What is Waffle Fabric? Features, Uses, and FAQs Explained

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Waffle fabric, dependent on fiber content, is made through eco-conscious production methods. They have lower environmental impact and insulating properties.

Waffle fabric can be both woven and knitted.

Waffle weave is seasonally versatile to use all year round. The waffle is durable enough to withstand any limitations. Learn more about waffle fabric and its features in this article.

What is Waffle Fabric?

Waffle fabric is called a woven structure, a grid-like fabric. It has raised square patterns. These patterns provide a depth, absorbent, and insulant warmth. It has a similar structure to terry cloth. The woven structure results in making waffle weave. It is durable for frequent laundering. 

Waffle Fabric
An Image of the Fabric

Besides, the fabric has absorbent abilities, quick-drying properties, and a textured handle. Waffle fabric can be made of cotton and polyester. Sometimes, weft knitting technology contributes to the making of waffle fabric. Usually, the fabric is cotton yarn made, a cotton-polyester blend. 

Waffle design in a fabric is a weave type. This weaving pattern creates a three-dimensional grid-like structure on the textile surface. This structure or texture also resembles little squares which is prevalent throughout the waffle fabric.

Characteristics of Waffle Fabric

Here are some features given below of waffle fabric. The waffle comes in a variety of combinations. It can be suitable for diverse sewing projects depending on its construction technique. These features are general in terms of description:

  • Durable Construction: Waffle has a firm and tightly woven interlacing. It resists stretching. The fabric withstands regular laundering, wearing better than the towel terry cloth. 
Characteristics of Waffle Fabric
Features of the Fabric
  • Absorbency: Waffle comes with a woven three-dimensional structure. This structure increases the surface area. It also enables waffle fabric with better absorbency and moisture. 
  • Quick-Drying: The waffle weave has cubic volume. This weave helps to evaporate moisture rapidly. Besides, these properties keep the waffle dry against the skin.
  • Insulating: Waffle serves best in cold weather as well. It has insulating properties. The air remains trapped within the waffle quilt pattern. This pattern helps the fabric retain the body heat and support warmth in both apparel and blankets. 
  • Fabric Care: Waffle fabric requires machine wash in cold water. Besides, the fabric should be kept away from the direct sun exposure. Preventing shrinkage is one of the goals to take proper care of the fabric. It is better to handwash a uniquely colored design. 

What is Waffle Fabric used for?

Waffle fabric has the most uses in making home clothes for the Spring and Summer seasons. It also contributes to the sweatshirts, sofas, pillows, and suits.

What is Waffle Fabric used for
Uses of theFabric

Some other application areas are:

  • Bathrobes
  • Towels
  • Warm bedding
  • Children’s items
  • Furniture Coverings
  • Upholstery

Waffle is versatile in so many ways, for both utility and fashion purposes. Its absorbency adds both comfort and visual interest. The fabric suits for bathrobes, upholstery, and other broad applications of products. 


What is Waffle Knit Fabric?

The waffle knit is textured with a distinct waffle pattern. It is a cotton and cotton blend made using the method of knitting. It is a special technique that produces a grid-like pattern. Sometimes, it looks like a pattern of squares and honeycombs.

What is Waffle Weave Fabric?

Waffle weave fabric refers to the cotton-made fabric that looks like waffles. The most common name for waffle weave fabric is honeycomb fabric. This fabric has uses in robes, kitchen towels, blankets, and many more items.
Waffle weave consists of two fabrics. They are vertically warp and horizontally weft. They remain intertwined with one another. Waffle weave is less bulky compared to waffle knit fabric

What is Cotton Waffle Fabric?

Cotton waffle fabric is a woven textile. It has distinct patterns of waffle-like texture. The main material of the fabric is 100% cotton. It is soft, breathable, and absorbent. 


Overall, waffle fabric is perfect for machine wash. It does not even shrink, lint, or pile. The fabric can be difficult to deal with as it has some limitations in hairiness and easy pilling methods. Waffle is undoubtedly a popular fabric as it is easy to sew with. The reason behind having the name ‘waffle’ serves well with distinct little squares. 

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