9 Men’s Fashion Accessories for 2022

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What’s considered stylish in the fashion world is constantly changing, including men’s fashion accessories. Some men’s fashion accessories are classic enough to stand the test of time, like wearing gold chains and luxury watches. Other accessories like hats and sunglasses have evolving styles and fluctuate in popularity. Learn which accessories have been rocking the latest runway shows so you can stay on trend for all of 2022.

Men’s Fashion Accessories for 2022
Men’s Fashion Accessories for 2022

9 Men’s Fashion Accessories

1. Bandanas

Bandanas - popular Men’s Fashion Accessories
Bandanas became popular Men’s Fashion Accessories

Bandanas became more popular at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when people used them as face coverings. Their popularity didn’t fade as the pandemic wore on, and now men are incorporating bandanas into their outfits in several ways.

Men are tying them around the top of their heads as a simple hair covering and using them in place of do-rags. Bandanas are also worn around the neck, tied in the front or back for your preferred style choice. Their vast design options, low cost, and versatile wear make bandanas a great accessory to own.

2. Gold Chains

Gold chain necklaces are an essential part of hip-hop jewelry and street-style fashion. You can always find a style that’s on point with the fashion trends of the time. 

For 2022 you’ll want to look for interesting, chunkier styles, like rope chains or Cuban link chains. These thicker chains have intricate designs for an upgrade from your run-of-the-mill look. You’ll find a variety of gold colors and designs available so you can attract as much attention as you want while wearing them.

3. Jewelry with Pearls

Jewelry trends go beyond chain necklaces. Pearls are making a massive splash into the world of men’s jewelry. Men around the globe, including celebrities like A$AP Rocky, are wearing pearl necklaces and bracelets. 

This new fashion aesthetics take on men’s jewelry brings sophistication to any outfit and is a great look to pair with a suit. These pieces aren’t your grandmother’s dainty pearl necklaces. You can find bigger pearls or more robust designs in pearl jewelry for men.

4. Totes and Bigger Bags

Larger tote bags and reusable cloth bags are becoming a must-have for urban-dwelling men; just don’t call them a man-purse. Instead of boring backpacks or smaller waist bags, oversized totes and bags are an easy and fashionable way to bring everything you need while you’re out and about. 

Rugged and durable fabrics like leather and thick canvas are great for the office or a trip to the park. Choose a more fashion-forward design in bright colors or loud patterns to bring a pop to any outfit. 

5. Statement Socks

Drab socks have no place in your dresser or ensemble. You don’t have to wear dress socks with a suit to look professional anymore. Men have been ditching their boring all-black, navy, tan, and white socks for colorful socks with fun designs over the past couple of years. Statement socks let you express your personality and are a fun way to experiment with style and design. 

Statement Socks
Figure: Statement Socks

You can pair your statement socks with any outfit or shoes, from casual to dressy. Add a little fun to your mundane office job by wearing statement socks with your suit or dress shoes. Statement socks bring a pop of color to any outfit and even make a casual t-shirt and jeans more sophisticated. You can stay on the safer side with classic stripes or live it up a little with brightly colored tie-dye or jewel-toned socks.

6. Bucket Hats

You might have seen bucket hats on more heads in the past year. They’re quickly becoming the must-have hat style for 2022. These hats have a flat top, a downward sloping brim and were initially worn by fishermen and farmers in the early 20th century

Stay away from the fisherman comparisons by sporting a hat made from corduroy or crochet fabrics. These fabrics keep you warm during the colder months and are part of the cozy fashion trends that have been all the rage lately. 

You can don this hat any time of year, and their flexible design makes wearing them comfortable. Bucket hats look great when paired with casual clothes such as sweats and athleisure but look just as good when you’re dressed up. 

7. Retro Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important and practical accessory, so why not wear a pair that’s also in fashion? Retro styles are making a comeback, and anything from the 1970s is a great way to show you’re in the know. 

Look for sunglasses with more oversized frames and lenses. Frames with interesting shapes and rougher lines are especially popular. Find a pair with great ‘70s colors like greens, golds, or browns to capture the decade’s spirit. 

8. Rings with Bling

Rings are a popular fashion accessory for everyone right now. While kids are into plastic rings, most men are interested in something more refined. Rings made from precious metals that come with plenty of bling are the latest trend in men’s accessories. These aren’t your simple gold bands.

Styles like men’s gold pinky rings feature asymmetric designs and are highlighted with diamonds so your hand sparkles. Wearing more luxurious rings on your pinkies and other fingers is a big trend to watch for in 2022.

9. Western Style Belts

You can add a little bling to your waist with a western style belt, also called cowboy belts, for their rugged design and detailing. These belts are made from thicker leather materials, so they’re sturdy enough to last.

Western Style Belts
Western Style Belts

Their belt buckles are extra large and feature fun designs to catch people’s attention. Western-style belts are great for the guy that wants to show off his physique or add a bit of bling to their everyday outfit.

Stay on Trend for Men’s Accessories 2022

Start preparing for next year’s biggest fashion trends now. Find a vintage pair of sunglasses in your favorite shop to pair with a bucket hat for a chill vibe that’s perfect for a day downtown with friends. Add a colorful bandana or a gold rope chain to any outfit for a pop of flair so you can walk into the new year with confidence.

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