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Spring fashion shoes for men are quite hard to find. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of shoe options for men for the Spring Season. But not all of them make a bold fashion statement. Thus, if you are someone new to male footwear fashion, it can be extremely difficult and tiring if you want to build a Spring shoe wardrobe. This can either lead to wasting lots of time researching or a complete loss of interest in fashion shoes. Hence, to make sure you don’t end up in such a situation, read this article right away. 

Here, after having researched a lot, we have come up with a list of the best Spring fashion shoes for men available in the current market. But before we get started, you can take a look at Bruno Marc Shoes. Just like many other sellers online, they too sell a wide range of stylish shoes for men. But what makes them and their shoes stand out is the quality to the price range they offer. And they also sell shoes for women and kids. 

Spring Fashion Shoes :


Sandals are comfortable. Not only are they one of the best shoe choices for your beach visits, but are also the most recommended choice as a loungewear shoe.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Spring Fashion Sandals For Men

But this doesn’t mean they have no use case as everyday shoes. In fact, many men, during Spring and Summer prefer wearing sandals more because of their ability to provide enough airflow, which in turn makes sure that your feet don’t get sweaty.


Loafers are a well known shoe type among men. They offer a semi-formal look that many men love. When it comes to loafers, a majority of them are made out of either leather or suede. Leather is on the formal spectrum whereas suede is slightly more casual.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Figure: Spring Loafers For Men

Additionally, leather is more suitable on a moisture-rich day as compared to suede. Hence pick your shoe depending on the location you live in. If you are new to loafers, know that there are three major types, Penny Loafers, Tassel Loafers, and Bit Loafers. And of these three, the Penny Loafers are the most recommended choice.

Oxford Shoes

When thinking of formal shoes for men, Oxford Shoes are by far the best. They have no real competition. Even though these shoes were originally intended to be formal only shoes, in recent years, many vendors have come up with variants such as Whole Cut, Plain Toe, Cap Toe, and Wingtip Oxfords. Each of these varieties offers a unique perspective to male fashion.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Figure: Spring Oxford Shoes For Men

As a beginner thumb rule, the Whole Cut Oxfords are the most formal, whereas the Wingtip is the least formal Oxford Shoes in the market. With that said, no matter which variant you go for, they won’t let you down during your interviews, business meets, and other formal occasions.


Talking of Spring shoes, you can never neglect sneakers, for it is one of the best in class. Sneakers offer style. The moment you wear them, they will make you instantly look young. These shoes are one of the very few options available for men that can be paired with almost all clothes, ranging across all occasions. What’s more is that they come in hundreds of different styles, which makes them one of the most demanded shoes in recent times.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Figure: Spring Sneakers For Men

This ensures no matter which type of sneakers you buy, they will not go out of fashion for a long time. Additionally, if you need a unique type of sneakers that not many vendors sell, make sure you look at Oxford Sneakers from Bruno Marc Shoes.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are extremely similar to Oxford shoes in terms of looks. Hence, if you wondering about the inclusion of these shoes, it is because of a subtle change that makes these shoes more casual to semi-formal as compared to the Oxfords.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Spring Derby Shoes For Men

Derby Shoes have an open flap design that the Oxfords don’t. This is what makes them less formal. Know that if you prefer Derby shoes instead of Oxfords, you will not lack any of the classiness that Oxford shoes offer.

Chelsea Boots

Since jeans are one of the most frequently worn clothing pieces by men, the Chelsea Boots naturally become a wardrobe staple.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Spring Chelsea Boots For Men

They are the best looking shoes for jeans by a long margin. With that said, what makes Chelsea boots unique is the side stretch fabric design, that makes them classy and offers a refreshing look to your wardrobe.


Mules are one of the most popular shoe types among women. This is due to the comfort and stylishness they offer.

Spring Fashion Shoes For Men
Figure: Mules For Men

This is true for men’s mules as well. Similar to their female counterpart, the mules for men have an open back, flat heel design that is close toed at the front, which helps to keep the shoe from easily sliding off your foot. And since almost half of your feet are not covered, the shoe provides enough airflow to keep it sweat free.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Spring fashion shoes for men are plenty. All you have to do is buy the shoe of your liking from a reliable seller that prioritizes quality. If you are buying any of the shoes mentioned above, you need not worry too much about trends or stylishness at all. Though make sure to match them with proper outfits if you want to get the most out of your shoe.

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