What is 600d Oxford Fabric? A Polyester-made Waterproof Fabric

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In the polyester group of fabrics, 600D Oxford enters with waterproof ability, durability, tensile strength, and all. The versatility knows no bounds when the fabric comes with PU coating to enhance its sturdiness for being used as accessories. In this article, we have briefly discussed 600D Oxford fabric, and its features, properties, and uses.

What is 600d Oxford Fabric?

600D Oxford fabric refers to a 9000-meter nylon filament weight of about 600gm. It also means the fabric is polyester yarn made with 600 Denier measurements of yarn. Oxford fabric has two kinds of 600D polyester; one is 600D600D and another is 600D300D. The density of 600D is more than the density of 300D in terms of polyester fiber.

Image: What is 600d Oxford Fabric
Image: 600d Oxford Fabric

Oxford fabric comes in with a highly water-resistant ability. The fabric is coated with Polyurethane (PU). It makes the fabric both wind and water-resistant. Here, D means Denier; it is a measurement to understand the fabric thickness. PU-coated 600D fabric has the most water-resistance ability.

What is 600d Oxford Fabric made of?

600D Oxford fabric is mostly polyester and nylon filament. The manufacturing process of 600D Oxford involves thermal transfer printing and PVC calendaring. The fabric is firm, and wind-resistant. 600D Oxford fabric is enough durable, hence it has a wide-ranging use for manufacturing. 

600d Oxford Fabric Properties

Fabric NameOxford Fabric
Fabric MaterialsPolyester
Fabric GSM180-230 GSM
Fabric Waterproof Ability100% polyester ones are highly waterproof
Fabric Yarn Count600D*600D
Prone to Pilling Anti-Pilling
Fabric BreathabilityHigh
Fabric Quick-Drying AbilityHigh
Water-Resistance AbilityThe most water-resistant Oxford Fabric
Used for Workwear, Bags, Covers, Tents, Protective Suits

600d Oxford Fabric Characteristics

Here are some features of 600D Oxford Fabric given in the following:

  • Building Resilience: The Oxford fabric of 600 Denier is perfectly designed to ensure challenging outdoor conditions. It has high tensile strength and resistance to withstand rough terrains. 
  • Water Resistance: This denier type of Oxford fabric keeps your gear dry. It has moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. That is why, it has been a must-have gear for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Outdoor Statement: 600D Oxford fabric possesses better tear resistance, waterproof ability, and durability. It is dimensionally stable in terms of structure building. Besides, the fabric has both indoor, outdoor, and diverse use of possibilities. 

What is 600d Oxford Fabric Used for?

600D Oxford fabric comes with a great purpose to use. For instance:
Accessories: Backpacks, Tents, Outdoor Furniture, Suitcases, Duffle Bags, Laptop Bags


600D Oxford fabric has finally come into the limelight of versatile, durable, and stylish textiles across the glove. It is a synthetic fiber-made fabric that has gained recognition for being an outdoor statement for all seasons. The unique blend of polyester and polyurethane has made the fabric unique and full of crafted qualities.

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