80s Fashion Women: Best Iconic ‘80s Fashion Styles

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In this era of minimal fashions, if we look back to the history of in 80s fashion women, we see different changes and patterns in women’s clothing. Simplistic styles tend to be boring, and, on this point, fashion designers brought the era of maximal fashion since the ‘80s. The ‘80s trend is perfect to create eye-catching women’s clothing because of a glamorous fashion sense to indulge in your wardrobe. 80’s fashion for women becomes fun when the styles are plenty in nature within one bright object. That is how we are bringing the women’s clothing list from the 80s clothes women in this article briefly.

Iconic Fashion Styles of 80s Clothing Female

80’s fashion for women has not been erased from popularity yet. Can you believe the attire for women traced back 30 years ago still looks great?

Princes Diana - 80s Most Iconic Fashion Outrageous Styles
Princes Diana – 80s Most Iconic Fashion Outrageous Styles

While wearing this look, you can see the elements that balance the vintage minimalist appeal with modern-day aesthetics under one umbrella. Some of those women’s clothing from the 80s fashion female are big shoulders, bold colors, sequins, and so on. In the following section, we will be seeing each of the women’s 80s clothing in detail.

20 Best Women’s Clothing-Inspired Outfits of 80s Fashion

The decade of the 80s was completely associated with the cluster of styles for women especially. Where street fashion was a bit garish yet it made up the day. Women tend to support the elegant look where the fashion trends have been seen as timeless. The 80’s attire female trends are given below in the following:

1. Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the popular clothing patterns for women back in the 80s women’s fashion. Most of the common prints were directed at leopards and the print of zebra.

Animal Prints - Most Popular Clothing of 80s Fashion
Animal Prints – Most Popular Clothing of 80s Fashion

Women tend to focus on buying leggings in these animal prints. Even, body suits were also available in this print. Off the should animal print tops can be paired up with leather skirts or pants at that time.

2. Big Shoulders

Big shoulders were a common thing in the 80s fashion women. The power-suiting trend came forward with shoulders pumped up with the extra pads. It was just to highlight and bold the new heights according to the widths.

Big Shoulder Trends from 80s Fashion
Big Shoulder Trends from 80s Fashion

Besides, it was seen as an unapologetic 80s attitude in your wardrobe. Choose between your clothes to try out this trend. Before wearing, be careful about the waist defined with the belt up. It avoids appearing of swamps in the fabric.

3. Acid Washed Jeans

One of the parts of ‘80s fashion of acid-washed jeans as well. This is a process where your denim gets immersed in chlorine acid. Then, it gets rubbed with a stone until the colors of the fabric change. In the case of wearing a biker’s jacket, women used to wear this type of denim clothing.

80s Acid Washed Jeans
80s Acid Washed Jeans Fashion Trends

4.Bubble Skirts

It was an item of super trendy clothing back in the days of the ‘80s. The bubble skirt consists of a particular area where it gets puffed up at the hem. It seems like a mushroom.

Bubble Skirts from 80s clothing trends
Bubble Skirts from 80s clothing trends

Women used to wear bubble skirts with high-top sneakers. Moreover, bubble comes in dresses as well. Princess Diana once walked down the red carpet wearing a white bubble dress. You know then the consequences of that show, right?

It became the craziest trend to wear with a white blazer.

5. Bold Colors

The 80s was at the peak of maximalism where oversized shoulders with bright mixed colors sure things were. It does not matter what type of decadent designs it gets dressed up, the colors were always bold and bright. The ‘80s fashion vibe was a modern outfit where the color was fun and trendy.

Bold Colors of 80s fashion
Bold Colors of 80s fashion

6.Rompers or Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits were fashionable clothing for women in the ‘80s. It comprises a tapered look where it came off with bat-wing sleeves. Fashionistas wore jumpsuits with matching high boots and belts. Women also get donned checkered jumpsuits. Wearing Jumpsuits and Matching T-shirts underneath is one of the trends to stylize oneself as well.

Romper suit 80s trends
Romper suit 80s trends

7. Neon Leggings

Leggings come in different styles. It was one of trending womens 80s fashion. For instance, neon leggings with legwarmers. With the matching color of armbands and workout tops, neon leggings are applicable to pair up with stilettos and court shoes as well.

neon leggings womens 80s fashion
Neon leggings womens 80s fashion

8. Workout Fashion

The ‘80s decade has seen the workout looks in no so subtle vibe. Women used to wear oversized T-shirts where they run up with shorts for inspiration as well.

80s womens workout fashion
80s womens workout fashion

9. Pleated Trousers

Jeans as well as trousers were well-recognized in that decade. Most of the pleated trousers were high waster. Pair up with a crop top, you will be looking stunning just like the ‘80s fashionistas!

80s pleated trousers women
80s pleated trousers women

10. Velour tracksuits

It was a craze in the ‘80s, so as in the current terms. These items come up with a glamorous edge that women were more comfortable working out in. This tracksuit revives the pleasure of athleisure and relaxation as well.

80's velour tracksuits
80’s velour tracksuits

11. Sequins

The glamor of the ‘80s returned with a completely refreshing take. Sequined dresses are one of the wearable things where it completes the evening look. Pair up the sequined dress with different casual pieces that complete the chic style. Natural makeup will just increase your beauty in one way or another.

80s fashion sequins
80s fashion sequins

12. Layered Polka

Polka dresses or polka dot dresses were one of the popular aspects of ‘80s fashion. Layered polka comes up with leggings and stockings, even in booths. You can also pair up polka dot skirts with a buckled belt.

Layered Polka 80s trends
Layered Polka 80s trends

13. Printed Blouse

The printed blouse is like that padded shoulder, which was one of the fashion trends for women in the ‘80s. It comes in an oversized pattern as well.

80s Printed Blouse
80s Printed Blouse

14. The ‘Members only Jacket’

The jackets named ‘Members only were well-considered luxury items. Wear this jacket over any high-waisted denim. Skirts will preserve the look as well.

The ‘Members only Jacket’
The ‘Members only Jacket’

15. Vintage Long Skirt

As we have already seen, the 1980s fashion women were full of bright-colored fabrics. So, vintage long skirts came up with vibrant mode as well. In terms of party clothes, the vintage skirt goes well with flashy footwear.

80s Vintage Long Skirt
80s Vintage Long Skirt

16. High Waisted Skirts with Ruffled Tops

Ruffled tops were the off shoulders version of the ‘80s. It gets paired up with a high-waisted skirt as the most discerning choice at that time. Ruffle also creates a feeling of vintage prom in a more structured way. It is a reference glam of evening looks.

Ruffled crop tops
Ruffled crop tops

17. Hip-Hop Fashion of the 80s

Hip-hop fashion is incomplete without music and culture. These were extremely prevalent in the ‘80s when hip-hop fashion was at the top of the trend. For women, baggy silhouettes with athletic details will bring bold and bright colors.

Hip Hop Fashion of 80s
Hip Hop Fashion of 80s

18. Punk Fashions

The ‘80s punk was the look of revolution. The decade developed a rebellious look and featured iconic pieces. This subculture look is a bit toned-down as well as casual.

Punk Fashions from 80s
Punk Fashions from 80s

19. Knee High Socks

Don’t look back from wearing knee-high socks! It brings the retro element of the ‘80s to your outfit. Bold dressing up was quite a thing and it will be looking badass to you in knee-high socks paired up with short pants!

80s Knee High Socks
80s Knee High Socks

20. Oversized T-shirts

Oversized T shirts Trends
Oversized T-shirts Trends

This is the fashion of the modern day, absolutely traced back to the days of the ‘80s. Wearing oversized T-shirts in denim became a huge part of the ‘80s fashion. It showed the culture of punk rock as well. But this oversized trends still is very popular all over the world.

Party Clothing for 80s Womens Fashion Theme

So far you have understood why the ‘80s decade was full of bright trends in clothing. The party clothing was a sure thing at that time. With synth-heavy music and iconic movies, parties tend to be wild where people lived their life to the fullest. No matter how experimental you are in terms of choosing clothes, channel your inner retro soul to host the 80s-themed party with the following 80s style women.

To give you the best of our works as an inspiration, we have made a list of party theme ideas for women’s clothing below:

  1. Animal Prints
  2. Floral Printed clothing
  3. Attire can be neon or glittery.
  4. Polka Dots
  5. Accessorize your clothing with bandanas.
  6. Get some funky earrings and fanny packs.
  7. Jackets with shoulder pads
  8. Striped pants

Retro Fashion for Women Traced Back from 80s women fashion

The ongoing clothing trend sometimes refers to retro fashion. The 80s clothing for women was different than the usual. It was like mixing and matching things from your clothing wardrobe and style with whatever you have. The ever-green styles like a black dress, a pop of neon colors, or high-waisted types of denim, or pairing up with retro sunglasses will just add spicy to your look.  Whatever the women’s 80s fashion is on the trend, make sure you have picked an outfit that speaks to your comfort and preferable styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fads were more popular in the 80s Fashion?

Fashion Fads are like shoulder pads, high wasted jeans, stockings like fishnets, and of course the iconic parachute pants, these were quite popular in the women’s clothing of the ‘80s.

Were High tops a thing as famous in the 80s?

We believe so, cause, women used to wear high tops sneakers with both pants and miniskirts depending on the style.

What are 80s Best Fashion Brands for Women?

There are a few best Fashion brands for Women’s clothing, for instance, Nike Jerseys, Forenza, The Limited, Izod Sweaters, Gloria Vanderbilt, etc.

Which clothing was suitable for beachgoers women back in the 80s?

Well, among beachgoers, the flip-flops were well-renowned. Flipflops came in rubber and plastic both modes and in bright colors.

Which type of shoes were women used to prefer in the 80s?

Women back in the 80s tried to match clothing with shoe types like canvas flats, loafers, wedges, bow flats, etc.

What was the everyday go-to for Women’s clothing in the ‘80s?

Women used to wear bright-colored clothing that accentuate their shoulders. Even, bulky sweaters were quite a trend. The entire decade was full of wash jeans clothing with eye-straining colors where there were body suits and tracksuit bottoms.

Were Polka Dots quite renowned in Women’s Fashion Trends?

Polka dots are not exactly the clothing trend of the 80s. Rather, it follows the clothing trends in the 19th century in Europe. Some popular actresses used to wear polka dots fashionable clothes. In the time of the 80s, polka dots were popular among ordinary people. As you see, fashion trends are traced back to the celebrity’s look.

What did women wear in the 80s?

In the 80s, women rocked bold, vibrant fashion trends. Think shoulder pads, neon colors, leg warmers, mini skirts, and oversized accessories. It was all about expressing individuality! #80sFashionWomen


In the decade of Madonna’s signature style and Michael Jackson’s influential dressing sense, women were secretly adopting clothing styles. Most of the clothing sense was directly adopted from the influential icon- the Princess Diana of Wales. Without any doubt, 80s fashion trends were the year of creation of a remarkable comeback. There is no denying fact that 80s fashion had bold vibes to investigate. We believe, the entire article has given you a notion of 80s women’s clothing style ideas to get amazing inspiration.

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