How to Wear Tights With Dresses and Boots!

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There are several ways you can wear tights this winter. You can pair them with your favourite winter coat, going for a classic plain coat and a statement pair of tights. Evening looks can work with tights, too – you’ll be warmer, and more glamorous!

Choose shimmery tights or ones embellished with crystals and studs for evening looks. If you’re looking to get chic in the office, you can choose some patterned tights with a suit dress or skirt (keep the clothes minimal to balance the tights with boots outfits).

You can opt for tights to jazz up everyday outfits you’re bored of, too – adding polka dots and patterned tights to your casual clothes or some floral prints and lace tights to your skirts! The options are endless. With so many choices, so we’ve put together the best styles of fashion tights. Grab your credit card – you’re going to want to get them all!

Tips on Wear Tights with Boots:

1. Lurex Tights

Lurex Tights With Dresses and Boots
Lurex Tights Dresses and Boots

Lurex tights are always popular around Christmas – they make for a great addition to partywear, being sparkly and shimmery! They make your legs stand out like no other style.

“These tights are a stand-out evening look for parties and special occasions. Super glam, chic and on-trend, you can find them in a variety of online and high street retailers!” Says Annette Hilton, a fashion expert at Lia Help and Paper Fellows.

2. Floral Prints

Floral Prints Tights With Dresses and Boots
Floral Prints Tights With Dresses and Boots

Floral tights weren’t left in the ‘70s – rather, they’re all the range in 2020! Floral and geometric prints have been spotted in the runways and catwalks lately, harking back to the funky colours and bold statements of the 1970s and 1980s. Not only are they a cute vintage style, but florals and patterns make your legs look longer, and upgrade a boring look!

3. Plaid Tights

Plaid Tights with Boots
Plaid Tights with Boots

Tartan isn’t just reserved for Scots and Burns night – plaid tights are another cute look coming back into style now, having been popular in the ‘90s (think Nirvana and Avril Lavigne). Checked and plaid tights are all over runways at the moment – but be sure wear them right. Tartan and plaid tights should be worn with plain outfits like leather, denim, or one-tone outfits.

4. Animal Prints

Animal Print Tights and Boots
Animal Print Tights and Boots

Animal prints are back in – for the first time since maybe the early 2000s! Not only leopard print tights are in now. Think zebra, cheetah, snakeskin… They’re taking over the runways in 2020.

5. Logo tights

Logo tights and Boots
Logo tights and Boots

Logos are also in – celebrities like Kylie Jenner have worn them, and COSMOPOLITAN has gone crazy for CdR logo tights lately. Think fishnets – but logoed.

Fendi and Gucci printed tights are also a thing – in black, white, or completely sheer. Pair them with skirts, midi skirts or short dresses, and a simple heel or ankle boot to allow all the focus of the look on the tights!

6. Ribbed Tights

Ribbed Tights and Boots
Ribbed Tights and Boots

Knitted or ribbed tights are a winter classic, being cosy and super trendy! Black and beige colours are being replaced with greys, browns, and navy.

“Pair up your knitted tights with skirts, dresses, jumpers and scarves for a cosy winter vibe.” Says Zainab Gilliam, a blogger at Essay Service and OXEssays Reviews.

7. Polka dots

Polka dots Tights and Boots
Polka dots Tights and Boots

Celebs like Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus have been sporting black polka dot tights lately, and we’re loving it. Sheer tights with polka dots are a top look at the moment, and can go with almost anything, from skirts and dresses to shorts!

You can find your polka dot tights at any high street retailer, like H&M, or online.

8. Coloured Tights

Coloured Tights and boots
Colored Tights and boots

Block-colored tights are also in – these tights are thick, not sheer, and a bold statement in shades of red, green and pink. You can wear them with, obviously, a less bold outfit to allow the colour of the tights to be the statement piece!

9. Eco Tights

Eco Tights and boots
Eco Tights and boots

Last but not least, consider going greener with your tight choice. Companies like Charnos, Pamela Mann, Gipsy, Wolford and Pierre Mantoux have all joined the movement of making tights from recycled yarns. Buy your tights from any of these green tight retailers and join a global movement fighting fast fashion!

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