Guide to Business Casual Dress Code Men: Your Queries Are Answered

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Very few men have about the term business casual dress code men policy. We are here to acknowledge you about the dress code that is workplace preferable.

What is The Exact Meaning of Business Casual?

Business casual meaning is not as confusing as it seems to be. Business casual means a dress code that is not either formal or traditional.

Casual Dress Code Men
Casual dress for men and women details

A dress code that portrays someone as a business professional is enough to be in the definition. We all make it vague and cannot figure out what to wear under this term. 

Business casual includes slim-cut jeans, polo shirts, flannel (sometimes), sneakers, and a cardigan. Most of the jobs allow employees to wear business casual for regular days. Pulling out the ability to wear a business casual dress code is appropriate and requires style. 

Do or Don’ts: Choosing Business Casual Dress Code

Modern business attire males do not include chunky, vibrant modes of color. Even for choosing a business casual dress code, modern attires come up and take place instead.

Choosing Business Casual Dress Code
Do or Don’ts for Choosing Business Casual Dress Code

Still, there are business casual dress codes as a general rule of thumb including some do’s and don’ts. 

Let us start with what to avoid first to ensure the correct modern attire:


  1. Printed Shirts
  2. Denim
  3. Ripped Jeans
  4. Sandals
  5. Steel-toed Boots
  6. T-shirts
  7. Shorts
  8. Hoodies
  9. Tennies Shoes
  10. Sneakers (athletic)


  1. Blazer
  2. Button Up Shirt
  3. Dress pants (formal Attire)
  4. Weather (Winter Business Casual Men)

The Outline of What Men Can Wear Under Business Casual Dress Code

Here is the outline prepared on what men should wear as the business casual dress code prefers. We have separated each section based on season, formal/semi-formal, casual office, or business-related. 

Summer Business Casual Men

1. A Blazer

Blazers are a popular dress code as in business casual. In the summer business casual men, you can avoid blazers including gold buttons.

Summer Business Casual Men
Image of Summer Business Casual Men

Always try to wear simple and a bit dark color. Navy is a super safe option for most of you apart from the black color. 

2. Shirt

Avoiding formal tuxedo shirts is a must. It is not a part of the business casual dress code. T-shirts are quite a popular phenomenon in the office wardrobe. You will likely see people wearing one. 

Smart Casual Office Wear Men

1. Button Up Shirt to the Rescue

If you are confused between choosing a tucked-in button-down shirt and a button-up shirt, this segment is for you.

Button Up Shirt to the Rescue
A Man With Button Up Shirt

Business casual is all about being professional. Find the shirt that matches your silhouette and suits you well. However, length is also important. For Business casual or smart casual office wear for men, choose a button-up shirt that seems simple, clean, and classic.

Casual Dress for Men

1. Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt

It is not ever easy to go wrong with a cotton dress shirt. Try to focus on wearing a light blue or pastel-colored dress shirt that has a long sleeve.

Casual Dress for Men
Image of Casual Dress for Men

Changing your look is easier based on the way you wear the shirt. 

You can even wear it in a more relaxed look by just unbuttoning the top button and pairing it up with a knit tie to make it formal.

2. Dress Pants

In the mode of style, flat-font pants are the way to go. To achieve a business casual look, pair it up with the tucked-in shirt. A blazer over the shirt would not suit you badly. Make sure the pant you choose is clean and fitted. In the case of denim, the dress pant must be high-quality.

Business Casual Sweater Men

1. Sweater over Shirt

On colder days, your business casual sweater is acceptable if you wear it over your shirt.

Sweater over Shirt
Men With Sweater over Shirt

For winter fashion or business casual sweaters, turtlenecks, sweater vests, or cardigans all work great as a part of the business casual sweater.

Men’s business casual sneakers

1. Sneakers

Sneakers are good business casual shoes depending on the work environment you belong to. Sometimes, wearing sneakers is also preferable to men who are involved with creative work.

Men's business casual sneakers
Men’s With business casual sneakers

The specific company rules suggest men wear any comfortable shoes regardless of the season or environment. A lace-up sneaker is part of men’s business casual if you choose a neutral color to make it suitable for the environment. 

Semi-formal business attire

Semi-formal attire simply means dresses worn in a sophisticated setting that covers formal attire as well. Among the semi-formal business attires, there can be a 2-piece suit, a dress shirt, or other issues.

Semi-formal business attire
Men With Semi-formal business attire

For men, it is wise to choose a sober color for the number of attires like strip shirts, unstructured blazers, and others. 

Colors can be Navy, off-white, charcoal jacquard pattern, and light blue.

Men’s business casual jacket

Under the men’s business casual jacket, you can wear anything starting from a blazer, sport coat, field jacket, leather or suede jacket, bomber jacket, vintage-inspired jacket, top coat, peacoat, Harrington jacket, sweater jacket, and lastly the trench coat.

Men's business casual jacket
Image of Men’s business casual jacket

Let us have a short glimpse at each of these: [From the last to the first one]

Trench Coat: 

It is a business casual dress code for men in the shape of a rain jacket.

Sweater Jacket: 

It tends to be lightweight and a bit thicker than cardigans.

Harrington Jacket: 

Versatile, This jacket is similar to the bomber jacket. You can pair it up with a collared shirt.


An Absolute business casual dress code for men for colder months.

Top Coat: 

Related to suit an blazer.

Vintage Inspired Jacket: 

Mallory jacket-type sports jacket that suits your style and needs.

Bomber Jacket: 

It is a business casual jacket that is well paired up with a dress shirt or any chinos.

Leather Jacket: 

The most classy jacket for minimal style.

Field Jacket: 

They are made of durable cotton or any type of synthetic fabric.

Blazer or Sport Coat: 

A blazer is made of a finer fabric for the warmer season ahead.

No matter which type of jacket you choose, you can easily wear a business casual dress by maintaining the dress coat policy of the office. What matters the most in choosing these attires is the color, the occasion or the environment your are wearing for, the season, and lastly the comfort your business casual dress provides. 

Are Jeans a Business Casual Dress Code?

Although jeans are considered to be a business casual dress code, some exceptions are present. Business casual jeans have to be clean enough without any risk of getting teared up, faded, or frayed. Also, color code has an impact on the dress code casualty. The more the merrier, the darker the jean, the better. On this rule of thumb, you can was your jeans in a light setting. 

Is a Polo Business Casual dress code?

It is a legit query that everyone asks often. Yes, Polos are included under the umbrella term of office casual dress code men. Because polos are way ahead of a T-shirt. It is not a formal button-up shit. So, polos, being the new addition to the wardrobe, provides both comfort and ease of style offer. 

Are Cargo Pants Business Casual?

Cargo pants are already in the casual setting for different activities. The question is whether they are suitable for ‘business’ casual. Not all workplaces prefer cargo pants to be business casual. But some employers allow others to wear cargo pants. Pair these pants with a collared shirt and you are set to go!

What Shoes Are Appropriate For Business Casual?

Some shoes are appropriate for business casual. For instance, bluchers, loafers (the best), Monk straps, sneakers (yes you can!), Chelsea Boots, Chukka Boots, and others.
Shoes are always there in the business casual, what is important to define is the materials (leather or suede?) and experimenting with diverse color range. 

Is Black Jeans Business Casual?

Black jeans are acceptable in most of the business casual dress code policies. They are becoming more prevalent in the area of office environments. Black dress pants do not look different. If you style correctly, both will match the office environment vibes. 

Are Blue Jeans Business Casual?

If blue jeans are darker in color, they are good to go! Try to avoid bright-colored jeans with flashy type details. Darker jeans are always preferable to almost every job environment. 

Is  Polo Shirt Business Casual?

Yes, a polo shirt is a business casual dress code for men. They must dress code to try out at least once on an office day to understand the difference with the formal button ones.

Are Leather Pants Business Casual?

Leather pants are a part of the business formal dress code. In some cases, they are well-considered to be business casual. Because of its versatility, workplace employees appreciate the dress code for everyone. 


It becomes inappropriate in the world of today if you miss out on any business casual dress code men setting. There are so many queries to answer about whether shorts are good to go or not or suit becomes too formal. In this guide, we have tried to solve all your queries under the umbrella term the business casual dress code policy. Let us know if you have any other confusion left, we are ready to eradicate that!

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