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If you are looking for hassle-free Wholesale Clothing USA, you may consider my article to gain more information on wholesale clothing with no minimum number of orders. Many wholesalers ask for a minimum placement of orders. That might not seem suitable for the mane. Considering the matter, I brought you the best 9 clothing in the USA wholesale market to shop as much as you want without any ordering limit.

In this context, I use my real-life experience and categorized the wholesale clothing USA businesses according to these 8 key factors:

  1. Clothing Quality.
  2. Range of styles.
  3. Clothing Prices.
  4. Shipping Costs.
  5. Minimum quantities.
  6. Delivery time.
  7. Customer Service Facilities.
  8. Customer satisfaction.

Best Wholesale Clothing Distributors in USA Lists

Searching for wholesale clothing distributors with no minimum order? Then you are absolutely in the fortune’s favor this time. There are a good number of distributors of wholesale clothes in the USA who do not require a minimum or order. I came up with a list of reputed wholesale clothing websites with no minimum order in the following section:

CompanyKey Features
1. A3 Design– Focus on trendy and fashionable clothing.
2. Shewin– Offers a diverse range of women’s clothing.
3. Vanilla Monkey– Specializes in casual and comfortable apparel.
4. Sugarlips– Known for contemporary and stylish clothing items.
5. Paper Doll Wholesale– Wide selection of trendy and affordable fashion.
6. LUSH Clothing– Emphasizes on trendy, high-quality women’s wear.
7. Stylish Wholesale– Offers a variety of chic and trendy clothing options.
8. New Yorkers Apparel– Focus on urban and streetwear-inspired fashion.
9. Tyche– Known for fashionable and contemporary wholesale clothing.
Wholesale clothing suppliers in USA Key Features

1. A3 Design

A3 Design is one of the wholesale clothing destinations where you can get free shipping costs on orders over $500 within the USA. You can get their best sellers, including tops, bottoms, rompers, bodysuits, and many other clothing at a cheaper rate, in a wide range of colors, even in plus sizes.


A3 Design Wholesale Website
A3 Whole website
Clothing Quality Top quality fashion apparel
Range of styles Top-quality fashion apparel
Clothing PricesFREE SHIPPING On Order worth $500  
Shipping CostsSexy, Chic, and Hot Night Wear choices clothing range from Casual, Cute, Luxury, Modern, Basic, and Urban.
Minimum quantities Varied
Delivery time3 business days: standard shipping.
2 business days: Express shipping.
1 business day for overnight shipping.
Customer Service FacilitiesWebsite Support Center
Rating Factors

2. Shewin

Shewin is the perfect choice for those looking to stock their boutique or online store with high quality. On-trending clothing for women, shoes, and plus-size clothing at unbeatable wholesale prices. With only $39 and almost wholesale clothing no minimum order. It’s very easy to start with Shewin, even if you’re just starting. Their main styles are casual and country, perfect for comfortable and fashionable clothing.

Shewin Website
Shewin Website
Clothing QualityNot restricted to order quantity
Range of stylesWide ranges
Clothing Prices$5 to Unlimited
Shipping CostsDepends on weight and medium (UPS Express, DHL, EMS)
Minimum quantitiesNot restricted to order quantity
Delivery time10-20 business days
Customer Service FacilitiesHelp Center: Monday – Friday (GTM+8 Timezone)
Address: 1576, Chengbian, Yucheng Village, Zhangban Town.
Rating Factors

3. Vanilla Monkey

Vanilla Monkey specializes in fashion design. They also offer free shipping up to $500 on the basic, plus size, and Jeans related outfits.

Vanilla Monkey Website
Vanilla Monkey Website
Clothing Quality Top quality fashion apparel
Clothing RangeWide Ranges of Style
Clothing PricesVaried
Shipping CostsVaried
Minimum quantitiesNo Minimum Quantity.
Delivery timeOrders placed before 12 PM (PST) shipped on the SAME DAY  
Customer Service FacilitiesHelp Center: Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

Address: 1100 Crocker St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Rating Factors

4. Sugarlips

Sugarlips, one of the USA clothing vendors with no minimum order, offers a wide range. They aim to provide customers with the absolute best possible prices at a wholesale rate.

Sugarlips wholesale
Sugarlips wholesale
Clothing Quality High-quality, contemporary-style pieces
Range of stylesWide variety of clothing items
 Varied Varried
Shipping CostsDepends
Minimum quantitiesNo Minimum Quantity
Delivery timeStandard delivery: 4-8 business days.
Standard delivery to APO/FPO addresses: within 18 business days.
Customer Service FacilitiesSugarlips Showroom: (213) 259-1411
1100 S. San Pedro Street Unit B-8 Los Angeles, CA 90015
Rating Factors

5. Paper Doll Wholesale

Another reputable clothing vendor in the USA is Paperdoll Wholesale. Whether casual tops or sunglasses, Paper Doll Wholesale comes up with a few clothing categories.

Clothing QualityQuality over quantity
Clothing RangeClothing to handbags
Clothing Prices Depends
Shipping Costs$0 to $12.95: $3.50.
$12.96 to $25: $4.95
$25.01 to $40: $5.95.
$40.01 to $65: $6.95.
Over $65: FREE!
Minimum quantitiesNo Minimum quantity
Delivery time1-3 Working Dayes
Customer Service FacilitiesHelp Center: Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5 pm
Email: cs.paperdoll@gmail.com ( Response Time: 8-12 hrs )
Rating Factors
Paperdoll Wholesale
Paperdoll Wholesale

6. LUSH Clothing

If you are looking for a trendy, fashionable wardrobe for any event, you can get them on LUSH clothing at a wholesale price. They offer special discounts at physical shops in 726W, 12th St, Los Angeles, California, and the United States. Besides, LUSH online clothing has diversified designers who make contemporary clothes effortlessly according to the customers’ needs.

Clothing Quality Great Known for quality items
Clothing RangeIt depends on the sealed and weighed product
Clothing PricesNo Minimum Quantity
Shipping Costs Varied
No Minimum QuantityNo Minimum quantity
Delivery time1-3 Business Days
Customer Service FacilitiesNo Minimum Quantity
Rating Factors

7. Stylish wholesale

Stylish wholesale
Stylish wholesale

Clothing or accessories, whatever you are looking for, stylish wholesale can suggest your clothing for any event or occasion. With no minimum order of requirements, they are ready to serve you with their different range of new arrivals.

Clothing QualityBest of quality in wholesale fashion clothing
Range of styles Wide Range
Clothing PricesNo Minimum Quantity
Shipping CostsFree shipping on all orders over $300
Minimum quantitiesNo Minimum quantity
Delivery timeGround shipping: 5 to 8 day
Customer Service FacilitiesHelp Center: Mon-Fri: 9 am- 5pm PT
Rating Factors

8. New Yorkers Apparel

New Yorkers Apparel is the best wholesale clothing vendor in the US for day dresses, tops, leggings, and evening wear. They provide low prices for products with announcements frequently given on sale items.

New Yorkers Apparel Website
New Yorkers Apparel Website
Clothing QualityNo Minimum Quantity
Clothing RangeOffer versatile clothing for children and women.
Clothing Prices Varied
Shipping CostsBased on the size
No Minimum QuantityOrders before 1:00 PM Pacific Time will be shipped that same day shipped via FedEx:
a. Ground, 3-Day
b. Express, 2nd Day
c. Air, Overnight
Delivery timeOrders before 1:00 PM Pacific Time will be shipped that same day shipped via FedEx:
a. Ground, 3-Day
b. Express, 2nd Day
c. Air, Overnight
Customer Service FacilitiesAddress: 1311 Santee St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA
Rating Factors

9. Tyche

For getting contemporary clothing with no minimum order in the area of Los Angeles, you can find Tyche as an ideal one. Here, you find women’s clothing at a very affordable price, available for wholesale retailer relationships, boutiques, and department stores too!

Clothing Quality All super great quality and extremely accurate
Clothing RangeStrong solids to exclusive prints.
Clothing PricesNo Minimum Quantity
Shipping CostsFREE SHIPPING On Order worth of $500  
Minimum quantitiesNo Minimum quantity
Delivery timeLocal Cargo Delivery within 7 days
Customer Service FacilitiesHelp Center: techsupport@fashiongo.net
Rating Factors

N.B: All ratings and reviews have been verified by my personal experience with these brands, the third party, and backend research.

Wholesale Clothing USA No Minimum Order! Is it Possible?

Although no minimum order quantity depends on the cost of the production of distributors, looking for them is also long delayed. You might find cheap wholesale clothing in the USA with no minimum order in an online or physical shop. In some ways, no minimum order provides an effective way to help wholesalers manage their inventory per the customers’ demands.

Wholesale Clothing USA No Minimum Order!
Wholesale Clothing USA No Minimum Order!

Without any minimum order, there are more benefits than costs for distributors. Distributors can save capital investment on stocking and purchasing in bulk amounts. In this way, the ‘no shipping fee’ idea can be pursued since there is no merchandise cost of goods.

Read More: Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Boutiques

No matter how experienced or new you are in starting your own boutique with Wholesale USA, you may get puzzled while getting benefits. There are several clothing vendors for businesses like boutiques, but it is difficult to find a suitable one. Among the US-based clothing vendors, we have figured out a couple who provide a wide range of outfits for any occasion. Most of those vendors come up with wholesale jewelry, vintage clothing, candles, bags, shoes, dresses, and any apparel for both men and women.

Wholesale No Minimum Order Free Shipping

Nowadays, the cheapest wholesalers in the USA provide requirements as no minimum order quantity with free shipping out of the world. We have talked about Parisian wholesale, which provides free shipping with an order price over $50, which is reasonable for customers. Sometimes, free shipping times depend on the negotiation between the distributors and customers based on product manufacturing quality and costs.

Some wholesale distributors in the USA with no minimum order offer extended services within 30 days of delivery. Free shipping varies from the wholesale marketplaces to another clothes wholesale marketplace with an order limit of $50 or $100 in countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and all other European countries. Depends on:

  1. Order Size
  2. Order Value
  3. Destination
  4. Weight
  5. Delivery Time
  6. Method of Delivery, and so on

Final Thought

Wholesale clothing USA with no minimum order provides you with the best shopping experience in the USA for both men and women. Most bulk clothing stores (Online and physical) offer free shipping nationwide and abroad. Our lists are based on reviews and personal experience. Therefore, these are the best USA wholesale clothing to help you find the suitable one for your boutique venture or any other business license in the USA.

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