9 Best Wholesale Jewelry USA No Minimum Order

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If you are a business owner and you want to purchase jewelry without any hassle and from wholesale, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have gathered the names of all the top wholesale jewelry USA places that let you purchase jewelry with no minimum order.

Most wholesalers will ask you for a minimum placement of orders, which is unsuitable for many small business owners as they want to start things slow. Most new businesses only want to purchase a few products initially as they are unsure whether the products will sell. After they understand the situation, then they are ready to commit to a massive bulk of products.

So, in this article, you will come across the names of many wholesale jewelry stores in the USA with no minimum order.

Wholesale Jewelry USA No Minimum Order

Here are all the jewelry places you can purchase without minimum order value.

Table of Contents

1. Aabsteel.com

On aabsteel.com, you will find wholesale stainless steel jewelry of high quality. Most of their jewelry designs follow the latest trends, so purchasing from them will be a good option. Aabsteel.com has gained popularity globally because it is one of the leading wholesale jewellery distributors, and its products are always innovative.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: Aabsteel.com

Jewelry items such as stainless steel bracelets, rings, necklaces, tungsten, chains, and pendants are available. You will also find diamond items from the store that are not for wholesale, and the price will be significantly high. Other items, such as semi-precious stones and body piercing jewelry, are also available and manufactured with quality materials.

  • Address: 6851 West Sunrise Blvd. Suite #170, plantation, FL 33313

2. Ali Baba

Ali Baba is another fabulous wholesale fashion stainless steel jewelry distributor in the market that is known for having various collections. They have some exclusive designs which are unique to the company. Products include earrings, chains, the latest ring styles, body jewelry, pendants, cufflinks, jeans, watches, wallet chains, brooches, gift bags, tools, pins, bracelets, and so much more are available from the website. The shipping cost is meagre, and the customer service is good.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: Ali Baba

Moreover, the products are relatively inexpensive, suitable for new business owners.

  • Address: 525 Almanor Ave #4th, Sunnyvale, United States

3. Amazon

There is no doubt that you will not find an item on Amazon. Suppose you are searching for places to purchase various jewelry at a wholesale price with no minimum order value. In that case, Amazon is a great option.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: Amazon

There is a wide variety of jewelry items, and most jewelry is manufactured to follow the latest fashion trends. Amazon is very user-friendly, and you can check the supplier’s rating before confirming your purchase. The products usually only have a high price range if the designs are unique.

  • Address: 410 Terry Ave N, Seattle, 98109, WA.

4. SilverDepot.com

SilverDepot.com is known for providing exceptional pricing on its products and offering volume discounts for its customers. They have jewelry that is made from delicate stainless steel and also jewelry that are made using heavy-duty stainless steel. You will find that there are various sizes of necklaces to choose from. Some are delicate feminine chains, and also variations within the chunky necklaces. Fancy rubber or stainless steel bracelets are also available.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: SilverDepot.com

The store also caters to various luxury bracelets such as black stainless steel, two-tone, or clip bracelets. There is so much to choose from, and you do not have a minimum order value.

  • Address: 6520 Platt Ave, #958 West Hill, CA 91307

5. ZuobisiJewelry.com

Zuobisi Jewelry is an online jewelry shop that supplies its products from China. You can purchase its products in the USA directly from its website. They have more than 100,000 fashion stainless steel jewelry designs. Other jewelry designs including beads and accessories are also available at this store. Zuobisi Jewelry has more than ten years of experience in the fashion world, so they know which products are trending.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: ZuobisiJewelry.com

Each month, they introduce more than 300 additions to their collection which gives you a lot of choices to choose from. The prices are very low, making the products suitable for purchase in bulk quantity.

  • Address: 23, JinShaZhouLu, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.

6. Nihaojewlery

Nihaojewlery is one of the giant fashion manufacturing factories, with over 100,000 items in stock and various categories. They always strive to produce the most in-demand styles at a lower rate so that people can purchase good quality items without paying so much.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: Nihaojewlery

Nihaojewlery is known for offering no minimum order value for its wholesale purchases, benefiting new business owners. They target people that are looking for ways to start a business. Nihaojewlery is also the OEM and ODM manufacturer of some well-known jewelry brands. This brand delivers to the US in a short time.

  • Address: 1121, Yongjun Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China.

7. JC Fashion Jewelry

JC Fashion Jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer of stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium jewelry. They have been in this field for the last eight years. The company is based in Shenzhen, China, but they operate its business in the US. You will find rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, bangles, and other jewelry items from their collections. JC Fashion offers two types of prices for their customers. One price is for their wholesale products, and the other is for custom orders. For wholesale products, they have more than 5000 styles to choose from. More often than, the store will give sales to clear out old products.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: JC Fashion Jewelry
  • Address: 302, Zone 5, Shuitian New Village, Shiyan Street, Shenzhen, Mainland China.

8. eBay

eBay has been around for a long time, and people know this website for selling good products at low prices. The price is under a dollar for each stainless steel essential jewelry item. The price can go somewhere under three dollars for items with more intricate designs. This makes it easy for people to choose products that are within their budget range and works best for their aesthetic.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: eBay

Since most of the products come from China, you have to be careful about picking the best quality ones as these items have some hits or misses.

  • Address: 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California 95125

9. Wish

You must sign in using your social media accounts or email to use Wish. This makes you register to the platform, which will help you get the needed products. The products are a bit pricy compared to the China-based platforms. Still, you will receive a discount if you purchase the items in bulk quantity.

wholesale jewelry
Fig: Wish

Moreover, Wish has a lot of options to choose from, so you can purchase various items wholesale. They also do not require a minimum order value which is helpful for many new business owners.

  • Address: One Sansome Street, 33rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.

What is No Minimum Order For Wholesale Jewelry Distributors?

The wholesale jewelry distributors in the USA offer specific products to their customers at a low price point if they purchase them in bulk quality. However, some distributors do not ask for any minimum purchase value, which is helpful for the customers as they get the chance to purchase products in the quantity which is beneficial for them.
In some cases, the new business owners only want to spend a little money on items because they are unsure how the business will respond, so they purchase a low quantity of products. Those owners can purchase products from these distributors as they are very convenient. You will also get the chance to purchase products from different companies and try out which has the best quality instead of getting items in bulk from one specific brand.

Final Words:

Finding a wholesale jewelry store in the USA with no minimum order is not a challenging option as all the stores headquartered in another country also ship to the US with a meagre shipping cost. All stores do not ask for a minimum order value as it helps them attract more new business owners. Suppose the new business owners can find a reliable source to purchase products from. In that case, they will keep returning to the store for every new collection.

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