Retrieving Back to the 70s Clothing Style Mens: The List of 10

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What is 70s Clothing Style?

The 70’s style clothing mens refers to the endless options of styles in the apparel industry to choose from that had both classic and vibrant look included.

70s Clothing Style Mens
Mens clothing style in 70s

Dressing up for the 70’s style clothing means wearing frayed jeans, bell bottom pants, trying out hippie outfits from chokers, scarves, headbands with different accessories. 

What Shirts Did They Wear in the 70s?

If you are looking for a shirt style popular in the 70s clothing, you would love to know that silk shirts were quite a famous look in that decade. This fashionable look requires a luxurious fabric, if you want to try in this era.

Shirts Did They Wear in the 70s
Shirts They Wear in the 70s

The silk shirt provides a more refined look in a polished sense that becomes a perfect clothing style for formal occasions. 

Most of the silk shirts feature an open collar system. Meanwhile, you will find button-down shirts, another trendy clothing style as well. You can wear silk shirts with tailored pants or any casual jeans. Reinterpreting this look is easier when collaborating with a satin shirt with Tom Ford silk pants. 

Tips for the day: What Should One Wear To a 70s Party

If you are worried about any 70s fashion clothes of mens for a party, this tip is for you!

Here is the list of clothing style for mens to attend the any 70s themed party:

  1. Disco

Get the afro wigs, 3 piece suits in unbuttoned style with large collars, neckties in silk or satin form, and wide bottom pants. 

  1. Androgynous Rock Fashion

Get satin shirts with silk scarves, dark jackets for the ‘rock’ vibe, and open bottom pants, you are all ready to roll in the living trend of the 70s.

  1. Peacock

This Peacock 70s fashion clothes mens give men the liberty for wearing chiffon or silk shirts with bell sleeves.

70s Clothing Style
70s Clothing Style of a party

Flamboyant pants and barrettes both provide an androgynous look that comes up with a simple dose of masculinity. 

Before trying out any look, get accustomed with the following checklist:

  1. Consider whether the fabric option is suitable or not.
  2. Does your outfit express your self expression and individuality?
  3. Whether the colour combination and design show up the 70s clothing style mens.

List of 10 Fashion Clothes Mens Styles of the 1970s

The 1970s saw a revolutionary change in the fashion clothes mens in terms of patterns, colours, and designs. Here is the list of top 20, 70s clothing style mens:

  1. Suit Vs. Dress Shirt

To differentiate between suit and dress shirt, you must acknowledge the detailing of wide lapels and collars. Wide Lapels were kind of a defining trend of the decade.

A stylish man wear a suit and shirt
A stylish man wears a suit and shirt

At the time of wearing a blazer, suit jacket, or any type of outfits related to cardigan, clothing style of mens focused on the bold color of choices.

  1. Corduroy

The most wearable trend of clothing style is corduroy. The rise of corduroy in the 70s styles can be well-traced from the rejection of flat fabrics like pedestrian in the 60s. Corduroy used to have a bold and packed visual texture.

70s Clothing Style Mens
Image of Corduroy

The generation of hippies valued this fabric the most to connect with the counter-culture connotations.

  1. Turtleneck or Roll Neck Sweaters

Wearing turtleneck sweaters was a common scenario in the 70s fashion clothes mens. This turtleneck depicts sophistication and a go-to choice to provide warmth as well as elegance.

Turtleneck or Roll Neck Sweaters
A Man Wear Turtleneck or Roll Neck Sweaters

With jeans or suave slacks, 70s mens rocked the turtleneck sweater confidently enough with a distinguished ensemble. 

  1. Hippie Style

The style of hippie is all about wearing bell bottoms, tie-dye tops, embroidered folk designs, scarves, headbands, and all.

Hippie Style
A Famous 70s Clothing Style That’s called Hippie Style

They incorporate the outfit with modern hippie-inspired designs. 

  1. The Essence of Velvet

Velvet has been the epitome of the menswear collection. The rich texture, soft touch as well as rich made velvet desirable.

The Essence of Velvet
The Essence of Velvet Trending from 70s

With velvet fabric, people used to make jackets, pants, shirts, or other pieces.

  1. Wide-Leg Trouser

The decade of the 70s saw wide leg trousers being phenomenal as a menswear. The style promoted admiration and fondness that prevailed throughout the early and late early years of the 70s.

Wide-Leg Trouser
Wide-Leg Trouser Was a Trend in 70s

From formal to casual wear, wide leg trousers cover up comfort fit as a garment. That time, men wore this wide-leg trouser with button-down shirt and blazer with a basic t-shirt. However, this staple is having a comeback in the form of denim jeans in today’s century.

  1. Flared Pants

Flared pants were quite different from the wide-leg trousers. They usually used to have a slim fit in the area of the thigh and flare out the knee area.

Flared Pants
Flared Pants is An Important Part of 70s Clothing Style

Although both flared pants and wide-leg trousers provide comfort and the ease of movement, they were certainly different to some extent.

  1. Leather Jackets

A popular outerwear apparel choice for men is nothing other than the leather jacket. This timeless price provides an edgy look that becomes perfect for any occasion.

Leather Jackets
A Stylish Man Wear a Leather Jackets

From typical tan leather jackets to bold color exaggerated collars, leather jackets make sure you have all the lapels. 

  1. Sportswear

70s clothing style mens is incomplete without mentioning the sportswear collection.

Sportswear of 70s
Sportswear is also different from now days in 70s

The major staple for sportswear were velour fabric made track pants, white pumps, and denim jackets with a modern touch. 

  1. Suede Jackets

Suede jackets are 70s fashion clothes that require a bonafide level of staple with luxurious textured fabrics.

Suede Jackets
Suede Jackets was famous in 70s

They are also well-known as bombers or collared. From denim shirts to plain t-shirts or knitwear, these suede jackets have a comeback on the medium gauge style of roll neck. 

What did Men Wear In the 70s?

To understand 70s clothing style means, it is important to pay special attention. The attention must be on the cutting style. Be it jacket, pant, or shirt, a unique nature of silhouette was then available in every sense. Among the clothes, the popular choices were, the following were the noticeable ones:
1.. Bell Bottom
2. Double-Breasted Coats
3. Silk Shirts
4. Velvet pants
All these clothing styles were popular in the bold prints and the bright colours. In the case of color, neutral tones like brown or grey were significant ones.


At the time of the 1970s, the fashion clothes of men got a transition from the 70s style to a conservative look. Outfits were getting bold and daring with a variety of different styles. Interesting textures like satin, suede, and corduroy all these items were the highlighted trends in that time. 

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