15 Women’s Clothing Brands made in USA

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Want to find some brands that made women’s clothing in USA?

You’ve found the correct location. We’re going to show you some of our favorite brands that produce women’s clothing under made in USA label.

Top Labels of Women’s Clothing Brand Made in USA

Take a look at some of our favorite labels that make women’s clothing brands made in USA.

The top women’s clothing brands that are American-based have been included here.

Women's Clothing Brand Made in USA List
Women’s Clothing Brand Made in USA List

Come on, then; let’s get started.

1. Vetta

For more than three decades, Vetta has made women’s clothing in the United States. Their knit sweaters are created in a Los Angeles plant that also makes their woven clothing.

Vetta’s capsule collections, consisting of five things each, are an unusual take on the fashion industry.

You can put together a wardrobe consisting of 30 different pieces with just these 5 components. The capsules are available in packs of one or singly.

The point is that you waste less time in the morning deciding what to wear and more time in life.

2. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a California-based sustainable clothing label known for its chic, limited-edition designs. If you want an eco-friendly summer dress or chic office attire, this is the brand for you.

The label only uses the finest eco-friendly textiles in all of its creations. As a result of its close relationships with fabric mills, Amour Vert is able to track the origins of every piece of clothing that has the Made in USA label.

You may save a lot of money on the label’s merchandise by shopping the second on-hand market.

Every purchase comes with a complimentary tote bag in addition to free domestic shipping and returns for this brand.

3. LA Made Clothing

In the center Los Angeles, you’ll find a clothing company called LA Made clothing that’s dedicated to making ethically made clothing.

The majority of its materials (95%) come from suppliers within a 10-mile radius of the facility in Los Angeles, reducing the company’s carbon impact and allowing it to focus on using natural and sustainable textiles.

The company values its employees and works hard to provide them with secure employment conditions, including competitive salaries, health benefits, paid time off, and paid holidays.

4. Graceful District

In Los Angeles, California, Graceful District uses a small-batch clothing manufacturing approach to provide a variety of necessities made from sustainable textiles.

Graceful District concentration on minimalism means that you can shop there with confidence, knowing that you’ll discover timeless pieces that will continue to look great for years to come.

They employ long-lasting and eco-friendly materials like TENCEL and recycled fibers.

5. Reformation

Reformation is a well-known, fastest-expanding sustainable women’s clothing business that manufactures the vast majority of its products in the USA.

In addition to the fact that the garments they produce are cutting edge trendy and aesthetically pleasing, Reformation also offers a host of other benefits.

They prioritize environmental friendliness and spend a lot of money on infrastructure to reduce their products’ impact on the environment in terms of trash, and electricity use.

When designing their garments, they think of everything from the amount of water used to the amount of energy used, the amount of land used, the amount of eco-toxicity, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of human toxicity, the availability of the materials, and the cost. The after-effects of materials, such as microfiber shedding, are taken into account as well. In any case, that’s only the beginning. Please take some time to study the summary of their sustainability efforts provided in this link.


MATE is a California-based company that manufactures everyday necessities including t-shirts, pajamas reusable face masks.

Their garments are produced in Los Angeles using organic cotton and low-impact colors clothing is eco-friendly, and you can wear it with complete peace of mind knowing it will not expose your skin to any dangerous chemicals.

If you place an order online, it will be packaged in a Los Angeles-made envelope made from recycled paper.

We’re confident that you value USA-made products and ethical practices like what MATE is doing.

7. Groceries Apparel

T-shirts and tanks from Groceries Apparel are both eco-friendly and made in USA, so they’re a great sustainable necessity.

The company has its own LA-based factory where it produces its high-quality, limited-edition garments in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

How cool is it that the company employs eco-friendly materials and colors derived from recycled fruit and vegetables?

8. Harvest & Mill

Women’s and men’s apparel from Harvest & Mill are entirely produced in USA.

The organic cotton used in their products comes from farmers in the United States, and the company also actively promotes the local sewing and artisan communities.

Everything they use is natural and can be tracked back to the exact spot where it was cultivated. All of the materials are sourced domestically and assembled into finished clothing in USA. Moreover, they use non-toxic colors to lessen their influence on the environment.

If you need some new shirts, casual jeans, or socks, go no further than Harvest & Mill.

9. Valani

Dresses, blouses, slacks, and more are all among Valani‘s repertoire of plant-based clothes. They employ seamstresses in Chicago, Illinois, to hand-sew each piece, while their design team is situated in California.The company believes in paying its employees fairly and provides them with both regular and occasional time off.

Valani is an animal-free company that doesn’t use any of the harmful colors that are bad for the environment.

They also give ten percent of their earnings to groups that help animals, the environment, and disadvantaged women. With the help of One Tree Planted, they also plant a tree for every piece of Valani clothing that is purchased.

10. Karen Kane

Karen Kane was founded on the principle of producing high-quality garments that also happen to be quite comfortable to wear.

They’ve been around since 1979 when the company was established as a family business in Los Angeles. Karen Kane is a company that is dedicated to reducing its environmental effect and improving the working conditions of its employees, and it works closely with its mills and other partners to achieve these goals.


Active wear business DAY/WON caters to women of all sizes by designing sustainable and ethical sportswear that boosts self-esteem.

All of the sustainable sportswear brand’s garments are manufactured in New York, USA, utilizing ethically utilizing recycled materials laid DAY/WON for being the first sportswear company to make all of their products in sizes up to US 32, and we hope that this trend spreads to other companies.

12. Et Tigre

Et Tigre is a cutting-edge fashion label that sews all of its garments with integrity in L.A., California.

Dresses and pants both make appearances among the women’s options.

Also, they make scrunches, bracelets, and necklaces that are made ethically also have a pre-worn section, so you can shop pre-loved – but still high-quality –USA-made.

13. Simplicitie

Simplicitie has been hashed made in American business for 25 years and is stilling strong. They produce a wide range of basics and trendy styles, all produced and shipped from their factory in downtown Los Angeles.

Many of the Made in the USA women’s clothing brands come with a high price tag, as you pay for the premium of domestic manufacturing. Simplicitie, on the other hand, are affords priced and aim to keep it that way.

14. Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House releases a unique, limited edition design every week in small runs of 25 items. They also have a core range of stylish clothes for all occasions.

All of their garments are created to order and sewn by hand in St. Paul, Minnesota, saving resources and minimizing.

Having just been operating since 2013, when compared to some other businesses, Hackwith Design House is still relatively new yet has a name for itself. 

15. Gamine Workwear

As their the name implies, Portland-based Gamine Workwear is a brand of women’s workwear that is proudly made in USA.

Their outfits are made to maintain the tradition of American workwear alive, and they make them so that their customers may look nice while still being comfortable at work. Because they are concerned with environmental impact, they make garments in limited quantities.

Everything from the textiles to the care tags and packaging used by Gamine Workwear is manufactured from recycled or sustainable resources, demonstrating the company’s commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible growth. They collaborate with skilled tailors who still employ age-old techniques while being compensated fairly.

Brands of USA-Made Clothing

This list is an excellent place to begin your search for USA-made clothing brands available on Amazon erc. Every one of these labels manufactures its products in the United States, providing steady employment for Americans.

Women's Brands of USA-made Clothing
Women’s Brands of USA-made Clothing

Do you have any suggestions for additional brands that might be highlighted here? Drop a line in the discussion section and tell us!

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Why should you buy clothes made in USA?

In 1960, domestic production accounted for over 95% of the USA clothing market. Currently, just around 2% of clothes sold in the USA can claim to be domestically produced.

Reason Behind you should buy clothes made in USA
Reason Behind you should buy clothes made in USA

There has been a huge departure from Manufactured in the USA garments for many different causes. The reason is, it’s more cost-effective to make garments in other countries. The popularity of quick-change styles is another important aspect. There is a growing demand for clothing every year, but domestic manufacturers can’t keep up because of the high cost of labor compared to elsewhere.

Fortunately, a growing number of American brands are returning to their roots by producing their goods domestically using environmentally friendly methods. This will help us cut down on waste while also giving a boost to the economy of small businesses and independent designers.

Buying from these USA-based clothing brands is a fantastic way to show support for the economy of your community without sacrificing quality or design.

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