About: Textile Details is an Informative website created by Md Mahedi Hasan in January of 2021. It’s getting amazing popularity from Textile audiences. Recently Textile Details has launched its own best textile apps on the google play store for android users.

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Md Mahedi Hasan
Md Mahedi Hasan

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This is Mahedi Hasan, a Textile Engineer, as well as a textile content writer on various platforms for the last 3+ years. From Apparel Engineering Department. Studied in B.Sc. in Textile Engineering from Textile Engineering College, Noakhali (TECN). A Passionate Textile content writer has established this website to enhance his textile knowledge to the visitor.

3+ Years of Previous Experience of Textile Content Writing

Textile Blog

Textile Blog is the first and loveliest site where Where I wrote more than 50+ diverisfied textile articles on different segment. You can find all of them via the followings links.

Textile Update 24

Textile Update is the first textile platform I joined. It has a successful blog to get know regular update about textile industry and recent textile knowledge. Last time I was in chief of NewsDesk in TexUp24

Sunotex Nonwoven

It is the creation of multi-talented Troy Zhu. Currently, I am working with him to create an amazing series on nonwovens and handle all nonwoven content writing and technical SEO-related jobs.


kelteks is a technical textile product manufacturing company. It’s the most prominating invovtive technical textile company. Here, I write technical textile content as a ghost writer.


Eyouagro is famaous agricultural textile manufacturing company. I love to write their agricultural product review for the website as a ghost writer.

Textile Learner

In Textile Learner, I wrote some amazing content. Recently its address has been changed but the quality remains same. You got via this links.

Textile Calculations

It is all about textile mathematical calculations. I almost worked two months to do on-page SEO of the website. Today it’s the largest textile calculation website.

Textile Flowchart

Textile Flowchart is the most unique website of all kinds of textile flowcharts. I worked as a page SEO expert on Textile Flowchart. Therefore, It’s the largest textile flowchart on the webs.

Textile Apex

Textile Apex is one of the best resourceful textile websites for textile learners and textile professionals. I have few unique and resourceful textile-related content in the textile apex.

Ximena valero

Ximena Valero is a famous international fashion designer from Mexico, who created the concept of Transformable Fashion. Currently, I am working on it.

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This textile details blog is about Textile, apparel, lifestyle, and fashion-related unexplored information. All the textile professionals students, teachers can explore this site to enhance their textile knowledge.

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Textile Details is an Ultimate Resource Hub of the textile-related blog. It’s a combination of all kinds of textile, and fashion blogs helpful to everyone.


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