Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Distributors in California

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Everyone wants to purchase clothing or any other items at the wholesale price because it is more affordable and lets you purchase much larger quantities. However, only some wholesale clothing vendors in California will let you purchase items at a discounted rate.

Not only that, you have to be sure about the clothing vendor, if they are selling you a good quality product, and if they are trustworthy. That is why you should know about the top 10 wholesale clothing vendors in California who are trusted and suitable for people that want to buy stuff at a cheaper rate.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors in California

Here is a list of California wholesale clothing vendors. And the description of the top wholesale clothing distributors in California.

1. LA Showroom

This online wholesale clothing marketplace sells all the latest fashion trend clothing items. All the different types of wholesale clothing CA vendors and fashion boutiques in LA Showroom marketplace come together to showcase their items.

LA Clothing Vendors Marketplace
LA Clothing Vendors Marketplace

All their items are for women, and you will find many reliable fashion manufacturers and suppliers on this site. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with some designers who have designed the items.

2. Tyche Wholesale Women’s Clothing Supplier Los Angeles

Tyche is a Los Angeles-based band and distributor that offers wholesale clothing items for women’s clothing items. Since the start of 2012, Tyche has been in the clothing business. However, they do not sell any retail items; instead, you will find them in only wholesale clothes in retailers or boutiques.

Tyche Wholesale Clothing Supplier LA
Tyche Wholesale Clothing Supplier LA

In their stores, you will find clothing products such as shorts, women’s dresses, tops, rompers, jumpsuits, plus-size clothing for women, and outerwear. They have their website and store from where you can purchase these items.

3. Stylish Wholesale Women’s Clothing

Stylish Wholesale brand is known in wholesale clothing California for distributing women’s clothing at a wholesale price. Their store is mainly located in California, and Los Angeles, and people near this area can purchase items from them. They also have various products, such as women’s tops, sets, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and outwear.

Stylish Wholesale Clothing, California
Stylish Wholesale Clothing, California

Even more exciting about this clothing brand is that they provide many plus-size options for the same products for all women’s fashion items. They have an online store where almost all the items are available, and you can purchase them directly from their website.

4. Balboa Wholesale Fashion

Balboa Wholesale Fashion is One of the oldest fashion clothing companies selling wholesale clothes items. This company was founded in January 2013, and since then, they have been in business for the fashion industry.

Balboa Wholesale Fashion LA
Balboa Wholesale Fashion

Initially, they were a Limited Liability Company under California state laws. The company’s owner has a lot of experience in the women’s fashion industry. For those reasons, they can develop some exciting products at a low rate. Their products are always trendy and suitable for women of all ages.

5. A.PEACH Wholesale Clothing

A.PEACH brand was founded in 2013. Since then, they have been a wholesale clothing company that carries all the women’s clothing items for a wholesale price. They also ship worldwide, so if you are outside the US, you must refer to their UPS website for the destinations you need your product to be delivered.

A.PEACH Wholesale Women’s Clothing
A.PEACH Wholesale Women’s Clothing

Many prominent boutiques and retailers also purchase from this brand because of its contemporary label. They claim to have many creative designers working to create feminine and unique products.

6. Lemon Tree Clothing Wholesaler

The best thing about online wholesale stores is that you can see all the products on Lemon Tree’s website and purchase the ones you want. This company has a tremendous website which shows all the products they are offering, which makes it easy for the customers to purchase from them.

Lemon Tree Women’s Clothing Wholesaler
Lemon Tree Women’s Clothing Wholesaler

They ship internationally and do not have any minimum order quantity, which lets you purchase products in bulk quantity. Not just clothing items, they also jewellery at a wholesale price.

7. SHOPIRISBASIC Wholesale Distributor

Iris Basic is a wholesale distributor of women’s clothing in Los Angeles, California, that ships its products worldwide. The everyday lifestyles of women always inspire their clothing lines. For such reasons, their products are very comfortable to wear for extended periods.

SHOPIRISBASIC California Wholesale Distributor
SHOPIRISBASIC California Wholesale Distributor

The quality is also top-notch while the price is very affordable. Moreover, SHOPIRISBASIC have been in business for over 30 years, so their experience is much more than other brands in the market. You will find many fashion trends on their website, which will be helpful for your clothing shop.

8. Vocal Apparel Wholesale Distributor

Talk about being one of the oldest wholesale distributors CA in the market, and Vocal is the first one. It is because their shop has been around since 2001, and they produce every one of their products from start to end in their factory, located in California, Los Angeles.

Vocal Apparel Wholesale Distributor
Vocal Apparel Wholesale Distributor

Their apparel is manufactured within the US so that their products’ quality can be controlled during the dyeing, cutting, printing and processing. They offer wholesale products to retailers and have an online website where you can choose the products of your preference.

9. Wholesale Fashion Couture

These days, almost all the wholesale California distributors are providing most of the trendy items because that is what women are searching for nowadays in terms of fashion. Wholesale Fashion Couture distributor is also no different; you will not be disappointed with its clothing line. However, they only ship within the US continents, and if your purchase exceeds $300, you will get free shipping. They have many items to choose from, and you can get mini bundles of clothing. Jeans, pants, midi and maxi dresses, tunics and other unique items are available.

10. Privy California Wholesale Distributor

Privy is based in California, and they manufacture and distribute women’s clothing items at a wholesale price. They ship to all over the US continents and other countries outside the US.

Privy California Wholesale Distributor
Privy California Wholesale Distributor

If you place your wholesale orders within 11 am, they will offer same-day shipping inside the USA. They have been in the business for the last 20 years, which lets them offer some of the unique items in the market. Most of their clothing items depend on the fast-moving fashion ideals that are most wanted in the fashion industry now.

Final Words about California Clothing Vendors

There are many other online or physical stores in California that offer excellent quality and unique products at a cheap price point. If you have just opened up a new clothing store and want to stock up on some trendy clothing pieces cheaply, then going through the list of california clothing wholesale distributors places will be a good idea. It is always advisable to purchase products of good quality but at a low price so that you can sell them at a bit higher and make some profit.

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