Troll dolls Collections That You Can Get This Year

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If you are thinking of hobbies to start this year, you may want to consider building a collection. You should choose items that are available in large quantities like troll dolls. At the same time, you may want to choose products that have a size that fits your home. You would not want to collect things that you do not have enough space for. Here are some collection ideas that you may want to start this year. 

Fig: Troll dolls Collections

Collections To Start This Year


Trolls have been selling like hotcakes since the 1960s. If you have been a kid in this era or the succeeding ones, you are sure to have encountered troll dolls at least once in your lifetime. These are the cute combed-up dolls that look like the trolls of Scandinavia. 

You can find lots of troll dolls in the market- from pencil toppers and cup holders to bottle openers and season-themed colorful trolls. Start collecting these toy figures until you have collected them all. You may also look into the vintage troll dolls that may cost a lot for collectors. 

Classic cars 

If you have a lot of money but do not know where to spend all of them, you may want to start collecting classic cars. These fine vintage vehicles are priced as high as hundreds or even thousands of dollars at their premium status. 

When collecting cars, you should consider the highest return on investment when it comes to the brand. There are some high-value cars that sell quickly in the market. Since a collection can also be a source of income, you may want to pick a car brand that will also be available for reselling just in case you choose another model for your collection.


Another hobby that you can start is coin collecting. There are many ways to begin this. You can choose local coins first. You can then move to coins that are no longer being manufactured. These coins can go as high as hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

You have a variety of coins from the US, Canada, Roman Republic, South Africa, China, and Russia. These are some of the countries where the most expensive coins come from. When storing coins, you should choose a stable and dry location. You also need to put them in a safe storage container like plastic flips, cardboard flips, or other coin holders. 


If you are a fan of a sport, a movie franchise, an actor, or a singer, you may want to collect memorabilia from your chosen genre. Fans of athletes would choose to collect shoes, jerseys, caps, and even personal items.


Sports collectors would prefer items that have been a significant part of a championship or retirement event. 


Fans of actors or singers would collect signed copies of a poster, tape, vinyl, or anything related to the personality. Particular wardrobe in a movie or performance will also be valuable to those who are building a collection around these people. 

It is exciting to begin collecting items this year. You want the thrill of finding a new one that you can add to your collection. If you have chosen troll dolls as the products to collect, you can be sure that you will not run out of items to gather in the market. For those who are seeking collections of rare items, you may find yourself going through lots of forums and online sites to get the original versions in your collection. Either way, just make sure that you are enjoying the whole experience when you collect items. 

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