How to Find Your Personal Style: Tips for Men

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Finding your personal style is a great way to feel more confident and comfortable in your clothes. Plus, it’s not hard to do once you get started. All you have to do is start paying attention to what you like and what works for your body type.

For men, finding the right style isn’t always the top priority, but it can help with all facets of life. In fact, many people change their wardrobe and get rid of clothes they don’t wear anymore so they can hone their look.

Let’s find out how to find your style men!

Personal Styling Tips for Men

How to Find Your Personal Style? Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if your outfit really flattered you? You’re not alone. To look sharper than everyone else, especially in men’s t-shirts, you really have to know your aesthetic and what makes you feel good when you wear them.

Find Your Style for Men
Find Your Style for Men

Menswear continues to be a huge market, so it’s no surprise that there are too many options. Growth in menswear is overstepping womenswear. That’s where this guide will come in handy, so you know what to choose for your new wardrobe.

Here are some ways to pick out the perfect items for your new style and enhance your look.

How to find your style male?

One of the common question among the man is how to find your clothing style male. One of the easiest ways to find your style is by checking out people who you think have great style. Maybe they wear eco-friendly t-shirts, Sierra tan suit jackets with slacks, or crew neck t-shirts with jeans.

Find Your Style Icons
Find Your Style Icons

If you think your favorite celebrities have great taste in clothes, then go with that. Look at what they wear when they’re out on the town. You can also look at icons from history. People like James Dean and Steve McQueen were known for their sense of fashion, so try dressing like your heroes if you’re not sure where to start.

Doing this ensures that you will always look good—as long as you follow these three simple rules:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of items.
  2. Look for items that can help you uniquely style yourself, such as watches or rings.
  3. It takes time to develop your own style, so keep honing what you love about your wardrobe and find items that enhance your look.

By following these 3 rules you will find your style men.

Nowadays, some men find it easier than ever to develop their style because there are so many online styling apps available. For example, Stitch Fix offers personal styling options based on questions you answer about your favorite clothing. You’ll get a complete, personalized style guide!

Give Away Anything You Don’t Wear Anymore

Purging your closet gives you a good base to start from. This is always a good step to determining what you want to wear and what’s been hanging around your closet for too long.

It’s best to throw out any item that you haven’t worn in a year. In some cases, you may want to keep your favorite items, such as a holiday sweater you really love or something sentimental. However, you can donate the rest of the clothes that you don’t want.

Wear Items That Fit and Flatter

Tailors are your friend and adjust everything from pants and jeans to shirts and jackets. Just like your suits, adjusting your clothes is important to look your best. Once everything fits you perfectly, you’ll love how it looks on your body.

When it comes to styling how you want to look, clothing that fits you well and flatters your body is essential. The right clothes can help you look older than your age, younger, or even taller. For example:

  • Short-waisted men should wear shirts that fit around the chest but have longer sleeves and tailoring in the back.these will elongate the look of their frames and help them appear taller.
  • Taller men will want to avoid wearing anything too long on their legs. Instead, opt for items like slim-fit jeans or pants with a slightly looser fit through the leg area so as not to restrict movement when walking or sitting down.
  • Men who are pear-shaped should work with their bodies by choosing darker colors at the waist level (such as black jeans) while making sure they buy pants that fit properly above the hips. The goal is not to draw attention away from their finer points.

Choose Items in the Same Color Family

Colors that are in the same color family look best together.

However, it’s not about color matching exactly. For example, if you’re wearing blue jeans and a red shirt you don’t need to match the exact shade of each item. Instead, consider how well those items contrast with one another (in this case, they both have warm tones).

To make sure your outfits don’t look too similar or clash with each other, try creating an outfit using colors from different color families. For example, try navy blue/green and brown.

Add an Accessory You Like

You don’t have to be afraid of hats and other accessories. While it might seem like a lot of fussy-seeming information, it’s actually pretty simple: Don’t overdo it.

You don’t have to wear too many accessories at once. In fact, the key is to not wear any one accessory all the time or in every outfit. Even if you can pull off wearing aviator sunglasses or a stylish watch every day, it’s not ideal for every social situation.

It’s better to rotate your look around different styles of hats and different kinds of watches so that they become part of your style. However, these accessories don’t have to define your whole wardrobe.

There’s no accessory more eye-catching than a quality, custom lapel pin. Lapel pins can be worn not only on dinner jackets, suits or tuxedos, but also on sweaters, through buttonholes in overcoats, or dressed down on a relaxed blazer. Lapel pins are versatile accessories and you know what tickles your fancy.

Custom Belt buckles
Custom Belt buckles

Custom lapel pins come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s easy to make one that matches the look of your outfit or mood! A cool belt buckle is another staple accessory in any man’s closet. You can use it to enhance an otherwise uninspired outfit or to add the perfect finishing touch to a special event. A custom belt buckle that matches your style can quickly upgrade any outfit to make a fashion statement, from workwear to casual wear.

Picking Out Shoes for Men

Shoes are important, and some would say that they are the most essential part of a man’s wardrobe. There are a few essential shoes that every stylish man should have, such as:

  • Brown Brogue
  • Suede Chukka
  • Brown Loafer
  • Minimalist Sneaker (or something more stylish if you prefer)
  • Oxford or Derby
  • Brown Leather Boot

Other honorable mentions include a stylish running shoe or workout shoe, the Monkstrap shoe, and the Chelsea boot. You don’t need all of these, but it’s good to have an assortment of dress shoes, casual shoes, and professional shoes.

Keep Proportions in Mind When Styling Yourself

Proportion is an important part of dressing well, but it can be hard to determine. You can use the golden ratio, which is 1:1.618, or any other measurement system that works for you.

Once you have your proportions down pat, apply them to clothing that fits well and looks good on your body type. This will help ensure that every piece of clothing looks good together and coordinates with all other elements, including hairstyle and beard trimming.

Not sure what your ratio is? You can determine the proportions of others around you by paying attention to their relative sizes at different distances from yourself (e.g., whether someone seems tall or short because of what they’re wearing).

If someone has a larger head than torso compared with the average person’s body shape — like celebrities often do because their faces are plastered on billboards everywhere — then their bodies might look disproportionate. This isn’t necessarily bad; just something to keep in mind when assessing what looks best based on style tips like these ones here today.

Follow These Tips to Find Your Style Male

To find your style, you have to experiment with different looks. Don’t be afraid to try on different kinds of clothes and colors that you wouldn’t normally wear. Some people get in their own way by making assumptions about themselves based on the way others react to them. You only have to live up to your own standards and what makes you happy.

If you’re having trouble getting started and you’re still not sure what kind of clothes suit you best, look at pictures of celebrities whose style you admire. As you find photos of your icons, see if there are any commonalities between the looks they wear and how they dress themselves every day.

You can use this technique when shopping for new clothes as it will help you achieve your goals. It’s best to start slowly with a few items you admire from your icon’s closet and build from there.

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