Bravissimo’s Nightwear: Racerback Top, Lace Trim Cami, Stripey Nightdress

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All right, now we get down to the good stuff: how my 3 pieces of Bravissimo’s nightwear–the racerback top, the lace trim cami, and the stripey nightdress–fit! Yesterday I gave a brief overview of Bravissimo’s nightwear, including the size range, closure styles, and the several aspects I really like about it. So onto some photos!

Racerback Top Nightwear

Please bear in mind these photos were taken yesterday, so I’m 28 1/2 weeks along with a pretty big baby bump  I’ve always preferred longer tops, so these will be great post-pregnancy for me, but they’re also doubling as maternity sleepwear because they’re plenty long enough. Yay!

Nightwear Racerback Top, Lace Trim Cami, Stripey Nightdress
Nightwear Racerback Top, Lace Trim Cami, Stripey Nightdress

First, a photo of what the integral built-in bras look like, because I know someone is going to be curious!

This top is my favorite of the 3. I’m wearing a size 30GG-H. My breasts are totally in the cups without any spillage over the scoop neck (which you can see from the side view) even though I’m a cup size-ish over the size range, and I feel very supported by the racerback style without any strain on my shoulders. The yellow is a pretty spring and summer color that’s neither too pale nor too bright, which I find flattering even on my pale skin.

The sides under the arms do dip a little lower than I’d like–it seems like there’s a little more skin showing than necessary, but on the other hand, well, it *is* nightwear! But the soft bra holds me in place so I don’t feel like I’m spilling out the lower cut armholes. (However, if you have more breast tissue under your arms and are on the top end of the cup for your size range, you might have a different experience.)

This style had the loosest band of the 3. If I wear it on the loosest hook it gives noticeably less support than if I’m wearing it on the tightest (which is still looser than a normal bra, but fits snugly to my ribcage). I’m starting on the tightest for maternity wear, so I can loosen it out as my ribcage expands, but if I were ordering normally I’d want the 28 back.

My biggest complaint about this top? It only comes in yellow! If I could buy more of these in other colors I’d snap them up in a second! The PJ vest top which comes in black and white, seems similar to this one, minus the racerback, but the thing keeping me from ordering it is that I can’t tell how long it is from the description, and there’s no model photo to give me a hint, either. Pretty please, Bravissimo, make more racerback tops in more colors!

2. Lace Trim Cami Top

Sigh, the lace trim cami. Why do you tease me so? When I saw this one on the site I was very excited. Finally, one of those little night camis with a built-in bra for a full bust! I love the on-trend coral color, and the style is a bit sexier than the regular capped sleeve top or the racerback and vest tops. But, as you can see, you really can’t cheat on cup size with this one. I’m spilling out the top and sides and the front detail looks like it’s just sitting on top of my chest.

Lace Trim Cami
Lace Trim Cami

The only way I’m getting as much chest coverage as I am is because the straps are tightened all the way to help pull up the top. It’s worth noting that the straps are not fully adjustable; I could benefit from having them shortened, honestly, though that won’t solve the fit problem.

I again went with the size 30GG-H in this. The band on this one is not adjustable but it feels nice and snug on me and I personally would not order down in band size on this one, if, you know, it happened to be made in my cup size. From my experience the band on this is tighter than the yellow Racerback Top. I honestly think I’d still have the same cup fit issues if I were a cup size smaller (a 30GG/H instead of a 30H/HH), so I wonder if it runs about a cup size small (instead of fitting a GG-H, more like a G-GG). One of the commenters on the Bravissimo page noted the same thing.

If not for me busting out of this one, I would really love it. It’s nice and supportive and I think it would be a great choice for others who are not on the top end of the cup spectrum! I kept mine because it still feels nice to sleep in, and I think it might be a better fit once my breasts deflate post-nursing (fingers crossed!).

3. Stripey Nightdress

 This nightgown would have been my favorite. The bra portion was the roomiest of all 3, with higher sides under the arms than the Racerback Top and just a really great fit on my breasts.

Stripey Nightdress
Stripey Nightdress

Ordinarily, I shy away from nightgowns because most look a little more mature than I like, but this looked like a really cozy and not too dowdy option. The floral detail on the one strap cinched it for me, keeping this sweet, youthful, and a bit more interesting.

The biggest negative? The seaming on the integral bra gives a really odd shape from the side, making it look like your breasts are sagging when they aren’t! In the photo below, my nipple is nowhere near where the seaming makes it look; it’s about an inch and a half higher.

It’s a shame because otherwise, this nightdress would be absolutely perfect; in fact, this nightdress makes me feel like my breasts are incredibly lifted and supported, despite appearances. I like everything else about this nightdress enough to overlook the shape issue–I mean, I’m not leaving the house in this–so I kept it, but I know it might be a dealbreaker for some of you.

I got the nightdress in a 30GG-H, the same size as the other two. Like the Racerback Top, it hooks in the back instead of just the pullover style. I’ve worn it on both the loosest and tightest hook; while I usually hook it on the tightest, the loosest still fits snugly and holds everything in place. I don’t get the movement I do when I try to wear the Racerback Top on the loosest hook, so for me, the band seems to fit a bit tighter and more like the Lace Trim Cami, and I’d go for the 30 again if I were reordering.

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