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You may search for how to do guest blogging? It’s great news for all textile details visitors that we just started accepting guest writer posts on our website. Here, I would like your information about the rules and regulations, what will you get in the back, which topics are allowed? How to submit a guest post. So, I think the intro is enough, and let’s start the discussion.

Why You Should guest write Textile Details? 

Benefits submit a guest post:

We’ve provided some major reasons that why you should contribute with us. And what kind of benefit you will get.

1. Get Quality Guest Post Backlinks:

You can guest post for backlinks. Guest posting is the best thing that you will get the quality do-follow backlink in your author bio. It will help you in improving domain authority, Page Rank, external backlinks, and many other things. We have got a decent amount of traffic from the guest post. So you will surely get traffic from the guest posting.

2. Author Bio with Social Links:

At the bottom of the guest post, we will implement the guest author bio with social links. By this, you will get a social backlink and readers will know about you.

3. You Will Help Details Readers:

Helping others is always a great thing. You can easily help our regular visitor with your guest post or the article you will submit to me.

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Example of Guest Post

Which Topics Are Allowed for textile guest post writing?

Many people guest blogging and submit the irrelevant post to our blogs. In case that post will not be published. You should have to check that what topics are allowed in guest posts and whatnot. We listed all those topics which we except for the guest post.

  • Textile Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Fashion Tips
  • Lifestyle
  • Textile basics
  • Advanced Textile Topics
  • Technical Textile
  • Sustainable Textile
  • Industry Revolution 4.0
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Yarn manufacturing
  • Textile Fiber
  • Textile Fabric Details
  • Fabric manufacturing
  • Wet processing
  • Garments manufacturing
  • Apparel manufacturing
  • Fashion Designing
  • And all textile, fashion, and lifestyle-related blog posts.

Rules and Guidelines for Guest Posting

For legal purposes, we’ve some little rules for guest authors. Everyone needs to accept and follow. Simply, I’ve written down below.

  1. Unique Content / Not Copied: This is the most important thing that your post or article must be unique. Copy content will not acceptable. We will check by the manually and paid software. So, Be careful about submitting the copy content.
  2. Must-Have Minimum 400-800 Words: The content length is very important. We recommend writing at least 800+ word article. The minimum criteria are 400. Below 400 words your guest post will not get published.
  3. Article Must Be and SEO Friendly: This is the other thing on which we most focused. The article must be well written. It shouldn’t have grammatical mistakes. Your article must be SEO friendly. It may not have a lot of Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing.
  4. Featured Image: You can send the feature of the article. You can get it via Google Images or create a new one.

Main Criteria of Textile Guest Posting:

  1. Plagiarism free
  2. 400-800+ words
  3. Unique content

Entry-level Priority: Textile, Fashion, Technology Industry

Required Info of Textile Guest Writer

You need to give the required information about the guest writer. So that we may give the proper credit to him/her. Here is what we’re talking about.

  1. Author Bio below 250 Characters.
  2. Author’s Photo [Optional]
  3. Social Links [Optional]
  4. Author’s Blog link. [Link must be included in the Author Bio]
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Textile Article Writer Responsibilities:

  • Decently writing content for this website.
  • Conducting research to learn more about current textile and fashion trends, to improve your writings.

Content Creator Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Textile, Marketing, or a similar field.
  2. Experience creating strong, engaging content.
  3. Demonstrated excellence in writing.
  4. Ability to re-write content without plagiarism and compromising quality.

When the Post Will Be Published?

It will take 12-48 hr to publish. If your post is accepted it will inform you via mail. If rejected there must be having some faults; Then try to improve it and re-submit it again. Textile Details anxiously waiting for your guest posts. I hope you will surely contribute to building a knowledge-sharing brand. Your content will be in the android textile apps. So Downlod Now!

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How to do textile guest blogging?

There are some little rules that you must need to follow in order to be a Guest Writer, here. No matter who you are. Everyone can be the guest author here. Just follow the simple rules in the following segment. submit a guest postto Textile Details.

If you fill-up the criteria please fill-up the form to submit a post. And if you have any question please contact with us.

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