Textile Details is an Informative textile website created by Md Mahedi Hasan in 26 January 2021. Let’s know who is behind the website:

About Cheif Editor

Md Mahedi Hasan
Md Mahedi Hasan

About the Owner

I am Mahedi Hasan, a textile engineer and fashion content writer on various platforms from the Apparel Engineering Department for the last 4+ years. I studied for a B.Sc. in textile engineering from Textile Engineering College, Noakhali (TECN).

I am a passionate textile content writer who has established this website to enhance his textile knowledge for visitors. I am a Level 02 Content Writer at Fiverr and was a Top Rated Freelancer at Upwork.

Moreover, I have Extensive 7+ years of real-life experience in the wholesale clothing and dropshipping business in the US-based market especially in Shopify.

Social Profile of Textile Details

Facebook: Textile Details has 7.2K followers on facebook. It has a seriously grown audience on Facebook.

Youtube: Textile Details has a small YouTube channel where we post textile-related videos.

Linkedin: On LinkedIn company page Textile Details has 10,605 followers who are passionate about textile learning.

Previous Experiences

Project Experience

Project NameRoleTimeline
Sustainable alternative of Stone WashDenim ResearcherOctober 2023 to July 2024
Textile Talent Hunt 8.0Selected as Top 100 IM’s 20th October 2023 – Present
FiverrLevel 02 SellerMay 19, 2021 – Present  
UpworkTop Rated Content WriterJun 19, 2021 – Present
EzoicLevel 02 Publisher15 Jan 2023 – Present
Textile SuppliersTextile Seo ConsultantMarch 2021
Textile BlogFreelance Textile Content WriterJun 2019 – Apr 2021
Ximena Valero CorporationFashion Seo ServiceSep 6, 2021 – Present
Salud StyleYarn Content WriterJul 12, 2022 To Present
Create Fashion BrandFashion Content WriterFeb 17, 2022 To Present
Textile LearnerOff Page SEO SpecialistMarch 2021
Textile Update 24Chief Of News Desk2020 – Jan 2022 · 2 Yrs 1 Month
TechmintBangla Content WriterJan 2022 – Mar 2022
Tex-Source Enterprise LtdWebsite DesignJul 2022 – Aug 2022  
Textile ApexTechnical Textile Content Writer2022- Present
OrdnurTextile Content Writing 2022 – Present
Textile CalculationsWebsite Seo EditorFeb 2021 – Mar 2021
Textile FlowchartSearch Engine Optimization SpecialistDec 2020 – Jan  
Sunotex NonwovenNonwoven Content WriterApr 2021 – Jun  
BunonCampus Ambassador2019- 2020
Project Experience Brief

Textile Talent Hunt

Md Mahedi Hasan secured 4th position in the Chittagong zone in Textile Talent Hunt Season 8.0. He was Selected as one of the Top 100 IM’s Innovation Masterminds. Currently doing a sustainable denim washing project in Dhaka Dyeing and Washing LTD (A sister concern of HEMS Group).

Sustainable denim washing project in Hems Group

Thanks to Textile Today especially Sanjoy Saha Sir, Rahbar Hossain Akash, and Foysal Sir for collaborating on this incredible opportunity for us. Grateful to Dhaka Garments and Washing Ltd. for their warm hospitality.



Level 02 Seller: Textile Content Writing + SEO

  1. Textile Content Writer
  2. Fashion SEO Expert
  3. Textile Website Consultant

Timeline: May 19, 2021 – Present

Total Order: 110 Order Complete

Review: 60 (5*)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fiverr Certified Skill Test:

Skill Set: Content writing, WordPress, English Language, SEO, Web content, SEO content writing, Textile engineering, Website content writing, Technical writing, Writing, Blog writing, Article rewriting, Listicle article writing, Technical content, and so on.

Fiverr Test Certifications
Fiverr Test Certifications
  • Fiverr English Test [ 9.5/10 TOP 10% ]
  • WordPress 5.1 [ 8/10 TOP 20%]
  • Content writing [8.2/10 TOP 10%]
  • English Language [10/10 TOP 10%]



Badge: Top Rated Content Writer
Title: Fashion Content Writer – SEO Expert – WordPress Designer
Timeline: Jun 19, 2021 – Present

Success Score:

  • Job Success Score: 100%
  • Upwork Verified Testimonial: 5
  • Total Completed Jobs: 20 Individual Job
  • Total Hours: 157 hours.

Specializes in:

Skills & Expertise: Blog Writing, Article Writing, News Writing, Article and Blog Writing Topics, Business Writing, Education, Lifestyle, Written Languages, English, Article and Blog Writing Deliverables, Article Blog Content, and so on

  1. Article & Blog Writing,
  2. Technical Writing,



Badge: Level 02 Publisher
Timeline: 15 Jan 2023 – Present

Specializes in:

  1. Digital Publishing
  2. Blogging
  3. Web Content Writing


  • Ezoic Ads insertion
  • Leap website speed optimization
  • Flickfy Video editing
  • Humix NicheIQ research

Textile Suppliers

Role: Textile SEO Consultant

Website: https://texsuppliers.com


  • March 2021 – Content Writing Specialist
  • Mar 2022 – Part Time SEO Consultant
  • Jan 2023 – Textile Suppliers Strategy Planner

Office Address: House#11 Road-5, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh

Ximena Valero

Role: Fashion SEO Consultant

  • Jun 19, 2021: Fashion Content Writing Consultant
  • Sep 6, 2021 to Present: Fashion SEO Consultant

Ximena Valero is a famous international fashion designer from Mexico, who created the concept of Transformable Fashion. Currently, I am working on it.

Helping to create the Valero brand across the USA since 2021.

  1. Brand Building
  2. SEO Consulting
  3. Drop shipping


  • Fashion Branding & Identity
  • Fashion Writing
  • Drops shipping site Shopify SEO Audits Shopify
  • SEO Optimization
  • Brand Awareness

As working with Ximena, I have pretty experience in boutique, drop shipping, and wholesale clothing in the USA.

Salud Style

Salud Style (https://www.saludstyle.com/) is a yarn manufacturer based in China.

Role: Yarn Content Writer

Timeline: Jul 12, 2022, to Present


  • SEO Friendly Textile Content Wring
  • Blog writing about Yarn and Fiber Specially
  • SEO Backlink Building
  • Getting Testimony from Client

Create Fashion Brand

CFB widely popular Portugal-based manufacturer brand.

Role: Content and SEO consultant

  • Fashion Content Writing
  • Fashion Link Building
  • SEO position Recovery

Timeline: Feb 17, 2022 – Present

Textile Blog

Textile Blog is the first and loveliest site where I wrote more than 50+ diversified textile articles on different segments. You can find all of them via the following links.

Role: Freelance Textile Blog Write

SEO Friendly Textile Content Writing

Timeline: Jun 2019 – Apr 2021

Textile Learner

In Textile Learner, I wrote some fantastic content. Recently its address has been changed but the quality remains the same. You got it via this link.


Role: Off Page SEO Link Building

Timeline: March 2021

Textile Update 24

Role: Chief of News Desk

Timeline: 2020 – Jan 2022 (2 years 1 month)


Role: Bangla Content Writer

Timeline: Jan 2022 – Mar 2022


Role: Website Design Consultancy

I was a part of Tex-source Textile Chemical Suppliers Business Strategy Planning


  • Content Marketing
  • SEO and Branding
  • Website Design

Timeline: Jul 2022 – Aug 2022 [Contract Job]

Textile Apex

Textile Apex is one of the best resourceful textile websites for textile learners and textile professionals. I have few unique and resourceful textile-related content in the textile apex.

Role: Technical Textile Content Writing & SEO link Building
Timeline: Major Contribution at 2022


In ordnur, I used do Textile Content Writing Guest Post Link Building,overall SEO Strategy planning

Role: SEO Consultant
Timeline: 2022- Present

Textile Calculations

After sucess of Textile Calculation, Mr. Mazharul Islam Kiron assigned me another similar job. To do seo of newly migrated wordpress site. I do onpage seo and image, broken link, and other seo thing on Textile Calculations. It is all about textile mathematical calculations. I worked for almost two months doing on-page SEO of the website. Today it’s the largest textile calculation website.

Job Type: Contract
Role: Website SEO Editor, Edit Content, Fix SEO Issues
Timeline: Feb 2021 – Mar 2021 · (2 Month Approx)

Textile Flowchart

All on a sudden the the owner of TextileLearner.net Mazharul Islam kiron call me to do On Page SEO from newly migrate site from Blogger. As new wordpress site, I do basic content edit, fix the issue issue and get back ranked on search engine.

Textile Flowchart is the most unique website of all kinds of textile flowcharts. I worked as a page SEO expert on Textile Flowchart. Therefore, It’s the largest textile flowchart on the webs.

Task: On Page SEO Optimization, Image SEO Optimzation
Timeline: Dec 2020 – Jan 2021 (2 month)

Sunotex Nonwoven

In sunotex, I was hired by Troy Zhu from Fiverr. He is associated with Guanghong Nonwovens Co., Ltd. I was responsible there to write nonwoven related content and do on page SEO for his site.

It is the creation of the multi-talented Troy Zhu. I am working with him to create an amazing series on nonwovens and handle all nonwoven content writing and technical SEO-related jobs.

Role: Nonwoven Content Writing
Timeline: Apr 2021 – Jun 2021 (3 months)

Textile Update 24

Textile Update is the first textile platform I joined. It has a successful blog to get know regular updates about textile industry and recent textile knowledge. Last time I was in chief of NewsDesk in TexUp24


kelteks is a technical textile product manufacturing company. It’s the most promising innovative technical textile company. Here, I write technical textile content as a ghostwriter.


Eyouagro is a famous agricultural textile manufacturing company. As a ghostwriter, I love writing agricultural product reviews for the website.

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