What is Aran Yarn Weight? 3 Types and Benefits

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Do you have a 4 to 5-mm needle size for crafting winter clothes? Consider the article a blessing then, on the Aran Yarn Weight!

What is Aran Yarn Weight?

aran Yarn Weight

Aran Weight Yarn refers to the medium weight yet slightly heavy worsted yarn weight. From sweaters to scarves, the yarn comes off for us.

The Term ‘Aran’ is a common term for citizens of the UK. There are a few specifications that Aran Weight Yarn possesses. Such as:

Aran Yarn Weight Number:

  1. Is Eight (8) wraps per inch.
  2. Is equivalent to Ten (10) Ply Yarn.
  3. Is Applicable with Five to Six mm (5-6) needles size.
  4. Is number Four (4) of the CYC category.

What is Aran Yarn Weight Made of?

Figure: What is Aran Yarn Weight

Aran Yarn is simply a composition of black sheep wool. It makes any garment a better water-repellent. Because of the making, the Aran weight Yarn tends to be thick.

Knitting sweaters is easier because the yarn is heavy. While knitting a project in a thick pattern, it is normal to come across difficulties. In that case, only knitting at the accurate gauge can help with the pattern. Using the exact yarn at the accurate gauge keeps you ahead.

3 Main Aran Yarn Weight Types

Types of Aran weight yarn depend on the knit availability on 4 to 5 half mm needles. The use of this yarn weight is valid when you do not seek DK to be heavy enough. To keep the clothing perfect for warm and outdoor-specific, typologies can come in a great cause. For instance:

1. Aran Weight Wool Yarn

The name says it all. This yarn is wool-specific which makes the garment insulating enough in diversified colors.

Figure: Aran Weight Wool Yarn
Figure: Aran Weight Wool Yarn

2. Aran Weight Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic is here just an alternative component to wool with better maintenance. This Aran Weight Yarn type is reasonable and suitable for baby clothes.

Figure: Aran Weight Acrylic Yarn
Figure: Aran Weight Acrylic Yarn

3. Aran Weight Cotton Yarn

For summer garments, you can get this choice-able Aran weight yarn type. Those of you who have allergies to woolen products can find this yarn breathable and cool.

Figure: Aran Weight Cotton Yarn
Figure: Aran Weight Cotton Yarn

Key Difference between Aran Yarn Weight vs DK

The thickness is the primary subject that differentiates Aran Yarn Weight from DK. DK tends to be thinner compared to the Aran Weight Yarn. Consequently, most of the items are preferable to the Aran yarn weight composition. The similarity is that both the yarn types are made of wool, but the difference exists because of their being finer with texture or not. In that case, DK stands second to be the finer most and the least textured.

Figure: Aran Yarn Weight vs DK
Figure: Aran Yarn Weight vs DK

Existing Dissimilarity between Aran Yarn Weight vs Worsted Yarn

Aran weight yarn vs worsted yarn depends on the purpose. With the purpose of being heavy with better texture exposure, the yarn weight stands higher in the benchmark. Whereas, the Worsted yarn, also having the main component of wool, is finer with an expected texture of less number.

Figure: Aran Yarn Weight vs Worsted Yarn
Figure: Aran Yarn Weight vs Worsted Yarn

What does the Aran Weight Yarn Ply denote?

10 Ply is the equivalent number of the Aran weight Yarn. Ply refers to the imprecise brief of any yarn weight. Apart from being heavier, this yarn weight is not as bulky as it shows. Rather, this yarn denotes the same number of piles as the worsted yarn. The ply number is what makes it a more ideal component for making garments, clothes, and even accessories.

Figure: Aran Weight Yarn 10 Ply
Figure: Aran Weight Yarn 10 Ply

Benefits of Aran Yarn Weight Use

Aran yarn comes up with a standard list of benefits. If they are available in written form, they would be like the following ones:

  • Durable.
  • Can Bear any sort of wear and tear.
  • Soft feel to the touch.
  • Comfortable.
  • Affordable budget!
Figure: Aran Yarn Cloth
Figure: Aran Yarn Cloth

The Bottom Line

Because of its durability, the number of plies, and wide range of applications, Aran yarn is a wise choice for many of you in the winter season. Crafting becomes easier when this yarn comes up with a slightly thick pattern and heavy worsted nature. While looking for any versatile component like this yarn, you are surely stuck with the Aran yarn weight to make better products with care!

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