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Do you want to make a start on the lifestyle blog by writing for us? Drums roll, please, since you are on the right track to having your blog posts getting published! Textile details allow you to write for us and promote your fashion sense through content. Our website always looks for new contributors who can submit lifestyle guest posts on lifestyles according to the specific guidelines.

Email us for: write for us + fashion or write for us + lifestyle query at textiledetails.blog@gmail.com

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Who can Submit a Guest Post on Lifestyle?

Everyone can submit guest posts on lifestyle niches. Most the bloggers and website owners provide free fashion guest posting option. There is nothing hard and fast type rule that you should follow for writing for us on lifestyle niches.

On the other hand, it is not a requirement to have a separate website for our writers to submit a guest post. We encourage our writers to be topic-specific and count down on them for the submission of any fashion guest posting that familiarizes Lifestyle for readers.

Textile Details always welcomes talented submissions on Lifestyle from Fashion Influencers, Blog Creators, Fashion Bloggers, and Guest Bloggers.

Write Life style Guest Post for us: The Submission Guidelines

While writing a lifestyle guest post for us, it is important to keep in mind a few facts including the editorial and ethical guidelines. They are as follows:

Editorial Guidelines:

  • Textile Details doesn’t accept AI-generated or ChatGPT content or any other AI generated content.
  • Spun Content is not allowed at all.
  • Plagiarism must be less than 5-7%

a. Accepted Formats: All the content on writing for us in the lifestyle blog must maintain the formats of submission- Microsoft Word Document, Google Docs, or any text format etc. The post length should have at least 800+ words.

b. Submission Points: Writers can easily submit an article on lifestyle by visiting websites and through emails. While using Google Docs, you can provide a link as well to submit the guest stop.

c. Editing Information: At Textile Details, we own the right to edit the articles before we submit the content to the blog. This is to check whether the article has any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and improper formatting. We encourage our writers to submit the guest post completely error-free from these spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Submit Your Guest Post Lifestyle
Submit Your Guest Post Lifestyle

Write for us lifestyle guest post Ethical Guidelines:

a. Including the Author Bio:

Please include an author bio with the profile on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) in your guest post. It will help search engines track the author’s profile and increase your organic visibility.

b. Claiming the Membership of Textile Details

At any point after submitting your guest post, you cannot claim to be a member of Textile Details.

Types Topic Do We Accept?

At Textile Details, the guest posts focus on the Lifestyle Niche. Under this lifestyle niche, you can write on any topic that is relevant to Lifestyle. One thing is clear we do not allow any writers to promote their products in this blog of textile Details. Here is the list of things that, as a writer, you should keep in mind before submitting. They are as follows:

i. Keeping Things Simple When Entertaining Through Stories

To engage a wide aspect of the audience, you must maintain the content as meaningful as possible. It educates and entertains the readers. Also, the content that you write for us in the Lifestyle niche plays with better facts and sentiments. As well as the content maintains the paragraphs to be simply organized.

ii. Putting up the essentials

We accept the submission of guest posts on the lifestyle that follow the exact word criteria (the minimum and the maximum). Besides, we want the articles to be well-researched and well-pitched for readers. The topics need to be reader-friendly with available resources. Do not forget to attach hyperlinks to your content if you drag any important information.

iii. Maintaining Originality

Relevant photos and videos are genuine sources to grab the attention of readers. Therefore, we urge our lifestyle writers to maintain originality while writing for us through guest posts. Any violation of copyright-protected content will not get published on our website.

We prefer writers not to depend on a single resource or data from a particular site. We want you to explore the topic by maintaining the niche well, then add up the multiple links to the content. Writers must ensure the above-mentioned things while writing for us in the lifestyle niche. But one does follow will be provided from our side.

v. Assuring the High-Quality

We appreciate your concern about the originality. In that sense, we wish our writer to have the content well-researched based on the guidelines of the Google search console. The content must include proper headings, conclusions, and sub-headings. To make the content appealing, attach the bullets, tables, or figures.

Ideas for Submit a Guest Post Lifestyle or Blog Post

These are the ideas for submitting a guest post lifestyle blog. They are:

  1. Regular lifestyle trends
  2. Lifestyle hacks
  3. Health
  4. Success
  5. Relationships
  6. Real-life Stories
  7. Spirituality
  8. Health
  9. Effective Tips on Current Issues.

How Can You Find Lifestyle Guest Posting Site?

You can search through the format in the following:

  • write for us + fashion
  • write for us lifestyle
  • write for us fashion
  • write for us + lifestyle
  • “write for us” + fashion
  • “write for us” + lifestyle
  • women’s fashion + “write for us”
  • fashion “write for us”
  • lifestyle “write for us”
  • write for us+fashion
  • “guest post” + interior design
  • write for us online shopping
  • “business” “submit guest post”
  • ‘write for us” + lifestyle
  • fashion write for us
  • write for us “fashion”
  • “write for us”+fashion
  • lifestyle write for us
  • write for us fashion and lifestyle
  • write for us “lifestyle”
  • write for us lifestyle guest post
  • write for us life style
  • write for us + life style

Why Should You Write for Textile Details?

A few things must be mentioned before we jump to this question. We guarantee each writer that the guest post will permanently exist on our website. This guarantee also includes the fact that the guest post will get 100 percent indexed by Google. Moreover, lifestyle is a niche where you will eventually gain a broader audience.

Textile details provide a precious target demographic for writers. Submitting as a guest post on a lifestyle niche, the content will receive bigger search engine visibility. Undoubtedly, guest posting is an effective communication tool to generate leads on multiple topics that enrich writers to a wider platform.

Set Your Sights on Lifestyle Guest Post Submitting for Us?

Have you already decide to write a lifestyle guest post for Textile Details? Well, we are here to get your content the maximum amount of visibility of millions of readers.

If you are interested in submitting any guest post for us on lifestyle, you can email us at mahedi@textiledetails.com

Write for Us Lifestyle: Buckle-Down and Contribute a Guest Post to Lifestyle

Having a suitable platform to submit guest post is not easy. On this severe note, always remember that we have your back. We at Textile Details appreciate your efforts in creating high-quality lifestyle content that will be fascinating for our valuable readers. For our readers, it would be a platform to develop a hub of lifestyle information on several topics by reading the submission as a guest post.

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