15 Best 80’s Style of Men in Fashion

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Although it is difficult to define the exact 80’s Style of Men fashion, it is never too late to justify the popular styles.

Those styles were bold, colorful, edgy, as well as excessive. Be it ripped jeans or T-shirts; all these outfits have been the conversation starter.

Clothing is not the only line of 80’s fashion, there are accessories and other buzzes to make the decade an iconic one. This decade was a period of motivating maximal versions of styles with eye-catching silhouettes. The 80s decade saw a trend of fast-forwardness with punk styles mode.

80's Style of Men
Some Stylish men of 90s

15 Best 80’s Style of Men in Fashion

While exploring the 80’s Style of men, it eventually comes to mind that the decade was at its peak in Hip Hop fashion and casual fashion. At that time, even workout and summer fashion were different. All thanks to photographers of that time, who help in preserving the styles in photos. For them, we can get the idea of how it was really being the 80’s Style of mens. 80s mens fashion pictures are:

1.Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts in the summertime were a definite category in the 80’s fashion men.

Hawaiian Shirts
Jim Carrey in Hawaiian Shirts

With a t-shirt and mustache every episode, you will eventually be familiar with the trend. Nowadays, we see the contribution of Gucci, Aries, and Amiri in bringing back this trend from the 80s.

2.Leather Jackets

80’s Style of mens, especially 80s bad boys, always define the most common and punk rockers’ leather jackets.

Leather Jackets
A Man and Woman with Leather Jackets

Even today, leather jackets have not lost the appeal of keeping you warm and in style. Depending on the leather quality of that era, these jackets tended to be expensive. Along with leather jackets, accessories played a crucial role at that time, especially headbands.

3.Power Suits

Power suits have been a formal and casual dress-up that never goes out of style as an 80s style for men. Because of its formal suit vibe, people who wore them were thought to be upper class.

Power Suits
A Man with Power Suits

It must have been difficult to breathe with the tie wrapped around the shirt collar. Nowadays, informal costumes are far better in case of style and comfort.

4. 80s Slogan-written T-Shirt

It was common  in the 1980s to see mens wearing the oversized, 80s slogan T-shirt. This trend came into front with the help of the fashion designer Katharine Hamnett who used to design many political tees.

80s Slogan-written T-Shirt
T-Shirt That 80s Slogan-written

For instance, slogans like ‘Choose Life’, ‘Go-Go’, ‘Hide Yourself!’These were too common. One of the 80s styles mens were all of these tees that showed ones 

5. Parachute Pants

Parachute pants showed voluminous pants. Mostly break dancers and rappers wore them in the 2nd half of the 80s.

Parachute Pants
Image of Parachute Pants

Nylon was what made the parachute pants with a number of zips attached.

6. High Top Shoes

One of the 80s style mens was the high top shoes, sneakers especially. They are the most proudly worn accessories over decades.

High Top Shoes
Image of High-Top Shoes

Basketball players used to wear them. Teens and 20 somethings also preferred them over any other shoe style. Michael Jordan, one of the icons, made this high top pair of shoes a popular one. 

6. Overalls

Overalls became trendy at a certain point in the 1980s decade that were worth the fashion idea. It is one of the glamorous 80s styles men’s.

Girls with Overalls Outfits

The style kind of denotes a jumpsuit that is easy to dress in. With a change of accessories, the style goes through transition from sporty to casual fashion.

7. Androgynous Style

The 80’s style men saw a popular androgynous look seen on pop stars. For instance, Boy George, Prince, Annie Lennox and others.

Androgynous Style
Example of Androgynous Style

The fashion style was about men wearing women’s blouses, boots,hoop earrings, and full make-up. However, in today’s era, we can see this androgynous style being popular again with different accessories included.

8. Double Denim

Denim was a widely worn outfit in the 80s. For instance, The Canadian Tux. It was stylish in full sense, and cheaper in price than the leather one.

Double Denim
Some Stylish men with Double Denim

Even kids, who used to go to school, sometimes, wore ripped denim to get the bad boys vibes. The popularity ended in the 2nd half of the 80s decade. Denim jackets made a huge comeback over the years.

 9. Earrings

Thanks to Rob Lowe and Johnny Dep who introduced earrings as the iconic 80s styles for men’s.

Man with Earrings

It gives off an edgy vibe to handle the pain. Earrings were so common that it helped popularise the same people who prefer tattoos today. Big earrings of the ’80s lost charm but come back with different looks in 2020’s decade.

 10. Mullets

Mullet is the favourite hairstyle of everyone, from the 80s style mens. From John Stamos to Steve Perry, everyone supported this mullet style. It allows the hair to blow in the wind.

Image of Mullets

Besides, the Mullet keeps the hair short enough so that it can stay out of the face, not impeding your view. Mullet basically is the short hair in the front and side part of the head, rather the hair keeps long in the back part. 

 11. Baggy Jumpers

Baggy jumpers are weather that is way too big to be in the field of jumpers. Men wore this in different bold colors and patterns. You can attend wearing these baggy jumpers at a retro themed party.

Baggy Jumpers
Image of Baggy Jumpers

It is well-paired up costumes with baggy or oversized cargo pants, tracksuit pants, except for skinny ones, wider leg jeans, and others.


80’s Style of mens have seen it all. From being influential to being outrageous, the style that men had in the 1980s has not lost the edge of the expressive event. If you want to style like 80s men, do not forget to go through our curated list of 80s Style of mens. They make the decade distinguishable and amusing with memorable moments by just digging into 80’s outfits.

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