Are We Aware of the Importance of Clothing?

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We cannot simply think of human civilization without clothes and dresses, can we? Apart from our hair and skin to protect our soul, there is a need for cloth when it comes to protecting our body from weather conditions. In earlier times, people used to cover their bodies with animal fur. But we have left those ages behind. Now, we have the main element of civilization in the form of fabric and textiles. Clothing that is how, refers to the coverings that are intentionally worn on the human body to provide the realization to humans the importance of clothes. Therefore, Clothing is important to maintain the expression of beauty with moderate decency as individuals.

Historical Development of Fabric and Sewing

Hunters in earlier ages used to wear animal skin as their primary clothes. But the skin does not stay warm and soft. Those furs or animal skins eventually start to be harder which becomes difficult for people to hunt. Clothes were not solely based on the animal’s skin because people also used to wear grasses and leaves to cover their body parts. Discovery News reported about the human clothing initiative about 1,70,00 years earlier. During the ice age was only possible to survive the wearing of clothing.

The fiber came after a long them in the form of convertible yarn where yarns are interlaced to form clothes. People’s profession changed from hunting to farming and that is how they got to learn about the process of spinning. The earlier fibers are cotton, flax, wool, and silk. The food that animals take gets transformed into fiber-made protein.

Purpose of Clothing

The purpose of clothing is about covering the body as the primary principle. The secondary ones are to communicate with others through your fashion and clothing sense. Apart from these, the main agenda of clothing is to give you comfort and protection in the form of boosting self-confidence and identity-building.

Even people want to form their first impression based on what they wear. Since clothing remains in the outer part of the body, most of the communication and first sight go through using clothing with others.

According to James Laver, clothing serves 3 principles where there are hierarchy, utility, and seduction. Hierarchical principle offers a dressing sense to indicate your position in society while utility offers a dressing sense to provide warmth and comfort. And the last one, seduction is the dressing sense that attracts the opposite sex.

05 Importance of Clothing

The importance of clothing cannot be just expressed in a short paragraph. Because clothing is something we wear while starting as well as ending our day. However, the main importance of clothing that you must realize sooner is given below in separate points. They are:

1. Clothing in the form of Safety

Clothing protects your skin from any injury or discomfort feeling. Clothing is a must for some specific occupations where the requirement is protective clothing. Occupations like sports or players, even industrial workers are some examples. With Safety, protection eventually comes up and identifies the day-to-day accessories.

More examples are firefighters, who require asbestos clothing. Police officers who wear bulletproof vests.

2. Clothing in the form of Decency

Decency or modesty both refer to what people feel while wearing clothes to cover their bodies. Modesty or decency has certain standards based on where people stay, and what people follow. That is why clothing and the sense of clothing trends are extremely important to realize.

3. Clothing in the form of Uniforms

A uniform is something by which we can identify someone. Uniforms work like an instant recognition media where we can simply guess someone’s taste, beliefs, and occupation. Haven’t we seen FIFA World Cup where team players wear different jerseys? Guess what, Clothing enters there and identifies a particular group apart from the other group of opponents.

4. Clothing in the form of Insignias & Preserving Status

Insignias are emblems that show us the group membership. They are also known as badges, patches, and emblems, that can be worn over other clothing. These insignias also work as someone’s status, or position and see how clothing has importance in it. Although status symbols or insignias are expensive, they provide a sense of identity for the ordinary human being.

5. Decoration

Decorating with clothing can enhance the appearance. Wearing clothes improves your look and seeks the attention you just need. Decoration or adornment expresses creativity with proper special and uniqueness to someone.


Clothing is not just a piece of covering but a reflection of one’s own culture and one’s true self with preferences. Clothing can enhance an individual’s appearance and maintain the first impression of one to someone else.

Current fashion trends are bound to follow multicultural themes and that is where a reflection of one’s cultural trends is necessary. Based on these trends, the popularity increases and so as the brand value. Believe it or not, clothing can influence your life in different ways and it can introduce you to a large group of people with no need of hassle to follow the networking rules!

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