1960s Mens Fashion Trends: Most Popular All Time

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The 1960s mens fashion marked the rise of pop culture or embracing self-expression. Social change with movements was a thing for communities in that decade. Let know 60’s men’s fashion trends.

Men’s fashion trends in the 1960s were mostly traditional with fusion features. Starting from shirts, and ties, to clothing sub-cultures, there had been an influence in London on American men’s fashion. 1960s Men’s fashion was all about slim-fit trousers, polo shirts, or sport coats, exactly the MODS Fashion influenced by music icons of Britain. However, American hippies were the first to introduce the recycled vintage vibe to youthful bodies in this decade. The standout cultures were bright big color color-patterned outfits with toned-down colors.

Figure: Mens Fashion Trends in the 1960s
Figure: Men’s Fashion Trends in the 1960s

The sudden introduction to diverse trends in the 1960s men’s fashion was not expected, at least after the 1950s. The social changes lost the traditional men’s outfit, in return, the bright-toned attire became reversible in fashion. The most popular 1960s men’s fashion styles have been discovered in the following section:

1. Ivy Style

The Ivy style or the Continental, which you call the fashion, consists of sportscoats with color-contrasted trousers, and vests. Starting from tennis sweaters, and athletic sweatshirts to patterned trousers and T-shirts, all these have been the continental look for casual clothing on the weekends.

Figure: Ivy Style Fashion 1960s
Figure: Ivy Style Fashion 1960s

Features were:

  • Button-down shirts pair up with crepe-soled boots.
  • A combined form of a Khaki trouser jacket

2. The Mods

The Mods, being the classy fashion of the 1960s mens fashion, consisted of slim shirts, pants as well as skinny ties that slimmed down. The Mods fashion used to represent the British band, the Beatles. The transformation was inspired by French and Italian cloth designers.

Figure: The Mods Fashion 1960s
Figure: The Mods Fashion 1960s

Features were:

  • Suit (Slim-Fitted) pair with the turtleneck dress.
  • Tailored Pants.
  • Penny Loafers pair up with plaid shirts.
  • A touch of Argyle socks.

3. Hippies, Dedicated to The Flamboyant Fashion

At the end of the 1960s, men’s fashion started to go crazy as customization was popular among the youth. Hippies of that time came to embrace the feminine long-hair, polka-dotted style of neckties, and paisley patterned shirts with floral colors.

Figure: 1960s Hippies Fashion, Dedicated to The Flamboyant Fashion
Figure: 1960s Hippies Fashion & The Flamboyant Fashion

Features were:

  • Long Maxi-style Skirts.
  • Bell-bottomed jeans, floral printed fabric-made tops, paisleys, tie-dyes.
  • Sandals are the footwear of choice.

4. Bohemian Style

The 1960s men’s fashion without mentioning the bohemian attire would be incomplete. The cool, carefree bohemians expressed their inner values and personalities through fashion. Not only their eclectic look but also their bold style in outfits check in their qualities.

Figure: Bohemian Style 1960s Mens Fashion
Figure: Bohemian Style 1960s Men Fashion

Features were:

  • Bell-bottom pants and suede jackets.
  • Patterned Shirts
  • Feminine Designs, worn by gents to build up confidence.

5. Beatnik Style

Not as prominent though, the Beatnik style made its appearance among creative-minded individuals starting from iconic musicians to writers. Wearing the look of Beatnik style is quite straightforward with a uniform combination of modern and relevant looks. A beret hat can add a touch of sixties men’s fashion if you ever try to recreate the style of Beatnik.

Figure: Beatnik Style 1960s Fashion
Figure: Beatnik Style 1960s Fashion

Features were:

  • Black and White Stripes.
  • Unofficial uniforms.
  • Striped T-shirts, long-sleeved.

1960’s Mens Fashion Footwear & Accessories

While starting with shoes, the 1960s men’s fashion covered up the Paddock boots (easy to wear with no lace), the Chelsea booths (popularized by the Beatles), and finally, the Cuban Heel (a medium-height shoe well-made to wear while getting on and getting off the horses as it provides much stability).

Figure: 1960’s Mens Fashion Footwear & Accessories
Figure: 1960’s Mens Fashion Footwear & Accessories

Apart from this footwear series, let’s get back to the accessories that are entitled to men’s fashion. Hats were a companion to the self-expression that men’s fashion included. Although hats were not popular at that time, still, they still played a dominant role in men’s fashion as fedora and trilby both of these styles bring small and narrow brims with shallow crowns.


What is High Fashion in 1960s Mens Fashion?

In the 1960s-decade, high fashion referred to iconic models from different sectors showing styles and inspirations with their clothes. Many supermodels were introduced because of their androgynous yet slimmer-fit clothes. The sudden style of clothes that addressed a thinner-fit frame body image is what the 1960s men’s fashion brought to us.

One Decade, Many Fashion Casuals

If you start listing down the 60s men’s fashion, the list will not end. The turning point of the world in the fashion arena is what the 60s had seen. That 3-piece suit, the hippie’s look to adult bell bottoms, all these have been what the fashion decade had. Men’s fashion at that time was about embracing newer things, compatible with social changes, the reformed look could be seen in their selection of clothing.

While looking back to men’s fashion of the 1960s, which style would you like to add to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section!

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