Polypropylene or PP Non Woven Fabric

Overview Of PP Non Woven Fabric

Polypropylene or PP non woven fabric is a synthetic fabric transformed from propylene. It is an excellent fabric that is comfortable, durable, and breathable. PP non-woven fabrics are now widely used in the textile industry to provide various kinds of …

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Reflective Ground Screen: You Need to Know

Reflective Ground Screen You Need to Know

Today’s orchardists and gardeners constantly look for ways to improve their plants and produce. Reflective protective screens, netting, and other textiles have been developed during the past 25+ years to reflect light through into the lower and middle portions of …

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What is Plisse Fabric? (Introduction)

What is Plisse Fabric

What is Plisse Fabric? Plisse fabric is derived from the term “fold” in French; plissé, also known as crinkle crêpe, referred initially to cloth that had been weaved or collected into pleats. Today, it’s a thin cloth with ridges or stripes …

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