10 Best Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in 2023

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You may have entered this blog being a jewelry retailer or as a reseller and thinking about the credibility of wholesale jewelry suppliers. We have guessed you right and appreciate your concern for perfect wholesale suppliers of jewelry.

Since we are here to clear your doubts with our expert bits of advice, we want you to worry no more. Purchasing apparel is no doubt an effortless job but trust us, purchasing jewelry does not take into account your effort much. All you need is to consider a few details before purchasing wholesale jewelry from the right suppliers. This article will take you into a detailed discussion of choosing the best wholesale jewelry supplier in 2023.

Fashion Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

Fashion Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers 2023
Fashion Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers 2023

Here is our top-pick supplier’s list for wholesale jewelry. The list follows:

1. Etsy

Etsy is now ruling the online wholesale jewelry platform. It offers a wide range of jewelry that will meet your other demands. The prices are competitive. If you are lucky, you get discounts on bulk purchases too! Besides, the customer service is excellent in all terms.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba also offers jewelry at a competitive price. From fashion jewelry to jewelry with fine qualities, you may get to choose from a huge selection of jewelry items. They also offer refund a policy, which is rare in this sector.

3. Amazon

Amazon offers jewelry in bulk. It saves a lot of money and provides excellent customer service too. Return or exchange of any items will also give you to get satisfied with.

4. DHGate

DHgate is one of the leading wholesale jewelry suppliers. Although it is based in China, it provides a selection of jewelry products. Connecting with suppliers and manufacturers makes it easier for you to choose for your needs.

5. FashionTIY

FashionTIY also offers a different range of products starting from fashion jewelry to costume jewelry. It offers competitive prices and superb customer service. On this note, we can say that FashionTIY is passionate enough to help in finding their customers’ needs.


It is a USA-based wholesale supplier of fashion jewelry. Zenzii have a 30-day easy return policy with a money-back guarantee as well. Moreover, they provide quality jewelry pieces without any comprise on their service.

7.Jewelry & Accessories

This is the Bainbridge, NNY-based best selection of the jewelry platform in wholesale. More than 8000 styles of jewelry are there. Prices just start from 8 cents.

8. Esprit Creations

Different artisan jewelry is available in this shop. They are Alachua, FL, USA based.

9. Space 46 Wholesale

They are the most unique wholesale jewelry shop in the USA based. There is no minimum order for wholesale, and there is free shipping for over $200.

10. DS Wholesale

Amazing deals are there in dealing with premium clothing. It does not have to be expensive.

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Who are the Best Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers?

Before we get into our main point, ‘the top criteria to keep in mind before approaching wholesale suppliers of jewelry’, we want you to know who are the best wholesale jewelry suppliers. It does not mean you should recognize reputable jewelry suppliers only. All you need is to check whether they have experience or not in selling wholesale jewelry. Wholesale suppliers of jewelry are those vendors who are trustable to provide positive feedback with authentic products.

Consider the following things before purchasing jewelry from suppliers in wholesale forms. They are:

Considering Factor For Buying Jewerly

a. The Product Quality

The product quality must meet your demands and it will take you to find the correct suppliers.

b. Product Cost

Although product cost requires enough bargaining, you can find suppliers through the cost as well. Without sacrificing a bit of quality, if any supplier sells the jewelry at a market competitive price, take him under consideration.

c. Customer Service

Wholesale suppliers of jewelry must have too responsive. By asking questions or sharing concerns, you can figure their response out. If the suppliers are helpful, you can get the idea during the first introduction as well.

Techniques to Buy Wholesale Jewelry for Resale

This section is completely for the resellers out there. There are several factors and techniques for buying wholesale jewelry. Find a supplier who is easy to work with. Having a good reputation of them is an advantage. The most outreached techniques to buy wholesale jewelry for resale are:

i. Check out the Quality!

Getting high-quality products from suppliers is a plus point. Because your customer would be much happier with the purchase after all the products will be going into their hands in the end.

ii. Research & Research!

Take your time to research different suppliers. Read the reviews from their customers and other reseller community to check the product quality they offer.

iii. Concern about Processing orders

It is the ultimate code of conduct to follow whether the suppliers have any issues with processing orders. A good reputation and well communication will not do justice if you get your orders after months. So, finding this small in and out is important here as well.

Also, before purchasing wholesale jewelry from suppliers, there is a list of things to consider. The list is given in the following:

iv. Identifying the Supplier’s Procurement Method

Buying wholesale suppliers’ jewelry requires you to consider the procurement method. A local supplier saves your shipping cost. Similarly, compromising on the jewelry quality is not worthwhile. Know your Jewelry type and then approach!

v. Whether They are Certified?

Check out which authority has certified your selected suppliers for jewelry. Jewelers of America is one of the reliable authorities for wholesale suppliers in the USA. Certification will not keep you worried to find the quality and jewelry authenticity.

vi. Are Reviews Reliable?

This is a part of the research. Go through the reviews and comment section of their jewelry before placing the orders in bulk.

vii. Whether there is any Minimum Order Quantity?

Some suppliers may want you to order a specific minimum quantity. Whether you are a newbie or already you have an established reseller, this requirement may help you in need.

viii. What about the Stock?

Do not keep your customers waiting to get their desired jewelry from wholesale suppliers. This is one of the ethics of businesses and as a reseller, the situation directly affects your clients.

ix. Guessed out the Optimum Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is significant if you are getting your wholesale jewelry through imports. Shipping cost is directly linked with the product price your customer will be paying you. Make sure the shipping charge does not backfire on you!

x. Convenient Payment Method

Who does not want a secured payment method? Keep asking about their modes of payment. Also, ask yourself, how much do you prefer them in the jewelry section?

How is the Return Policy?

Although it falls under your research part, finding suppliers’ return policies is necessary. What will happen if you are dissatisfied with the jewelry products? You cannot even return the items. So, avoiding uncertainties is better than suffering next. Check out the jewelry size, fit, and defects.


Finding the desired wholesale jewelry from authentic suppliers is surely a blessing. Because of this era of an online platform, a trusted supplier can get you quality pieces at same the saves you time and cost. Access to the latest trends and minimal designs has become convenient to shop in wholesale form as well.

You may need wholesale jewelry for many reasons, but the convenience of shopping anytime is what you need at the end of the day. Thus we believe, our recommended jewelry suppliers will meet your needs in the path of looking for high-quality and affordable jewelry.

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