How To Find Your Body Type Female: 3 Key Takeaways

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The matter of dressing as per one’s body type or body shape is important. On how to find your body type female, 3 ways are there to identify. Check it out!

Finding Your Body Type: Only for Female

Getting an idea of your body type is surely going to help you in choosing clothes. Clothing will accent your best features as it is easy to determine clothes that suit your body type with the best features out there. Not only tape measure, but there are also other types of ways to measure your bust, hips, as well as waist. However, it is always a reminder that, regardless of your body type, each body comes in distinctive shapes and sizes as all bodies are beautiful on their own.

Figure: Finding Your Body Type

3 Key Takeaways How to Find Your Body Type Female

There are a few must-have ways to find out about your body type as a female. In the following part, 3 takeaways have been mentioned. These are:

1. Calculator Designed for The Body Type

There is a body type calculator website available here that lets you find your body shape. This calculator helps you in getting the targeted outfit ideas. It is not intended to be defined as a serious indication of maintaining ideals. This calculator considers your bust size, waist size, high hip, and hip sizes.

Figure: Finding Your Body Type

To get the idea of measuring your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip sizes, you need a person to assist you with a tape measure, pen as well as a notepad. Here are the following steps to abide by:

Measuring in inches

Try to measure all the way around with the tape starting at the front and wrapping around and meeting again back at the front.

Figure: Measuring in inches

Measuring Shoulder

Start measuring under collar bones. Then, measure the curve of your shoulder. After that, make a straight line using the tape.

Figure: Measuring Shoulder

Measuring Waist

Measuring the waist is easier. You can start measuring above the belly button and a few inches below your bra line.

Figure: Measuring Waist

Measuring Hips

Measure your hips at the widest point. Bring the tape all the way around over your bum. Now, take the measurement back to the front.

Figure: Measuring Hips

***Tips: Always pull the tap in a tight mode (not too tight) so that the measurement comes in a perfect size. You can repeat these measurements at least 3 times to get better and average numbers.

Body shape calculator with shoulders

You can find body shapes with shoulders by categorizing individuals into different body shape categories. It’s based on the width of their shoulders in relation to their hips and waist.

One common method is to calculate the “shoulder-to-hip ratio” and “waist-to-hip ratio”. These ratios to determine the body shape. Here’s how you can write the mathematical formulas for these ratios:

  1. Shoulder-to-Hip Ratio (SHR): Measure the width of the shoulders at their widest point.Measure the width of the hips at their widest point.Calculate the shoulder-to-hip ratio using the following formula:
    SHR=(Shoulder Width/Hip Width)
  2. Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR):
    • Measure the circumference of the waist at its narrowest point.

    • Measure the width of the hips at their widest point. Calculate the waist-to-hip ratio using the following formula:

    WHR=(Waist Circumference/Hip Width)​

Here is our body shape calculator with shoulders:

Body Shape Calculator

Your Shoulder-to-Hip Ratio (SHR) is:

  1. Hourglass Shape: A typical hourglass and spoon body shape is often characterized by a WHR close to 0.7 and an SHR close to 1.0.
  2. Pear Shape: A pear shape may have a higher WHR (above 0.7) and a lower SHR (below 1.0).
  3. Apple Shape: An apple shape may have a higher WHR (above 0.7) and a higher SHR (above 1.0).
  4. Rectangle Shape: A rectangle shape may have a WHR close to 0.7 and an SHR close to 1.0.

Remember to use appropriate units for measurements (e.g., inches) to ensure accurate calculations.

2. Understanding Your Body Type Out of Different Body Shapes

In the fashion industry, females do have these body shapes categorized into 4 different classes. They are:

  1. Apple or Inverted Triangle: A person usually has this body shape if he has broader shoulders and bust than broader hips.
  2. Banana, Straight, or Rectangle: A person who has waist measurements less than 9 inches smaller than the hip ones.
  3. Pear, Spoon, or Triangle: This body shape refers to a person who usually has greater hip measurements. Here, the bust size can be smaller than the hip one. There are many outfits for triangle body shape.
  4. Hourglass, X-Shape, Triangles: It refers to the person with a hip. Here, the bust measurement is equal in size. A narrower waist measurement is also important here to find out.

3. Visual & Necessary Measurement in Finding Your Body Type

Apart from measuring your bust and waist, shoulder, and hip to find out your body type using the calculator (online), you can stand in front of the mirror to find out your body type. From this visual technique, you can get an idea of whether you are curvy, round, or straight. For this, you may need to follow these procedures:

Figure: Curvy, Round, and Straight Shape
Figure: Curvy, Round, and Straight Shape

You can wear black leggings as well as a black vest.

Look at your head-to-toe shape. Here, try to figure out your shape in front of the front, sides, up, and down.

You need an assistant to help you in taking pictures of you in full length from the panel of front, side, and back.

Now, try to write down your findings in 3 sentences and try to match them with the nearest possible body type.

Recognizing Curvy, Round, and Straight

Curvy requires having a bust, a curvy round bottom with a defined waist. Usually, they are popularly well-known as hourglass and pear. On the other hand, round means you are fuller in the middle of the shape, having sloping shoulders as well as a flat bum. On the other hand, straight means, having a flat shoulder line, a straight-like appearance.

Figure: Recognizing Curvy, Round, and Straight
Figure: Curvy, Round, and Straight Shapes


Does Your Body Type Change Over Time?

As you age, your body shape changes with a bit of influence on the lifestyle choices you make in a speedy or slow process. Also, there are biological issues with tissues. Remember, the human body is a well-concerned place of fat, lean tissue, bones, as well as water. Usually, after the age of 30, people start to lose lean tissue. You cannot stop aging, but your lifestyle choices can get better by getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, limiting the use of alcohol, and avoiding products that contain tobacco.


Learning how to find your body type is not anything that you feel ashamed about. It’s an interesting part of fashion for round body shapes type. For females, finding your body type allows you to know yourself and understand exactly which style and brand suits your body. These 3 takeaways on how to find your body type for females are common out there. You all just need to get time to celebrate your body type even if you want to change it for the better.

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