Get 20+ Best Quality Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers in 2024

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In the fashion industry, vintage clothing is not a new term to explain around. In charity shops, these vintage clothes are more popular. Sometimes, vintage clothes denote used clothing items selling on a different platform. Also, vintage clothes are not labeled as antique clothing since they are not 100 years old.

Mostly, vintage clothes and styles can be traced back to the 1990s fashion era. To keep the tradition alive and bring sustainability to the fashion industry, many manufacturing companies as well as suppliers have been selling vintage clothing in bulk or wholesale. To get the information on getting bulk vintage clothing supply, go through our well-made 20+ best quality suppliers of this year for bulk vintage clothing. 

20+ Best Quality Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers in 2024 

Vintage clothes are now easily available. But you may not find them in bulk at a specific shop. In that case, browsing through different websites for vintage clothing supplies remains the only option to get through. To get more information on 20+ best quality bulk vintage clothing supplies, have a look at this curated list or you may say your ‘Plan of Action’ of the day! They are: 

1. Bulk.Wholesale 

The name of the company says it all. They are the cheapest bulk vintage clothing supplier with fresh deliveries on weekly arrival from the USA. The wholesale clothing gets close to the quality stock and comes through the warehouse very quickly. The bulk also has the 2nd-hand wholesale product. Being based in the UK, they specialize in supplying vintage clothes around the world to your doorstep through shipment. You are just one click way to witness the efforts! 

Best Quality Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Bulk.Wholesale 
  • Address: 43 Strickland Street, Unit 2, Hull, HU3 4AD, UK.   

2. La Vintage 

La vintage, with 29 years of experience in fashion industry, is the largest supplier of wholesale used as well as vintage clothes. Pay a visit to their shop online or La Rag house to witness how they have outperformed all these years with dedication. Not only they have meet the needs but also browse an exclusive high-quality vintage clothing, to meet the need the needs for customers from your side! 

Best Quality Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: La Vintage 
  • Address: 13003 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061 USA.   

3. Italian Vintage Wholesale 

Italian vintage wholesale, a company based in Italy, has been one of the renowned in this bulk vintage industry of clothing. They manually select each garment. After that, they managed to sell supplies range of A-tier in every store. The passion for vintage clothing has not shown less in these years. Thus, they are successful enough to sell more than 20,000 clothing items a month! How about you try them out for bulk shipment too? 

Best Quality Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Italian Vintage Wholesale 
  • Address: Luigi Volpicella 145, Napoli 80146. Italy  

4. Syed Vintage 

Syed Vintage has recently expanded their warehouse store in Frankfurt, Germany. If you visit their website, you may get to see enough collection of vintage items based on different names. Such as products & Bales, SVG premium bales and stacks with quality checked, and mystery box of course. Prices are reasonable enough. You can also witness how they have packed and charged for each Syed vintage wholesale lot within 200 Euro.  

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Syed Vintage 
  • Address: Arisdale Ave, South Ockendon RM15, 5TT.   

5. Bulk Vintage Warehouse 

Bulk vintage clothing, a bulk vintage clothing business located in Phildaelphia, PA. Although the store is single-handledly owned by a woman, you can never be stock out of clothes of any gender here. From the Victorian era to the 2020s decade, all types of clothes are available. All you need to do is to schedule a day to visit their warehouse and you may have to pay for entrance. Take it as an easy-peasy way to get acknowledge their clothing norms closely! 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Bulk Vintage Warehouse 
  • Address: 3843 D Street Philadelphia, PA 19124, US.   

6. Vintage Wholesale: Clothing UK. 

One of the cheapest suppliers of UK is the Vintage wholesale. You can get any of your vintage needs under one roof of their shop or warehouse. They most often provide clearance sales at the maximum discount level. Their online shops include t-shirts, shirts, jackets, mix bundles, and many other things. In the FAQs category of their website, you might get answers to all your queries rising from this article! 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Vintage Wholesale: Clothing UK.
  • Address: 10 Crossfield Rd, Birmingham, B33 9HP.   

7. North Vintage Wholesale 

North vintage wholesale, the leading importer of American branded clothing, has been serving vintage clothes in the UK and all over the world. They import over 100 tonnes of used vintage cloth each month in 2 places. One is their Manchester warehouse, and another is the London warehouse. The product quality is intense, you can tell them by seeing their figures of lots of clothes. Any size of business is welcome to their store. Since 2016, north vintage wholesale has been serving its best input to boutique sellers. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: North Vintage Wholesale 

8. Vintage Wholesale Company 

A vintage wholesale company is that supplier in the world who will let you purchase new clothes, dump unwanted clothes, and remake them into sustainable ones. Of course, they maintain their quality that remains intact for years. If you ever feel like your clothes are off the current trend, visit them and dump your clothes. In return, they will supply you vintage vibed new clothes where you do not need to consider the landfill thing. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Vintage Wholesale Company
  • Address: Unit 2, Sovereign Business Park, Bontoft Avenue, National Avenue Hull, HU5 4HF.   

9. 2nd Hand Vintage Kilo wholesale 

Order online, handpick, or buy a container- you will stumble upon these facilities whenever you go browsing their website. Each of the products is fully selected by their staff. Not only do they promote the aesthetic value of the vintage product but also care for the quality as well. Garments there get divided into 470 categories where the restoration can be possible in 20-25 kgs.  

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: 2nd Hand Vintage Kilo wholesale 
  • Address: Scassata snc, Condominio MP, Capannone B3A, 81050- Pastorano, Caserta, Italy 

10. The Rag Depot 

Based in Sheffield, North England, the rag Depot sets up in 2019 Spring as a store. Since then, it has been increasingly growing with fully stocked products in its warehouse. They offer hand-picked appointments for retailers and customers. However, if you want to build a perpetual relationship with suppliers, the Rag depot comes first eventually. Their new clients in the UK have made them proficient in stocking vintage denim, Levi’s, and denim jackets. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Rag Depot
  • Address: The Rag Depot Ltd. Unit 9, Carlisle Business Park, 40 Chambers Land, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S4 8DA, United Kingdom.   

11. ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale 

ReRags vintage clothing wholesale has been an Amsterdam-based clothing and accessories supplier for years. Their clothing is authentic and top quality in the town. They hand-pick each of their items Because of specializing in ‘40s fashion style to the present era, no doubt, they are professional in this sector. Indeed, it would be a lovely experience to find them as your supplier since they always guarantee you the best clothing experience. Here, clothing for all genders is available at most. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale
  • Address: Nieuwe Hemweg 44, 1013 CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

12. Aus Vintage Wholesale 

Aus Vintage Wholesale is another non-vintage, and vintage product supplier. Mostly, they supply the best quality vintage clothing in Australia and New Zealand to many individual brands and businesses. One of the top importers of the all-year-round vintage clothing industry. Also, their sourced products come from the USA and Europe. Product categories range from sweatshirts, t-shirts, Vests, and Gilets. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Aus Vintage Wholesale

13. Smile Vintage 

Smile vintage always looks out for retailers of any range who want to portray the beauty of vintage clothing. The website that belongs to smile vintage is so innovative to browse, that you will be glad enough to go on a partnership with them. The website is enough to help you surf online and get the potential clothing category for your business. You may get the products in bulk. They sell bulk vintage clothing in kilos and lots on their websites.  

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Smile Vintage 
  • Address: C. Molineros, 63B, Pol. Ind. Comporrosso, 02520, Chinchilla de Monte-Aragon, Albacete (Spain).   

14. Thrift Vintage Fashion 

Thrift vintage fashion is an innovative supplier with 30 years of experience with vintage retailers. They have created a platform for virtual thrifting where they can keep costs down for the customer if any problem arises during a finance transaction. Their aim to fuse the thrifting thrill of online shopping convenience is what takes them in supporting sustainable fashion. However, their vintage boxes are total fun. The boxes are a mixed variation of sustainable apparel and fight fast fashion. Products are high quality and unique no doubt. It is never too late to find a gem like thrift vintage fashion. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Thrift Vintage Fashion

15. ICY Vintage 

ICY Vintage, the worldwide supplier of 100+ brands, has been serving products of grade-A vintage clothing. Their hand-picked stock quantity is more than thousands of pounds. All these are curated by their staff. However, through inspection for quality, the ability to secure large volumes of bulk vintage clothing has been their priority and they are succeeding at this. Their orders range from packet shipments and full-container loads are available as well. You may place an order by the pound or piece. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: ICY Vintage

16. New Life Vintage 

If you are looking for an experienced supplier of vintage clothing in bulk, take ‘new life vintage’ into account. Their shipment of sorted products comes directly from different areas around the world. However, they are an established bulk vintage clothing supplier that wants to work with any range of start-ups. Mostly, clients look for vintage branded hoodies and branded pants. However, most of their goods are Netherland-based, so ensuring the highest quality is all they have for clients like you. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: New Life Vintage
  • Address: Sluisjesdijk 122, 3087 AK, Rotterdam 

17. Shewin

Shewin is another best quality bulk vintage clothing supplier in 2024. Also, vintage clothes are easily available in bulk at the online shop.


There are high-quality clothing products in their wholesale category section, for instance, Shirts and blouses, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, plus size tops, short dresses, cardigans, and other bottom wear. 

18. Fox Vintage Wholesale 

From graphic print sweatshirts to branded caps, every vintage piece is available in Fox Vintage wholesale. You can patch a denim jacket, cropped jumper, or any shirt, skirt, or everything in one platform. Their products come from different sources around the world with shipments being imported. To meet customer expectations, they pick each product and ensure the best quality. Mostly, they supply UK retailers but international retailers are always welcome to grab any size. Their partners have been the small startups named Depop and eBay to different online retailers out there. 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Fox Vintage Wholesale 
  • Address: 31-33 Royal Scot Road, Pride Park, Derby, UK.  

19. Vintage Wholesale Berlin 

Quality checked the product, Video Chat, handpick availability, and fast international shipping- Are you looking for these advantages in having a vintage clothing supplier? Vintage clothing Berlin has got your back with their exciting packages of vintage clothing. They are more friendly within the business-to-business conduct relation. All you need is to book your appointment to visit the warehouse and handpick each vintage piece. Then, you can take them by paying through a bank or digital payment method. Worldwide shipping is always there! 

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Vintage Wholesale Berlin 
  • Address: Josef Orlopp Str. 54-56, 10365 Berlin, Germany.   

20. Lima Lima Vintage Wholesale Clothing 

Lima Lima vintage wholesale clothing is a clothing company located in North Wales. Their sourcing, sorting, and grading of vintage stock have been popular all over the world. If you are looking for big, branded products in the clothing industry for vintage classics, Lima Lima can be another efficient clothing supplier. They have covered you with exciting products of leather jackets, USA College, Sweatshirts, and Harley Davidson T-shirts. Moreover, they will spend quality time sorting out the best quality product and ship them to your doorstep within business days.  

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: Lima Lima Vintage Wholesale Clothing
  • Address: The Old Courthouse, Chester Street, St. Asaph, Denbighshire, LL17 0RE.  

21. BRASCO Wholesale Vintage Clothing 

BRASCO vintage clothing is a go-to supplier for vintage clothing or any kind of second-hand or used clothing. For retailers and wholesalers out there who need a shared enthusiasm to create a sustainable fashion sense among millennials, BRASCO cannot be any other left option. They are a proud wholesale distributor based in Almere, the Netherlands. However, most of their product range contains the category of clothing, footwear, and online accessories. Their source country for clothing in Europe and the United States. If you are looking for ‘70s/’80s/’90s/ 2000s fashion, BRASCO can be your suitable companion in this journey.  

Bulk Vintage Clothing Suppliers
Fig: BRASCO Wholesale Vintage Clothing
  • Address: Brasco b.v. Vlotbrugweg 5, 1332 AE Almere, The Netherlands. 

Vintage Vs. 2nd-Hand Clothing: Where does the Difference Lie? 

Many of you think these two terms are similar. They are indeed used interchangeably most often. But there is a fine line of distinction between vintage clothing and second-hand clothing. 
Vintage clothing denotes those items which are well-manufactured since the 1990s tradition in this younger generation as well. This type of clothing is premium in upholding the reflection of age, brand identity, condition, and price. Most of the vintage pieces tend to be second-hand, but not all of them as you may assume. New Vintage is the term that denotes the vintage clothing of the ‘60s and ‘70s.  
On the other hand, second-hand clothing simply means clothes that are previously used or owned. It does not matter how old the clothes are, if they do not look new, they may get tag line as second-hand or affordable vintage during your purchase.  

What does it mean by Vintage Clothing? 

Vintage clothing refers to clothes well-manufactured in different eras, more specifically the 1990s clothes. Vintage clothes are second-hand mostly, but the tradition reflects the vintage era of the ‘60s and ‘70s.  However, vintage pieces are budget-friendly and sustainable to get. They are similarly treated as the new ones just given a new life by wearing them again. You may think of wearing vintage clothing as a way of embracing poor quality but to your utmost surprise, there is now a rising industry based on only this vintage clothing. They are now more used as fast fashion. The trend of getting vintage clothing is like discovering a new love for shopping in the form of a challenge thrown at yourself.   


Bulk vintage clothing suppliers have no exact geographic superiority in supplying to people. Rather, many countries like Malaysia, Italy, UK, all these countries have come forward in this movement of sustainability to promote vintage clothing worldwide. Free shipment to shipment with discounts, all these are attainable with your small interest to get them in bulk. Vintage clothing is those clothes that provide the feeling of perfect garment for all seasons. Our listed 20+ brands are providing bulk vintage clothing supply. If you do not want to miss the opportunity, approach the bests selected supplier! Also, let us know how the experience was with your supplier in upholding vintage clothing legacy! 

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