Consider these 5 Tips While Matching Your Watch to Your Suit

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When you pick the perfect suit, it is time for the accessory to pair. Haven’t decided what type of watch to put on? So, Consider these 5 Tips While Matching Your Watch to Your Suit. You must be confused about whether to choose an analog or a Smartwatch. Another confusion can be there with the watch straps and dial design. We have decided to guide you through all these details while pairing up your design with your suit.

Image: Matching Your Watch to Your Suit
Image: A man wears a matching watch with his suit

Going Through Watch Types

Within the category of analog watches, 5 types contain the most area. They are:

  • Dress Watch: It features a sleek look with a thin black leather strap.
  • Dive Watch: It features metal bands and a medium-sized face with easy-to-read numerals.
  • Racing/Driving Watch: It features medium to large size with a large dial sporting. 
  • Pilot Watch: It tends to be medium to large with an oversized dial. 
  • Field Watch: It tends to be functional and versatile both for active duty purposes. 
Image: 5 Different Types of Watch
Image: 5 Different Types of Watch

5 Tips on Matching Your Watch to Your Suit

Here are 5 tips on matching a watch with your suit. They are:

  1. Always consider the occasion and outfit. If the event is formal, go for a minimalist and classic watch when wearing a formal suit. 
  2. Match the metals of the watch case with other metal accessories. For instance, cufflinks, and tie clips.
  3. Always keep in mind the color of the watch strap that complements the suit color and style.
  4. Shoes can be a good reference of choice in case of determining the watch type. The material and color of belts and shoes are another appropriate reference while matching your watch to your suit. 
  5. The color of the watch should complement your suit, not just match your outfit. Some of the versatile choices can be black, silver, gold, etc. 

Analog or Smart Watch?

Since it is about suit, the first thing to consider is whether the occasion is formal. If you are up for wearing a formal suit, the design of the watch has to be both sleek and neutral at the same time. The design can be unobtrusive but it is preferable to wear a dress watch instead of the smartwatch. 

Image: Analog and Smart Watch
Image: Analog and Smart Watch


One of the common questions we get is whether anyone can wear the same watch with every outfit. The simple answer is that if the watch represents versatility and a redefined look, it is up for any outfit. In the end, it is your watch that shows your personality, your choice. It can be a regular accessory, but matching a piece with your suit creates a different look. 

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