How A Triple Monitor Laptop Setup Can Improve Your Graphic Design Work

Md Mahedi Hasan


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Have you ever heard the expression, “You only realize what you’re missing when it arrives”? What you’ve been looking for has finally arrived. It is a Triple Monitor Laptop Setup. It gives you two additional screens to make your laptop’s screen even more extensive. Consider what could you do with a larger screen size. As graphic designers, we will go through this in detail in this article.

We will first explain the triple monitor setup and some things you need to know about it, besides we will share what you have been missing without the triple screen. On top of this, we’ll also throw in some facts about the Trio laptop screen extender our best recommended triple monitor setup. So if you are ready to know the things, keep scrolling!

What is the triple monitor laptop setup, and how does it work?

If we’re going by the literal meaning, the setup gives you three monitors. But much more than that, it is the setup that gives you better productivity and betters your designing game. The three screens are derived from a laptop screen extender device with one or two screens.
The accessory is attached to the back of your laptop in the same way that a backpack is. After connecting the accessory, all that remains is to connect your computer to the extension via come connectivity wires and an internal laptop setup. After this, you can use the extra screens to duplicate your laptop or a second monitor screen.

Figure: How A Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

The expander’s best feature is that the displays and screen are flexible and changeable. One screen on the left or right side and one on the top of your laptop. You can even also flip and spin the screen to face the opposite side as the screen on your laptop. This is the thing!

Figure: Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

But as a graphic designer does it make any difference to you? Let’s see what happens next.

Why should graphic designers care about the three-monitor setup?

There are a total of five things three-monitor setups will do for you as a graphic designer. Below are the five benefits you can gain from the laptop screen extender.

It gives you a bigger screen

Let’s start with the apparent benefit — a bigger screen! The triple monitor laptop setup offers an expansive canvas for you to work on as a designer. With the three screens, you can spread out your design tools, reference images, and even other work windows across the screens. Not only it can make your work faster, but it also makes things easier for you.

Figure: How A Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

You can work more effectively with all resources readily available.

Since we’re talking about more giant screens, let’s look at a closely related benefit. Since you have an expansive screen and can simultaneously arrange all the resources you need, you can eliminate the stressful activity of switching back and forth for information. Imagine clicking on the tab of a reference color to memorize a color code and then going back to your design page, forgetting the color code you just learned. Constant switching is less productive. But the tripe monitor setup enables faster project completion, smoother collaboration, and reduced downtime. But check out this third benefit.

Figure: Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

Flow is inevitable

Do you know the meaning of flow? It is that moment when you are so buried in your work that you lose track of time. A recent study thoroughly explained the neuroscience of flow concerning worker engagement and work productivity. But instead of reviewing the entire research, here’s one key point: flow amplifies performance. But do you know what kills flow? Countless things like a small screen, moving an object all around repeatedly, frequent zoom in and zoom out, constant tab switches, and other things come with a single laptop screen. So if you want to ensure you stay in the flow while working, the laptop screen extender is a great way to achieve that.

Figure: How A Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

Collaboration is easier to achieve

Instead of trying to describe what you are looking at on your screen, the extender allows you to ‘show’ it to your other teammates. Remember when we said that the screen was flexible and adjustable? Now, you can have seamless collaboration and team meetings without too much time wasted on explanation. All you have to do is duplicate your screen, and they’ll see what you see.

Figure: Triple Monitor Laptop Setup

On top of it all, This is portable.

Finally, you should know that despite all the great qualities, carrying the laptop extender is effortless. You’re in for a treat if it is anything like the Mobile Pixels monitor, which is 20% thinner & 1 pound lighter than most products.

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