Most Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer Portugal- CFB

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Create Fashion Brand is the leading Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer Portugal. Create Fashion Brand has a 31-year history that began with humble beginnings. The trip has been intriguing with the collected industrial skills being passed down over the centuries.

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer Portugal

Create Fashion Brand offers an intelligent production environment that really can meet difficulties such as increasing productivity, ensuring sustainability, and producing ethical apparel. This organization is dedicated to the industry as well as our professionalism, and we are always looking for ways to enhance our approaches and performance.

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand

Since Eco-friendly apparel and other products have gained a lot of importance, this company extensively focused on this platform. The factory is known across the world for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and cost-effective pricing methods. They were also dedicated to the safety of the products as well as the ecological and environmental concerns that are so important in today’s globe.

Margarida Santos, CEO of Create Fashion Brand was interviewed by the Textile Details team.

Interview with Margarida Santos, CEO of Create Fashion Brand

What makes CFB different from other companies in terms of sustainability?

Create Fashion Brand, or CFB, is a reputed sustainable Clothing Manufacturer that manufactures high-quality, sustainable products. CFB depends on a team of over 110 highly qualified employees that are constantly taught and trained to create high-quality goods. Their corporate philosophy is based on honesty, integrity, and openness.

They’ve been researching and developing eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes for the past 15 years in terms of sustainable applications. They were able to achieve their sustainability targets thanks to research and development.

Is CFB certificated from any professional, sustainable organization?

Yes! CFB’s products have earned certifications from organizations like ISO 9001, OCS, GOTS, as well as OEKO-TEX. And those are the institutions that provide certificates for environmentally friendly products. They are internationally recognized and adhere to a precise set of guidelines when it comes to implementation.

Which country is the most sustainable in fashion?

Portugal takes the top position, with a total of 29,700 internet searches each month coming from the country. Of the eight search phrases we examined, more than half of the inquiries Americans are looking for are for sustainable fashion and sustainable clothes, with 17,800 searches each month for these terms.
Meantime, the United Kingdom comes in second place after the United States with 24,500 monthly searches. India comes in third place with 7,090 searches each month regarding sustainable apparel.

Why should a reputable brand consider CFB to manufacture its products?

CFB is more than simply a supplier; they are also business partners in many ways. They are working really hard to bring about positive change in the world via the use of environmentally friendly goods. The ultimate goal of CFB is to obtain sustainable raw resources and provide a productive output for both consumers and the environment, and this is the company’s primary priority.

Over the last 15 years, CFB’s high-quality goods have gained widespread recognition and gained the trust of its clients. CFB’s environmentally friendly business is expanding at a fast pace, and the company expects to minimize its carbon footprint by the end of the decade. As a result, working with CFB will provide you with the greatest services in the area of environmentally friendly goods.

What is the value and ambition of Creating Fashion Brand?

Create Fashion Brand began its long and illustrious career in the garment manufacturing sector by designing and producing fashion apparel for well-known and emerging labels. There is more to these talents than simply cutting and also machining; they also need the ability to control costs and set prices with precision. Ecological and environmental concerns are also crucial to the CFB. Their goods are subjected to the most stringent testing possible before being released.

Is Portugal better than Asia in terms of sustainable clothing?

Portugal as a country values human rights and is a signatory to international as well as regional human rights agreements. Only provide your employees with sufficient ethical work standards and execute compliance with environmental regulations if you want to start a business in Portugal. Portugal is considered Europe’s textile center, having highly trained and educated personnel.

With a specialization in pattern creation and excellent quality, high-quality fabrics and outfits are created. On the other hand, Asia is recognized as the most polluted region on the planet, with businesses breaching human and environmental rights. They do not do research and development and rely on quick fixes to achieve success.

Final Say about CFB

Creating inspiring clothes is Create Fashion Brand passion

CFB focuses on sustainable fashion, while the textile sector creates 21 billion tons of waste and generates 10% of global carbon emissions. CFB began experimenting with sustainable goods when they had little to no understanding about it, and now they are experts at it. Environmentally friendly methods include recycling, using local supply chains, and providing an ethical workplace for workers. The contribution of CFB is centered on the ultimate goal of producing a beneficial outcome for the environment.

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