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Curtain bang wigs are one of the most popular bang wig styles. It stylishly creates a space in the front of the wig by pushing the hair to the sides. Glueless wigs are also popular because they’re safer than glued-installed ones.

If you want to enhance your look via a curtain bang wig, purchase a quality unit from a top store first. Luvme Hair is a global store with a massive collection of different kinds of wigs.

This guide will educate you on all you need to know about the brand’s glueless curtain bang wigs. You’ll understand why you should consider the style and how to maintain it after purchase.

  1. 100% Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bangs Wigs

What are Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs?

Bang wigs are a type in which part of the hair in front of the wig is let down to cover your forehead. There are many bang wig styles, and “curtain” is one of them. In curtain bangs, wigmakers cut the hair longer at the sides and shorter in the middle, making it look like a curtain on your forehead.

Glueless wigs are basically those that don’t need any form of adhesive for you to install them. You secure them to your head with clips or combs. Glueless curtain bang wigs are any curtain bang wig you can install without adhesives.

Curtain Bang Wigs
Image of Curtain Bang Wigs

A glueless curtain bang wig can come in many types and styles. You can get in lace frontals, closures, bob, or no lace wigs. They’re also available in numerous lengths; short, medium, and long. You can get them in different densities, textures, and colors; or dye them to meet your preference.

Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bangs Wigs are 100% human hair. It makes it incredibly natural and comfortable to wear. Human hair wigs also give you more diverse styling possibilities than synthetic ones.

Why Should You Choose Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bangs Wigs?

Here are some reasons you should consider Luvme Hair glueless curtain bang wigs.

  1. Easy to Install and Remove

This reason is the main one many people go for glueless wigs. You only need to wear the wig as you would a cap and secure them with the comb or clips that come with it. It’s also easy to remove it, which you do by unfastening the clips.

Reason of choosing Choose Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs
Reason of choosing Choose Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs

The quick and easy installation means you can wear and remove it at any time of the day.

  1. It’s Safer

Using adhesive to hold wigs in place has its complications. It can irritate the scalp and trigger an allergic reaction. Glue can also block your pores and cause damage to the hair follicles. Glueless install wigs eliminate all these risks.

  1. It’s Adorable

Fashionistas accepted the curtain bang style because of how beautiful they look. The neatly and unevenly cut curtain at the front of the head is just incredible. You’re stepping out at your best if you wear a rightly cut curtain bang wig. These wigs also frame face shapes by hiding big foreheads and making your cheekbones visible.

How to Install Your Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bangs Wigs?

There are different kinds of glueless curtain bang wigs, but all have a similar installation process. This section will give you a step-by-step process for installing glueless wigs.

How to Install Your Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs
Installation process of Your Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs
  1. Prepare your hair by braiding it into a low ponytail or braids.
  2. Wear a wig cap to secure your natural hair.
  3. Wear the wig and make sure that it aligns with your natural hair. Attach it to your head with the combs or clips and use the adjustable elastic band to enhance the fit.
  4. Cut off the excess lace if the wig has any.
  5. Style the wig however you want.

That concludes how to Install a glueless curtain bang. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes, regardless of your skill level.

Who Can Wear Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bangs Wigs?

Almost anyone can wear glueless curtain bang wigs, but it’s best suited for ladies with a round face shape. The wig draws the eyes to the cheeks and gives you more defined cheekbones.

It’s also best suited for women allergic to glue or who don’t want to have any issues with their scalp. You should go for the wig if you’ve experienced hair loss. Women of all ages and skin colors can find something that fits them due to the versatile customization options.

How Long Do Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bangs Wigs Last?

Whether it’s glueless or glued, curtain or side-swept doesn’t matter much regarding how long the wig can last. Rather, human hair is the biggest influencing factor. The wig can last over a year if you care for it well.

Maintaining human hair glueless wigs with bangs isn’t difficult, and the following section will educate you on how to do it.

 Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs Last
Fashionable Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs

How to Maintain Your Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs?

  • Wash the Wig

Wash the wig regularly with lukewarm running water. Use your hands to carefully run through it from the top to down after bathing it with shampoo.

How to Maintain Your Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs
Maintain system of Your Luvme Hair Glueless Curtain Bang Wigs

Condition the wig after the wash and air dry it. Remember to use quality products made for human hair.

  • Care for the Bangs

It’s okay for the bangs to look out of place after a few washes, and you can use your comb to put them back in place.

  • Store the Wig Properly When Not in Use

A wig stand is the best place to keep the wig temporarily before you use it. You can also keep it in a box. Whichever way you want to store it, lay it flat so it doesn’t get crumpled.

  • Pay More Attention to Curly and Wave Hairs

Use a detangling spray on curly and wavy units to reduce tangling. If they do, detangle them carefully with your hands. Handle curly and wavy wigs more gently than straight glueless curtain wigs with bangs.


Glueless curtain wigs with bangs are one of the easiest-to-install wigs you can get. They look repossessing and are a great way to make your hairline more natural. With Afterpay available on Luvme Hair, nothing should stop you from adding one of those lovely units to your collection.

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