With 10+ Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable Hit the Jackpot!

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Getting involved in fast fashion requires sustainability. Search our 10+ listed sustainable fashion brands affordable that have made a long way to ensure that.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable List

In this article, we have categorized sustainable fashion brands as affordable in two based on gender dynamics. So, our first 5 brands show the men’s collection of fashion and the remaining ones are for women only. Check out them ASAP!

Category: Men

1. Pact

Pact is another affordable sustainable clothing brand that gets your covered in the basic pieces of clothing. From underwear to seasonal collections, this brand brings all the organic source-based products. Their product is easy to wash and feels soft. Their new arrivals for men have just dropped! Check them out in the following details.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable

2. Tentree

Tentree categorizes its apparel as the most ethically made fabric. Their eco-conscious fabrics are organic cotton, polyester which is recycled, hemp, and lastly Tencel. Their products are activewear, camping wear, and seasonal collections for winter and summer.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable
  • Address: 230 – 1275 Venables St, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, V6A 2E4

3. Kotn

Kotn is another sustainable fashion brand affordable apparel crafting. It features a wide range of clothing for men and women having an option to purchase under USD 100. The brand is certified for sustainable clothing making and is a perfect one-stop shop for any outfit that is available in sizes between XS to 2XL.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable

4. Boody

Boody is a conscious sustainable fashion brand affordable as it sources products made from bamboo viscose. The affordable pricing allows consumers to enjoy extreme comfort in the products, ranging from XS to 3XL, like underwear or activewear. Their products are always in style. Although we fall into the category of Men, Boody promotes sustainable clothing for men, women, and kids all.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable
  • Address: Australia

5. Happy Earth

Happy Earth is a US-based affordable and sustainable clothing brand. This certified brand wants to make the planet a better place inspired by nature preservation. This brand collaborates with many profit and non-profit organizations. T-shirts are their most demanding product, and the price is under USD 30 with size ranges from XS to 2XL.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable
  • Address: PO Box 1795 Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Category: Women

1. Tamga

Tamga, the feminine sustainable brand of fashion, brings products in colorful and vibrant designs. You will love the way their fabric feels and looks like. Indonesia-based this brand manufactures products with sustainable materials like French Linen, and TENCEL.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable

2. WearWell

A curated marketplace, as well as a brand of super membership opportunity with styling service, is none other than WearWell. For every order, especially the first one, you will get 10% off the product. This brand provides access to stylists that provide the best looks and perks.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable

3. Reformation

Reformation works towards tackling wastage and replacing it with sustainable practices in product manufacturing. This is the most affordable sustainable clothing brand known to all. Styles are numerous and all you need is to find out the sustainable and fashion-forward things for your wardrobe.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable

4. La Leur

La Leur is a sustainable fashion brand affordable, made with mutual passion, located in downtown Toronto. At La Leur, they work on materials that they think bring on a creative look. Their research on different raw materials motivates them to bring more alternatives. That is why their collection is so wide-ranging.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable
  • Address: 1178 Bloor Street west, Toronto, ON M6H1N1

5. Amour Vert

An eventful day cannot be thought of without the dress from Amour Vert. The price is a bit high but as an event-based dress, the gorgeous clothing pays it off with the quality.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable


ABLE always believes in building manpower by giving people their desired opportunities. Especially for women, ABLE came as a blessing. Their category starts from jewelry to denim, the brand makes sure you carry the day beautifully. The size Range is unique, from XXS to 3X.

Sustainable Fashion Brands Affordable
  • Address: 5022 Centennial Blvd Nashville, TN 37209

How to Find Sustainable Fashion Products at Affordable Prices?

Kickstarting sustainability in the conscious wardrobe of any season is unpredictable. That is why following the list of advice may keep pace with the latest trend! Here is the list:

a) Starting with Basic Wardrobe.

Stock up on your clothes which are a daily necessity.

b) Finding out Budget Friendly Place

Check out your local clothing stores that accumulate fast fashionable clothing at cheap prices.

c) Choose Eco-friendly Fashion

Luxurious dresses are not a regular type. For ensuring your easy-to-movement pace, always choose eco-friendly fashion.

d) Shopping for Second-Hand Clothing

You can buy second-hand sustainable fashion clothing at affordable prices by visiting local trade shows. Also, many influencers sell their products which cost you a little penny.

e) Engaging in Hosting Clothing Swaps

There are many events where you can get to engage with friends and family and swap their clothes with yours. This way, you can save your money, and hit the jackpot later with a bank full of savings!

The Trick to Shop More Affordably Sustainable Clothing

It is a myth that sustainable fashion brands affordable are not affordable, but rather extravagantly pricey. Big fast fashion giants are proving this myth wrong because of the demand for conscious clothing lines. Check out the following tricks:

i) Does the fashion brand promote ‘Greenwashing?’

Greenwashing is a concept that companies use as a marketing strategy or publicity stunt to make the organization eco-friendlier whereas their products are not sustainable anyway. It is a MUST TASK to keep you from greenwashing.

ii) Higher Impact or Lower-Impact Materials

Find fashion brands that use high-impact materials for their products. It is a tricky situation. But the decision is worthwhile if you find one!

iii) Not all products are Disposable!

It is a trend for fast fashion brands to manipulate consumers into believing clothes as disposable. Because the brands want customers to buy again to keep pace with the latest trends. Be aware of those brands!

iv) Seasonal Clothing Vs Mass Production

Find brands that bring products in limited editions. Because they pour their best quality into those editions of clothing. In that case, affordability ensures because meanwhile, fast fashion brands produce in mass units keeping the price higher in every fashion trend, which gets you to break the bank for sure!

What to Look for in Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands?

There are a few things to consider when buying affordable sustainable clothing brands products. For instance:

a) Certification Checklist

A certification check indicates a brand’s sustainable practices. It also falls under the ethical shopping experience. Besides, products are written or tagged as a sustainable source that also reflects the visual clues while thrifting for your loved ones.

b) Transparency

Check out their products on the website to get valid information. If the information you require is not given online, then the helpline number will give you the details.


Since affordable sustainable clothing brands exist at an affordable price, our compiled list of brands surely provides you with quality and style. We have tried to answer your queries for an easy shopping experience. We believe in the enjoyment you have in adding clothes to your wardrobe on each trend. But making sure the fashion brand industry wholeheartedly follows the principles is more like supporting the movement of ethical fashion from your end as well!

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