to sell your shirts online. Your clients can purchase their shirts using this method, and we will mail them straight.

Because of this degree of adaptability, it will be much simpler for you to concentrate on the objectives you have set for the production of the t-shirts rather than just the logistics of producing the t-shirts themselves.

When effectively printing custom t-shirts, one of the most important steps is making product selections.

2. Picking out your custom apparel products

After you have located the ideal t-shirt printing platform that satisfies your requirements and provides you with various adaptable possibilities, it is time to consider the specific sort of clothing that you want to design and produce.

Making the rookie mistake of printing simple faith-based t-shirts without investigating other options for clothing. Do not get us wrong! We are huge fans of the timeless crewneck t-shirt.

Suppose you have put in the effort to locate the ideal t-shirt printing business. In that case, however, you should make an effort to go one step further and think about the items most optimally matched to the objectives of the project you are working on.

This is important to remember if you are designing personalized clothing for a group of individuals to wear at an event or for a fundraiser.

Our tip: Think about what makes your project stand out.

This requires you to think about the people wearing your custom-printed shirts. Who are these people? What do they have a passion for?

The best platform for creating customized Christian tees will provide users with various alternatives. Take Bonfire’s product catalog as an example; there, you will find a wide variety of customizable clothing alternatives, such as the following:

  • Premium crewneck and v-neck t-shirts for both sexes that are unisex
  • Tank tops for both men and women, including slouchy tanks for ladies
  • Shirts in the style of baseball and football
  • Sweatshirts and t-shirts with long sleeves are also available.
  • Pullover hoodies

Take, for instance, the scenario in which you create and produce bespoke t-shirts for the 5K running club you belong to. In this scenario, picking the appropriate goods is of the utmost significance. Long sleeves, traditional crewnecks, and tanks are all potential options, but the right one will rely on several aspects.

When it comes to choosing the correct clothing goods to make your team happy and increase team spirit, location, season, design components, and individual tastes are all factors that should be considered.

Investigate your alternatives while you still have a lot of time to spare. This will make it much easier to assess how popular your shirt is, and you could even be able to offer those who purchase it a variety of other options!

3. Creating your custom t-shirt designs

Here is the true meat and potatoes of having custom t-shirts printed, which is probably what you look forward to most.

Even if you already have a crystal clear idea in your head of how you want the design for your t-shirt to turn out, you still need to go slowly and methodically through this process!

Making the initial draught of your t-shirt design your final product is a rookie error.

Naturally, you can not wait to look at the end result of your hard work! However, suppose you rush through the design step. In that case, it may contradict the point of all the careful consideration you have already put into discovering the finest t-shirt printing service and selecting the appropriate items.

We are confident in your ability to design, but before you get that bespoke shirt, have you considered what you want to accomplish with it? Effective product design covers much more than simply aesthetics! This should be kept in mind for whatever project you do, whether making shirts for a family gathering or an exhibition for your business.

Our Tip: Before printing, adhere to recommended practices for t-shirt design.

Best practices for developing the ideal t-shirt include picking the appropriate color combination for the shirt and ink and the appropriate typeface for the design. Both of these should have some level of influence (but not total control) on the overall design of your shirt.

Before you create your final draught for printing, you may take inspiration from the platform Bonfire, which is full of ideas that have been successful in the past. Designs that emphasize stylized images, minimalist compositions, and distinctive typography are often the most successful and popular. Create many iterations of your design on paper, making adjustments and enhancements as you go along.

Explore as much as possible since we constantly showcase some of our finest t-shirt designs on Instagram. Take notes on any aspects of the design that strike your attention, and then work those aspects into your subsequent draught.

4. Placing an order and printing your shirts

It is time to have your personalized Christian t shirts printed. Because you have put in the effort to choose the best platform for printing t-shirts and have made astute decisions on the design, all of your labor will be fruitful.

If you avoid one final novice mistake, that is!

Due to this rookie blunder, the cost of your clothes has been artificially inflated without your knowledge. Getting the details of your t-shirt purchase perfectly requires a lot of work. You will need to give some consideration to the following items:

  • How many shirts are needed to be printed?
  • What is the total number of each size to be printed?
  • Shipping charges
  • Shipping duration
  • Free shipping is included on domestic purchases of five or more shirts via Supply by Bonfire, but we cannot determine how many shirts are required.

You will need to decide in advance how these aspects will work depending on the reason(s) behind your decision to create shirts. In such cases, you run the danger of either not having enough shirts or having much too many of them.

It would be a shame to throw away all the work and energy you have already put into designing and producing your t-shirts.

Our Tip: Investigate all of your options for producing or selling t-shirts.

If you choose Bonfire in the first stage, you are already aware that our platform gives you a wide variety of choices regarding printing, purchasing, and selling the custom Christian t-shirts you design. Some of them will even assist you in avoiding making any blunders at all with your orders! To sell your Bonfire t-shirts, you may do it in the following way:

You should place a bulk order for your shirts and have them printed so that you may sell or distribute them on your own. If you need to, you may place an order for Supply by Bonfire with as little as one item.

You should be selling your Christian tees online on campaign-specific websites. You should start advertising your shirt to your friends and followers when you set your rates.

Using personalized t-shirts to raise money for a cause.

Your campaign website will gather orders and money for the particular cause that you have picked. In campaigning and fundraising, we will mail your shirts straight to the people who have contributed to your cause.

We strongly recommend using our t-shirt order form templates if you make direct and bulk purchases for a group. As an end, you will have a better notion of how many shirts to purchase, giving you a more accurate estimate than if you had simply depended on your eyes.

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