What a Textile College Graduate Should Know to Succeed in Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is growing and changing really fast, literally every month. To succeed in the area, you need to always be active, creative and engaged in the industry specifics. When you have just graduated from a textile college, you are inspired to create like fashion writers from writing services’ feel, even knowing this path will be challenging.

Hence, we will share with you the range of skills you need to sharpen and the first steps that are recommended for young fashion designers. 

Skills you need to become a successful fashion designer

Fashion designer
Fashion designer

The variety of skills required to succeed and become outstanding in the fashion industry is really huge, and you need to be ready for tons of challenges. The competition in different fashion spheres is great, and it becomes harder and harder to differentiate and follow your individual style. So further, we would like to discuss the top skills you definitely need to be proficient in as a fashion designer. 

Creativity is on top

The main challenge of being a good fashion designer is to create things from scratch, starting from idea elaboration to direct sewing of the item. People always expect fashion designers to be as creative as possible. They expect something innovative in each next cloth collection, something that they haven’t seen before in any brand. That is why you need to keep working on your creativity and develop your unique style to stand out from other designers. 

Be proficient with the fabrics

Surely, you can be creative and unique, but you still need to be proficient in deep industry knowledge, mostly related to fabrics, no matter what fabrics you use for your collection. You have to be aware of all possible materials that exist like silk, denim, cotton, chiffon, and many others, which of them can be combined and which are not, what care each material requires, and so on. When you learn how to differentiate high-quality fabrics from poor ones, you will easily find the fabrics manufacturers for your creations. 

Communication skills are crucial

Fashion designers can grow the idea on their own, but they need an entire team to create the new collection and promote it. Commonly, the team includes additional seamstresses, models, and agents to agree on the fashion shows, photographers, etc.

The main task of a fashion designer, as a team leader, is to build strong and trusting relationships with the team, share common goals, explain the role of every team member and be on the same page. This is especially important when you get orders from clients, not just promote your own fashion collection.

Be attentive to details

To be a good designer, you need to be very attentive to details, as each detail really matters in the fashion industry. Each line, button, or sequin adds mood to the item as well as the entire collection.

When you come up to the fashion show to promote the collection, you still need to be very thorough. It is crucial to think of how your models look, what mood they perform in, what makeup and hairstyle they wear, how they walk, and so on. Apply as many personal add-ons as possible to differentiate from others. 

Sketch the ideas

You have to be able to shift the idea from your mind to the paper for further production. These sketches need to display the expected final result you want to discuss with your team. Everyone involved should understand the tasks and results that are expected.

Commonly, designers make these sketches manually. However, these days there are lots of tools and apps like drawing tablets that provide advanced capabilities to make the sketch accurate and clear for the team.

How to become a fashion designer after graduation from a textile college

Experience is everything

Right after your graduation, we strongly recommend dedicating your time to practicing. You need to sharpen the knowledge and skills you got in college before completely diving into the fashion industry. Practice gives you experience. You will not wake up famous tomorrow, so foremost your task is to build confidence in your unique style and your design capabilities.

Try different styles and approaches in work to find your own and to know how you are different from your direct competitors. A small tip is not to compare your ideas to others as there will be a huge probability of losing your uniqueness and individuality. You form the fashion, not on the contrary. 

Find inspiration from other designers

Not copying or comparing your works to competitors doesn’t mean that you cannot get inspiration from other fashion designers, especially famous and successful ones. You can read the industry-related literature, and visit online and offline fashion meetings and fashion shows.

Don’t miss any opportunity to visit a fashion show you are invited to and can decide to go on your own. It is a way to follow the latest trends, and decide what you like and dislike about fashion styles. The more works you get acquainted with, the more inspiration for your own collection you receive. Fashion is a never-ending source of inspiration. If you feel lacking in this feeling, then you already know what to do. 

Draw every idea you have

There will be no better time to sketch your idea than now. Don’t be afraid to be sincere with yourself, as your ideas are unique and creative. If something has come to your mind, then write it down immediately. Maybe, it makes no sense to you today, but your attitude toward your creation can change tomorrow or later.

We would not recommend discussing your ideas with other designers or your tutors, as their opinions may not always be motivational. But you can boldly discuss the sketches with your team just to think of how you can turn these ideas into life. Creating new items helps you define your own signature and fashion style. Who knows, possibly you will launch a new trend with your collection, so just keep working on it.


The learning is never ending for fashion designers. You need to completely dive into the industry to be successful and dedicate your time to work a lot. So if you feel you’re ready for this path, then start elaborating your ideas and turn them into fashion masterpieces. 

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