Women’s 50’s Fashion: Styles That Are All Set to Reign Till Date

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From new patterns to silhouettes, the 50s fashion focused on the feminine outlook. Not only in the dressing sense but also in footwear and accessories, women’s 50s fashion did not compromise on keeping elegance and formality. 

What was the Fashion Sense in Women’s 50’s Fashion?

While looking for outfit inspiration, many timeless fashion styles come to be re-worn. In that case, women’s 50’s fashion provides the perfect time giving the contemporary style a twist of retro.

Women's 50's Fashion
Women’s 50’s Fashion scence

The decade was full of new colors, and diverse personalities representing diverse styles. Besides, key designs were cinched waist dresses, pencil, and poodle skirts, cropped cardigans and sweaters, and many more. In that decade, a teenage sentimental culture grew up where both fashion and mature styles started to come up. 

Different Areas of Styles of Women’s 50’s Fashion

Women’s 50s Fashion reflected the blend of both conservatism and glamour. At that time, it was easier to afford new styles, grand elegance, sweeping skirts, shorts, as well as trousers.

Different Areas of Styles of Women’s 50’s Fashion
5 Different Areas of Styles of 50’s Women’s

The look of the 1950s was based on an hourglass figure covering both conservative and casual attire depending on the suburban lifestyle. Here are some of the areas of styles of Women’s 50’s fashion:

Rockabilly Fashion

Rockabilly fashion style is a combination of rock and roll elements with teenagers. The outfits of this fashion were swing dresses, fitted pencil and poodle skirts, and bullet bras. 

Pin Up Fashion

The 50s pin-up fashion trend is inspired by feminine appeal. The clothing involved pencil skirts, pants, tops, swimwear bikinis, and halter-neck dresses. 

Greaser Fashion

People who embraced greaser fashion in this decade were mostly teens and young working-class women. Look here involved as the blend of both rockabilly and pin-up styles with an edgy attitude. 

Fashion Icons

Women’s 50s fashion was heavily influenced by the outfits of unforgettable actresses. They include Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monrow all because of the stylish wardrobes.

Hair and Makeup

In terms of make-up, the 50s decade was entirely glamorous. From feminine updos to rockabilly styles, all the advanced makeup looks were a combination of creamy foundation, pastel pink, soft eyeshadow, and other mascara on the upper lashes. 

Women’s 50’s Fashion: Clothing and Style

Women’s 50’s fashion of clothing and style covered almost all the outfits with popularity. The smart dressing sense of women was well-groomed with a tailored look.

Women's 50's Fashion
Clothing and Style of Women’s 50’s Fashion


Women’s 50’s fashion or silhouette is about the hourglass. All the dresses were natural, and fit and fair. Among different styles of dresses, there were shirt and fitted pencil dresses as a favorite choice.  Most of the dresses were knee-length, featuring a playful color as well as print. Also, the trending designs were square-neck and halterneck.

Polka Dots

Polka dots became the popular 1950s fashion style. This is because there had been always a theme of solid or floral print revolved around. Polka dots took this place in that vacuum and came back with a range of colors. In the polka dot theme, fruits have been coming up in a bold color that differentiates the designs from the crowd. 

Poodle Skirts

Skirts were quite a thing in women’s 50s fashion. Since then, skirts that were midi-length had been giving a fashionable look. The ‘50s skirt is fitting quite right now as skirts have been always a perfect outfit for special occasions. Not only do they create a feminine appearance but also feature poodle applique. The decade was focused on silhouette, flared design, and pleated design in a chick and solid color. 

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts were worn high on the waist that ended up between the mid-calf area and knees. There were also called wiggle skirts as fabrics had no stretch back then and women used to walk with a wiggle while moving. They come in solid and plaid printed colors with a feature of a short, and matching jacket. 

Sweaters and Cardigans

Women’s 50s fashion will be counted insignificant if the sweater and cardigan go missing. Both sweaters and cardigans are perfect for autumn and winter to keep you feeling warm as well as chic in fashion. 

Women’s  50’s Fashion: Footwear and Accessories

While discussing women’s 50s fashion, footwear, and accessories were diverse.

Women’s 50’s Fashion: Footwear and Accessories
Footwear and Accessories of Women’s 50’s Fashion

In terms of footwear, the trends were BnW (Black and White) saddle shoes, ballet flats, peep-toe-pump, sandals, wedges, sneakers, kitten heels, and other shoes matching the feminine notion. 

Casual Shoes: White Flat Laced Up Sneakers (Wedge heel, black ballet flats, a small bow, Keds Classic Shoes, Slip penny loafers, low heel, and lace-up)

Semi-Formal Outing Shoes: Pumps, Stiletto Heels.

In terms of women’s 50’s accessories, hats with veils, gloves, handbags (vintage-themed), pearl jewelry, silk, and chiffon scarf all are available. There are several hats (pillbox hats, bucket hats, cloche hats, cartwheel hats, or garden hats). 

Color Palette

The 1950s decade was based on three color trends. They were, pastel, modern, and Scandinavian. 

Pastel: Pink, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Blue.

Modern: Yellow, blue, orange, white, black, and red. 

Scandinavian: beige, gray, white, and navy.

5 Pro Tips to Wear 50’s Fashion of Women

It does not matter exactly which fashion trend you would like to follow from the 50s.

5 Pro Tips to Wear 50’s Fashion of Women
5 effective Tips to Wear 50’s Fashion

All that matters is to wear the trends keeping the authenticity in order. For instance:

  • Area of Style: First of all, find your area of style that suits your personality.
  • Dress code: Look for the hourglass silhouette fit and flare dress-up.
  • Over the top: Throw any cardigan, sweater, belt, or accessories as the over-the-top material.
  • The Blend: Keep the ‘50s look to look modern by blending key pieces as well as styles.
  • Color: Color was indeed a central focus, centered on ‘the more the bright color dress, the better it represents.’


At the time of wrap-up, it comes in front of the memorable look of women’s 50s fashion that includes, a variety ranges of skirts, dresses, and silhouettes. Keeping the accessories simple and elegant is sometimes the only way left to embrace authentic fashion trends. 

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