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Do you miss the ‘70s or ’80s fashion? This question may take you to those days when most people used to wear fashionable furry clothes or functional outwear. Well, how about learning something about wholesale vintage clothing suppliers these days? 

From the market analysis, it can be easily assumed that vintage clothes do not have a certain geographic location to be popular. Many countries in this world have specialized in supplying vintage clothes wholesale for years. From vintage boots, shoes, and clothes, to keeping historical trends alive, vintage clothing has been winning hearts for decades. History repeats itself in a vintage way, doesn’t it? Let’s embrace the latest fashion vintage clothing by approaching the best supplier for wholesale in our curated 15 lists given in this article. 

15 All-time Top Wholesale Vintage Clothing Suppliers 

There is no hegemony in supplying wholesale vintage clothing in this apparel industry. Countries that are capable enough try to manufacture vintage clothing from scratch based on customers’ demands and the latest trends. Have a quick review of our 15 all-time top wholesale vintage clothing suppliers are given below: 

1. Bulk. Wholesale 

Bulk Wholesale, situated in Hull, has been operating vintage clothing for many years. Here, they constantly import, grade, and create clothing to make the best vintage clothing wholesale. For your fashion store, if you are looking for a supplier who will meet your customers’ demand, Bulk Wholesale will be there. Also, Bulk Wholesale is an incomparable retro clothing supplier in Hill with a stock of wholesale designer classics with several stocks in the warehouse. 

Bulk. Wholesale Website
  • Address: 43 Strickland Street, Unit 2, Hull, HU3 4AD, UK.  

2. ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale

ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale, based in Amsterdam, is another vintage clothing supplier where you may get both clothes and accessories. They have been in this fast-fashion industry for over 25 years. Also, ReRags Vintage Clothing wholesale supplies vintage clothes, accessories, and shoes. The quality of clothing is authentic and top-notch. Clothing is available for any gender and any age.  

Besides, the stock gets hand-picked by professional staff. If you are looking for fashion styles from the 1940s up to the present, you may get them too at wholesale prices. 

ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale Website
  • Address: Nieuwe Hemweg 44, 1013 CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

3. La Vintage 

La Vintage is operated by a family, and they are undoubtedly a successful sustainable fashion brand. Their goal of providing the best wholesale vintage clothing has been truly turned right. Based in Los Angeles, they make customers realize the magic of fashion and vintage clothing of the ‘80s eras.

La Vintage Website

During the sourcing of bulk vintage clothing, they get everyone’s support from retailers, designers, and even the stylists in their need of time. To purchase wholesale vintage clothing, you can schedule a visit to their house or shop online by browsing the entire collection of high-quality clothing.  

  • Address: 13003 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061 USA.  

4. Vintage Wholesale-Clothing Uk.  

Have you heard the vintage clothing named ladies’ Chelsea boots, or J Crew Mix shirt? Well, if not, go visit the Vintage Wholesale Clothing UK’s website and browse their extensive collection! Although the supplier is based in the UK, they have provided the best vintage clothing of all decades in one platform. Prices are competitive. In bulk orders, you may get exciting offers as well! 

Vintage Wholesale-Clothing Uk website
  • Address: 10 Crossfield Rd, Birmingham, B33 9HP.  

5. Syed Vintage

Syed Vintage is both UK and Germany-based supplier of wholesale vintage clothing. Although they operate in England, they reach the maximum audience around the world through their high-quality clothes. In the UK and Europe, Syed Vintage is now in the leading position as the supplier. Besides, their passion for vintage clothing has taken them around the world through excellent customer service. You may find the price of their clothing competitive here.  

Syed Vintage website
  • Address: Arisdale Ave, South Ockendon RM15, 5TT.  

6. Fleek 

Fleek is another wholesale vintage clothing supplier mostly renowned for used clothing. However, on their website, you may get to know their experiences of dealing with vintage clothing. The way they connect with buyers through a mobile app for iOS and Android can tell their efforts in this market. They currently have offices in London and San Francisco, both places. Mostly, they operate remotely.


Fleek website
Fleek website

7. Smile Vintage Wholesale 

Smile Vintage is another wholesale company supplying vintage clothing internationally. The team is experienced in this sector of fashion; hence they work dedicatedly to meet the customers’ demand for the latest trend. Their products get into stock easily and have vintage fashion collections with total looks to supply customers. 

Smile Vintage Wholesale website
  • Address: C. Molineros, 63B, Pol. Ind. Comporrosso, 02520, Chinchilla de Monte-Aragon, Albacete (Spain).  

8. The Vintage Wholesale Company

The vintage wholesale company takes the best pride in supplying vintage clothing around the globe. They are currently located in Northeast England. The location does not stop them from conquering the world by supplying quality clothing in the overall UK. Here, you can hand-pick your items and go through their largest collection of vintage clothing. By tracking the ongoing trends, they receive bulk deliveries in 1 month, every 4 weeks.  

The Vintage Wholesale Company website
  • Address: Unit 2, Sovereign Business Park, Bontoft Avenue, National Avenue Hull, HU5 4HF.  

9. Vintage Wholesale Berlin 

Vintage wholesale Berlin has the highest demand for vintage quality clothing in Europe as well as Worldwide. Each of the clothing pieces they supply turns out to be high-quality and in top condition in nature. By hand, they inspect every item and guarantee you no holes, stains, or smells before delivery. Their method of picking vintage clothing from manufacturers is via Video chat from anywhere around the world. Also, one thing is clear they have a minimum quantity policy of 50 pieces of order. 

Vintage Wholesale Berlin
  • Address: Josef Orlopp Str. 54-56, 10365 Berlin, Germany.  

10. Bulk Vintage Warehouse 

The bulk vintage warehouse is a woman-owned wholesale vintage clothing business based in Philadelphia, PA. They offer not only men’s clothes or women’s clothes of vintage but also provide clothes for children as well.

Bulk Vintage Warehouse website

The period of their vintage clothes star from the Victorian era and lasts up to the 2000s. Interestingly, you can pick out any item you want or shop online. They have no such rules regarding minimum quantity, rather they demand a minimum price for visiting their warehouse is $100 per person.  

  • Address: 3843 D Street Philadelphia, PA 19124, US.  

11. The Rag Depot 

The Rag Depot, a wholesale vintage clothing supplier, believes in sustainably sourced clothing to reduce its carbon footprint. They want to spread this message of sustainability through their clothing across the world to every customer. The Rag Depot has been concerned over fast fashion and its consequences. As a result, they share the green ideologies to make the world sustainable for all.  

The Rag Depot website
  • Address: The Rag Depot Ltd. Unit 9, Carlisle Business Park, 40 Chambers Land, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S4 8DA, United Kingdom.  

12. Aus Vintage Wholesale 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Aus Vintage Wholesale is a brand that sources its vintage items from different wholesalers out there worldwide. Most of their vintage items are US or Europe-Origin. However, they constantly add products to their stock since customers or retailers in sense have great demand for them. Product prices have been designed in a way so that customers as well as retailers can have strong profits. All these happen based on the retail prices as per the vintage market of the world.  

Aus Vintage Wholesale website

13. ARC

ARC is one of the renowned wholesale vintage clothing suppliers. They have grown into fashion houses due to the trust of customers and retailers around the world. Also, product ranges from suit jackets to different Nordstrom and Macy’s department stores, ARC has been working with a ‘no-pick’ order policy. However, they have focused on second-hand or recycled clothing for wholesale vintage pieces to sustain the world. 

ARC website
  • Address: 1960 W 139th St. Gardena, CA 90249.  

14. ICY Vintage

If we categorize any reliable supplier for wholesale vintage clothing from A to Z, Icy Vintage will be the A-grade supplier. They have been supplying over 100+ brands from retailers all over the world. The hand-picked stocks are always curated here by the staff. After that, it gets thoroughly examined for high-quality output and sourcing of huge quantities of vintage clothing. Orders are available to place either by the pound or by the piece, both are available as well.   

ICY Vintage website

15. Thrift Vintage Fashion 

Thrift vintage fashion brings you the best wholesale experience for vintage clothing retailers. After you place your order, the team at Thrift Vintage Fashion picks the random mix to provide you with the best collection.

Thrift Vintage Fashion website

They have connections with domestic and international rag houses that are sortable through 100% donated clothing. They have been working with popular retailers named Urban Outfitters, Glassons, and others. However, they offer wholesale vintage clothing on t-shirts, denim, and the category of sweatshirts more than 50 pieces per category.  

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There is an industry rising based on the import-export of high-quality vintage fashion clothes. From fake fur jackets to flannel shirts, all these vintage fashions are quite incredible in making someone beautiful and trendy. Moreover, vintage clothes have been the biggest activity section among high-grade product selections. Also, Vintage clothes are suitable for men and women. Specializing in supplying bulk wholesale vintage clothing is daring for suppliers to develop connections across the globe. We have listed here 15 wholesale suppliers of wholesale vintage clothing and we hope to get back to you hearing your experience. 

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