Stylish and Trendy Jewellery Designs to Suit Every Type of Bride

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The auspicious day of the wedding is one of the important days in most women’s lives. This is the day that she has planned for ages – more so as the time comes closer. From the smallest of details to the the biggest of things during the different events – each aspect of the wedding is well thought out and diligently executed. For the bride, at a personal level, the outfit, including the dresses, shoes, and, most important Mangatrai jewellery designs, would be significantly important. In today’s times, having the right kind of jewellery and ornaments goes a long way in creating a radiant look for each bride.

Every person would want to opt for the latest and most stylish jewellery set design when she plans her special day. Some of the exclusive designs and jewellery prices in the various categories of ornaments that one can choose would be:


Classic and timeless ring designs that one can choose are suited for not only weddings but also other occasions. Choosing jewellery designs like a large cocktail ring studded with diamonds or a stunning polki ring that will look great on the wedding lehenga will add the right kind of grace and elegance to the overall ensemble.

Stylish and trendy jewellery designs to suit every type of bride
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Browse through the latest jewellery designs 2022 to find new and exciting pieces that can be worn for the engagement function, pheras, cocktail events, after-party, etc. Finger rings can come in various shapes, colored stones, layers, etc. Choosing to stack the rings can be another option that many brides opt for. Add certain unique ring designs to the bridal ensemble to make the look complete.


One of the most important jewellery designs in the bridal trousseau would be necklaces. Multiple variations and options in necklaces can be found online and offline to consider. Depending on specific culture and beliefs, each bride can find what she is looking for at affordable prices too. Even a gold jewellery design in neckpieces can be checked out. Often, brides opt for a combination of chokers and long necklaces (rani haar) to add to the outfit. These can be made in polki, studded with colored gemstones, or a combination of both. A layer of two necklaces often gives a royal look to the wedding attire. Necklaces have a way of enhancing the look of the outfit, no matter the design of the blouse. 


A bride wearing a choker is one of the most common sights we see in the Indian context. A choker as a part of the jewellery set design looks great when the blouse has a sweetheart of a slightly deep neckline. The royal feeling associated with the multiple variations of such pieces of designer jewellery can be a game-changer on the wedding day. Layering the choker up with other neckpieces can also allow each bride to explore and experiment based on their style. 


Earring jewellery designs can transform the look of the bride in an instant. Hence brides choose to opt for glamorous earrings no matter the kind of outfit and other types of jewellery planned for the day. Even if she decides to wear a simple blouse or a sari, earrings and a jewellery set can ensure that the look enhances to something elegant and beautiful. Earrings can be available in different shapes and sizes – often, going for a match with the necklace set would be the best idea. Different functions at the wedding call for variations in the new jewellery design that a bride wants to explore. For cocktail nights, choosing a large diamond stud or halo might do the trick, but the wedding day might require something more traditional, like chand balis or jhumkas. Whether the preference is stone-studded or something minimalistic and plain, the choices are all available.

Bracelets and bangles

Jewellery designs that are available in the form of wrist jewellery can steal the hearts of onlookers in a second. Brides are now using a variation of bangles based on their customs and traditions so that they not only look good but do not have to compromise on the sacred value of certain jewellery pieces and stones. For example, a bride can choose to look for South Indian jewellery design options or Rajput ornaments to make their culture an active part of their wedding. Cuffs or bracelets can be used for the Indo-Western sangeet night, and kundan bangles would be a great fit for the pheras. 

Tips for choosing the best bridal jewellery

Choosing the perfect wholesale jewellery shop design will depend on multiple factors. The color of the lehenga, the mehendi outfit, the types and variety of functions, etc the shade of the dress will help in choosing the right kind of jewellery designs – this can also assist in deciding whether the bride will benefit from some colored gemstones in the sets that will help the look of the overall ensemble pop out even more. Today is the time of mixing and matching. Brides are now experimenting with their looks so that they can break the molds and still go for the traditional jewellery designs that have been a part of the age-old days. Temple jewellery with a jumpsuit, diamond earrings paired with a high-neck blouse, polki sets with a bridal sari, etc are being tried, tested, and loved by many brides.

Each bride looks beautiful as they choose their jewellery designs and outfits. Mangatrai jewellery designs present a wide variety of jewellery that is eye-catching and stunning to look at. Each of the pieces is made with care and consideration so that brides can look perfect on their important day. Why compromise on the look and style when all the options are available with jewelry designers near me at the best prices? “Shop till you drop” is an expression that each bride can now follow as they look at the brilliance of each carefully-crafted piece that is made to hold importance. Modern brides will find all the jewellery designs that they are looking for to complement them at their wedding functions.

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