Forgotten 90s Trends That Yet to Keep Come Back into Fashion

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It seems quite impossible to predict fashion models without ‘90s trends. Years back forgotten 90s trends are yet to come back in clothing, and accessories.

In the field of fashion, clothing, and accessories both have been under the influence of the music and film industries. Starting from denim overalls to chokers, these small details are coming back to today’s fashion. But some trends are on the way to losing their significance. For instance, Reef sandals in a flip flop form, practicality was there with supportive straps. Remember, Britney Spears’ iconic fashion clothes baggy jeans with crop tops/tank tops? Well, they were forgotten still, you see the duo’s clothing style coming back.

Figure: Trends Were Popular in the ‘90s
Figure: Trends Were Popular in the 90s

While reminiscing about the ‘90s days, it is natural to forget what popular fashion hits were then. Some of the trends are now available in today’s fashion but many of them are forgotten. The forgotten 90s trends in the fashion field have been categorized below for both men and women:

Category: Men

Double Denim

In the ‘90s, Double Denim was a popular fashion among men. The days of wearing studs, graffiti embellishment as well as rips are all gone with the trend. Double denim has another name ‘Denim on Denim’ which is similar to this fashion and is yet to come back in today’s fashion.

Figure: Double Denim fashion in 90s
Figure: Double Denim fashion in 90s

Plaid Shirts Made of Flannel

Only the ‘90s decade saw this plaid shirt being popular among youngsters. These shirts are flannel-made. That means it keeps you warm. Nowadays, it has become easier to find flannel at different shops but plaid flannel shirts, forget it, they are gone!

Figure: Plaid Shirts Made of Flannel in 90s
Figure: Plaid Shirts Made of Flannel in the 90s

Shirts Featuring Horizontal-Stripes

Will Smith was the first artist to create a street look by wearing horizontally striped shirts. They are colorful indeed to make your wardrobe more versatile.

Figure: Horizontal-Stripes shirt
Figure: Horizontal-Stripes


Michael Jackson was one of the wearers of this forgotten 90s trend. All thanks to those high-shine fabrics for being the showstopper! From sequin shirts to pants to hair accessories, they were absolute for an occasion-based dress code.

Figure: Michael Jackson Sequin Shirt
Figure: Michael Jackson Sequin Shirt

Meanwhile, Bucket Hats, made of soft plush terry cloth fabrics, are coming back in the unisex design. They were the most popular fashion 90s trends, from men to women. Now, Bucket Hats are part of daily headwear.

Category: Women

Pleather Outfits

Pleather fashion is another forgotten 90s trend that used to be both shiny as well as sleek. To showcase this material, jackets are not the only requirement to follow. Not entirely, but these pleather outfits are now getting slightly available in tops, and pants.

Figure: Women Pleather Outfits 90s
Figure: Women Pleather Outfits 90s


It is hard to believe that vests were once a ‘90s staple but now they are like other forgotten ‘90s trends. They were used to be worn over different outfits like a shirt, or any other tops.

Figure: Vests outfits 90s
Figure: Vests outfits 90s

Tie-Dye Costume

Tie-Dye is now available but now how we want it to be. They are back in today’s fashion but not as gowns or other knee-length costumes. This forgotten ‘90s trend was that time colorful, oversized, stylish, and more.

Figure: Women Tie-Dye Costume
Figure: Women’s Tie-Dye Costume

Some other forgotten ‘90s trends keep coming back for fashion purposes, for instance, crop tops, flared jeans, etc.

Accessories are not left alone in this reminiscing journey. Forgotten ‘90s trends also include accessories that we thought would come back sooner. They are:


Bandannas were cool accessories applicable for both men and women. From the 1990s to the 2000s, these Bandannas (even tops) became a forgotten ‘90s trend that better comes back into fashion.

Figure: Bandannas outfit 90s
Figure: Bandannas outfit 90s

Hoop Earrings

Hoops had been so popular in the ‘90s as a masculine fashion. Zayn makes a good style out of it by wearing it. They are kind of a forgotten trend of the ‘90s but can be seen in different forms.

Figure: Hoop Earrings 90s
Figure: Hoop Earrings

Colored Sunglasses

Chic-colored sunglasses go well with any outfit you choose. But colored tinted sunglasses are rare to see now. Back in the ‘90s fashion, they were colorful, an excellent factor for icons for whom sunnies were the must-have accessory in the bag.

Figure: Colored Sunglasses in 90s
Figure: Colored Sunglasses

Other than all these, chokers, leopard-printed attires, and accessories (headwear) are coming back into fashion, seeking to be popular again.


When thinking about ‘90s trends, it hurts to not be able to reclaim the old fashion sense. The mom jeans with plain jackets, and jelly shoes, all these had been a core part of our childhood journey, unknowingly diminishing. The mentioned forgotten 90s trends are just a tribute to revive them in mind. Also, some trends remind us that it is preferable to forget. Most of the trends are yet to come back but there is no stop in obsessing over in the bygone days.

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